Submit Your Bids for HMS Ark Royal

In case you’re on the market for a used aircraft carrier, the Brits have officially posted an advertisement offering up the HMS Ark Royal, former flagship of the Royal Navy, and time is running out to buy. The only problem is you’re going to have to buy her without seeing her for yourself since the last day to sign up to inspect your future aircraft carrier was yesterday. For those of you who did sign up, tours are scheduled at 8:00 AM on May 7 and 8 at Her Majesty’s Navy Base, Portsmouth, UK.

If you’re not quite sure you want to buy the 19,000 “tonne” ship as your pleasure cruiser you can always click on the button to add her to your “wish list” until you make up your mind or save up enough cash from your allowance. I mean, she’s a pretty old ship; you may want to shop around before committing to her. After all, she comes with no weapons or aircraft and the status of her electronics or engines just can’t be confirmed without seeing them for yourself. However, if you absolutely must have an aircraft carrier right this instant, simply click the “add to cart” button and checkout (this actually doesn’t work, I tried).

C’mon guys, hurry up and bid. Does China really need to buy another Western carrier?

And yes, we did cover the pending sale of Ark Royal earlier this year.


  • Jeff

    I’d be surprised if India didn’t show some interest in it. They purchased a Russian carrier, like the Chinese did… but there’s was effectively held hostage when the russian ship yard doing some of the conversion demanded more money. The Ark Royal would deffinitely serve them well and probably give them a better position in balancing China. India is also a member of the Commonwealth, which I imagine would count for something.

    • Hale

      India is already building their own Vikrant class carrier, with construction and procurement of carrier based fighters under way. In all honesty, the Ark Royal is fairly outdated by now, even for the Indians.

      • Jeff

        True but there have been significant delays due to the inability of their Naval yard to procure enough material of a high enough grade. At the same time the preceding class of aircraft carriers India was using were of British origin and thus share a higher degree of similar architecture. Even stripped of sensitive material, the Ark Royal’s probably been better maintained and upgraded over the years than the Admiral Gorshkov.

        • Victor

          The material you mentioned was not available for India’s stealth destroyers under construction because Russians were delaying it. Finally it was made in India itself and there is no shortage of any material as such for the Aircraft carrier project. The CSL is building it now and the launch of it is going to be by the end of this year. The delay of one year is due to the lack of experience and this is the first Aircraft carrier being build by India, to be followed by another one or two.

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    • Bill

      Maybe Somali pirates will buy it…

    • asdf

      don’t they already have one of these? i know they fly harriers off of it…

  • Guest

    Did they post it on Craigslist or something?

  • ew-3

    The USN should consider buying it and using it as a technology development platform.

    Plenty of space for UAVs to land on, put some generators on the hangar deck and try out lasers and rail guns. Etc etc….

    Seems like the USN can’t do anything for less then a billion or two. Suspect we could get this a lot cheaper.

  • TribulationTime

    How many “quasi-carriers” have China?. India have 1. And they had 2. They know about that class of ships and now want bigger one. China need train on helo-carriers for Popular Marines support on Taiwan Invasion (?). She isn´t commonly with any other current weapon I guess.

  • Joe

    Now this a would probably make a really nice top security Prison system parked somewhere out in the Pacific. Turn every square space below the Main deck into Prison Cells, upper O-levels retained for the Security personal and Admin…probably could easily hold 6 – 7000 inmates. Could produce it’s own electricity, fresh water and sewer system already in place (with some modifications)… Resupplied by Helo or by barge. So whats it going for anyways? Anybody find that out?

  • Maxtrue

    Israel should buy it for obvious tactical reasons.

    I assume however that with the deployment of a carrier goes all those other things required for its defense and support.

  • mitch

    mad bid dot com,, nuff said.

  • gianni deiana

    Jee… guys ‘rrrrrreally into thistuff !Mr Nixon beGUN all this.or was it Herr kissinger?

  • tbone

    the world is going to hell! last I heard the Aussies didn’t have a carrier, maybe they’ll buy it.

    • Craig

      We don’t want an orphan and we don’t have the crew. Mind you if we knew they were going to sell the Harriers for 110 billion we might have…..plenty of POd RN sailors and airmen might want sunnier climes.

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