New Video of China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter

Here’s the best video of China’s J-20 stealth fighter that I’ve seen so far. Enjoy.

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  1. From Rusia | May 5, 2011 at 4:02 pm | Reply

    My God is so big! This plane is invisible like the grow up of Chinese economy! Another lie from little robots!

  2. All the leaked pics and movies of the j-20 seem to be taken from behind bushes.

  3. Does that come with fortune cookies?

  4. looking forward to this plane goes IOC hopefully before decade ends

  5. Golly, it great to finally see the new US Air Force manned target drones in operation. Its taken years to leak enough crappy tech to the chinese to make them think they have a viable stealth program to rival those stupid round eyes in the west.

  6. Cheers, consider the weekend lightened up.

    It's true we don't have a press-release from Chengdu saying 'We're developing this aircraft for the long range interception and anti-shipping roles', but I think, given that it is a big, single-seat, twin-engined military aircraft and that the J in J10/J15/J20 etc stands for Jiān èr shí, which means, apparently, "Annihilator , we can safely assume the following:

    1. It's for flying around blowing up stuff it's owners don't like.
    2. It's for flying around, stopping other people blowing up its owners' stuff.

    Personally I don't think there will be a shooting war between China and the US or any of its Asia-Pacific allies. And maybe even if there was an air war over China or the South China Sea it would be all missiles and B2s and the US wouldn't deploy their carriers (although it is what they have tended to do in most conflicts they've been in) and the F35s that will (probably, eventually, one day) be deployed on them. But it is definitely forseeable that J20s might run into F35s/F22s.

  7. Spacey,
    we have had many semi-sensible discussions of the J-20 over the past few months.

    To summarize our conclusions:
    1. yes, they stole tech from US & Russia
    2. The F-22 would surely whup it, the F-35 probably
    3. China is modernizing still needs a lot of work on basic things like engines, force integration, training, and logistics to support their new toys
    4. It is big. Think FB-22. Will be good at carrying many large missiles but not as good at close air to air combat
    5. Likely mission is to carry lots of anti ship or ground attack missiles and use stealth to get close enough to carriers or airfields to attack. Could also be useful in penetrating to attack our refuelers, C3I, J-stars etc.
    6. Chinese order of battle is focused on keeping out carriers away and degrading our airfields. If this is successful then J-20 will not need to fight F-22 and F-35 since our planes will not be able to operate without carriers and airfields.
    7. the Chinese own tons of our debt and don't want to fight us (yet), but want systems to keep us out of the fight while they do their thing

  8. While size doesn't matter in stealth terms it dose in maneuverability A F-22 or F-15 can fly rings around this junk heap.

    I still don't get why you guys keep threatening over this Chinese junk.

  9. a stealth fighter of that size WILL BE VERY PRICEY PER UNIT(my guess 200-300 units)
    if that is the case,compare that to
    187 f-22's
    2400 f-35's(starting mass production in a few years)
    20 b-2's
    now theirs some stealth numbers!!!!

  10. You’re a naive if you believe we’ll have anywhere near 2400+ F-35s. And how do you know what their production cost will be or how many they’ll build? Are you simply applying US standards to Chinese and speculating? Know what, I change my opening statement, you’re ret@red. It’s the only explanation.

    I look at the J-20 and see China’s first attempt at a stealth plane, just like they’re first attempt at a carrier. Just like what someone else said, when they build a second generation of each, then I’ll be worried. Right now they’re in the ‘walk’ phase, nothing more

  11. Americans are scared. The Chinese have taken their money have taken their jobs and look like taking their pride.

    The J-20 means that Us carrier groups wont be able to operate anywhere near Taiwan. That game is effectively over, the Chinese won because we opted for an uncompetitive JSF design optimised for contractor profits.

    In the end the Chinese will dominate with an economy 3 times larger than ours and a military 3 times better. That end is just coming a lot faster than Americans expected.

  12. Nick Dwyer | May 8, 2011 at 7:25 pm | Reply

    oooohh! Scary Talk!

    I agree this thing is kinda stealth, I know that it is a prototype… Man, I cant get over the fact that Rus and Chi both went with YF-23 type designs. Long legs! I know we are developing a 6th gen right now, I think that it will pretty cool whatever it is. By then I'll be a grandpa, and lasers and microwaves will make missiles obsolete. Not to mention, jamming and hacking will be interesting things to deal with. Then out of no where we throw a wall of MQ-16's at them on a Kamikaze run!

  13. Nick Dwyer | May 9, 2011 at 4:18 pm | Reply

    Very true.
    Look how wide they are, with spread air intakes. Look at the belly view,much like the YF-23. They have some similar features and more so with the J-20.

  14. I'm confused is it there technology or ours YF-23 was not going to go to waist and I thinkougl they knew that it's not entirely impossable that this is a Mcdonnell Douglas

    I seen the F22 vs F-23 video on you tube with chianease captions and was wondering WTF. When are we going to stop being China's bitch

  15. The point not mentioned here, is the upgrades/redundancies of the f-22.. There are multiple you tube videos of both test pilots and regular pilots who state that down the road, the evolution of the 22 will be such that it could "kick the snot" out of the current version. The current version defeated the Rafael in UAE which, inturn defeated the EF 7-1. Some of the 22 drivers had less than 50 hours in type!! Nothing touches it and nothing will for a long time!

  16. baby steps

  17. Alternatively, the PLAAF will make routine deployment of stealthy missile casings before the United States, which has stockpiles of legacy arms built up for The War That Never Came. We're not going to dipose of good bombs and missiles for nothing, and we've certainly not made aggressive moves towards redesigning our casings for reduced observability. Additionally, we are focused on bombing out terrorists and the like, where you can dump any bomb you like. Then again, moves towards LO mean that even our ammo dumps will have to be climate-controlled, which makes things expensive on top of climate-controlled hangars for aircraft. Then again, you have to pay for capability, and once you have it and the other guy doesn't…

  18. Like it or not…every time we purchase a "made in china" product, we finance such projects.
    Let us not make jest. Let us look to Washington D.C and ask why our leaders have allowed/facilitated this/these threat(s) to the security of the USA to occur?????????

    A service oriented economy is a losing deal. There is no rational argument to support it!

  19. Have fun with those oxygen system malfunctions.

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