Chinese Aircraft Carrier Almost Complete

These images show an aircraft carrier that’s very close to being launched. Yup, they’re of the Chinese carrier Shi Lang (ex Soviet Varyag) and they clearly show what appear to be Active Phased array radars similar to those found on Aegis ships, rolling airframe missile defensive systems and other signs (including freshly painted Chinese lettering on the island (that’s just a watermark, doh!), hot exhaust coming from the funnel and considerably less scaffolding than just a few months ago) of a ship that’s almost ready for sea trials. Also remember that China is about to field its own carrier-borne fighters.

Images via China Defense Blog.



  • andyinsdca

    Owning a carrier is one thing, operating one, or even a carrier strike group, is something completely different.

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  • brok3n

    Looks like they have an E-2 to compliment their Russian carrier:

    If China could be sued for all its copy cat designs, they would be bankrupt!

    • Will

      E-2C/AWACS style rotating radomes are old tech. A new plane should have a phased array, unless you’re behind the curve, which apparently they are.

      • Bob

        Really what if they demanded royalties for every gunpowder based weapons system the west has ever made?

      • e-2d is aesa.

    • duh

      If only China sued the West for taking the design of muskets, there would be no America and no industrial revolution. The West would have no money to even speak of bankruptcy.

  • ew-3

    Beware of appearances when judging technical devices.
    As a former EW I’d prefer to hear that radar when it’s fired up. This way I can judge what it can do. Same for the RAM. Are it’s missiles as effective as our RAMs? Visual imagery is limited to quantity and not quality. And sometimes the quantity is wrong.
    Back in the day, we very much over rated what the Soviet Navy had. Too many assumptions based on pictures.

  • Morty

    I just keep wondering what they need or would use a carrier for

    • STemplar

      Sail up and lay claim to some of the un-occupied or possibly occupied Spratly’s.

      Sail to the eastern side of Taiwan and conduct bombing drills off their coast.

      Do a world cruise and hit ports of call like Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

      More or less be as big a pain in our @$$ as they can.

      • xpoqx

        Seconded, this definatly will affect our ability to project force across the globe.

        • annnnnnon

          Oh come on. EVERY major power in the world has at least one carrier. India has one. Russia has one. Hell, even Brazil has a carrier. This doesn’t mean they’re gonna be stroming around invading all of Asia.That said, it would certainly be prudent to keeep a close watch on the PLAN and make sure they use this new ship for defense and not expansion, but a carrier equipped China is not going to upset the balance of world power anytime soon.
          As to why they need it, why does any country need a carrier? To protect their overseas interests. China is getting alot of those lately.

    • Nadnerbus

      Force projection, same as us. To what end, that is the question. Will they be a merchant “empire” like us, or do they have grander ideas?

      • STemplar

        Tough to say. 1 carrier isn’t much capability, you need what is it 3 or 4 to keep one deployed constantly. I’d say mostly this one starts to give them practice and options for their region.

      • IFB

        I can’t see China realistically becoming a “merchant empire” as mighty as the US is today. It’s goals would have to be much more modest to have any chance of succeeding.

        • CSZ

          That’s what the Brits said about US two centuries ago…

    • branden

      to kick americas ass you idiot

    • henry

      what do you think they want it for? to use against america . no question bout that.

  • asdf

    whatever america does with theirs i guess… or france or gb or india…

  • Matrix_3692

    the chinese characters are meaningless (because i am a malaysian chinese and i am educated in chinese language) looks to me that the characters are some kind of trademark for whoever supplied these photos(photo shopped) most likely some chinese military fan blogger

  • I totally agree the us is eons ahead of China. The us has a long history of carrier operations and development. The Chinese are just starting out.

    • true true. but the non-military minded media/folks (you know the ones who don’t know the difference between an AEGIS destroyer and a battleship from WW2) will think China is getting close…

  • ThePaganTemple

    Pretty soon they are going to be able to augment this with a top of the line attack chopper.

  • Daviv in MA

    I hope they don’t have some major explosion and have to start building the thing all over again.
    Does aluminum have a radar deflection capacity?
    I would dearly like to see the bamboo framework in this thing.
    What! No engines? Coal fired? Nope, Pedal power.
    Ya got to admire the chinese for their ecology concerns….

  • Steve jobs

    When China takes over Taiwan, they will use this baby. When they maneuver to stop the US from interfering, it won’t be with an aircraft carrier, it will be done over the internet.

    “Attack the enemy where they are vulnerable, and avoid them where they are strong…”

    Sun-Tsu “The Art of War”

    • Chimp

      Yes, but the point is *not* to fight. You only fight on “death ground”. As the US Marines have it, if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t fighting.

  • Zippy

    The USS Enterprise is slated to be retired sometime within the next year or two. Maybe we can sell that to Taiwan to even things out a bit.

    • elportonative77

      No way Jose. We wasted the last Enterprise by scrapping it. We shouldn’t do the same to this one. Yes, giving it to anyone (including Taiwan) is a waste. Strip it of any classified or sensitive material and turn it into a floating museum. We need that old girl to stick around.

    • Nadnerbus

      Even if it does have more life left in the hull, doesn’t it need a refueling overhaul anyway to keep it going? That’s expensive, not to mention the millions of dollars a day it costs to operate a CVN. I seriously doubt Taiwan has any interest in one, it would suck up their whole defense budget for a negligible gain. They already have a big carrier in the form of the island of Taiwan.

      • ankalope

        Taiwan would be better off if our politicians had the balls to sell them basic defensive equipment that they’ve been holding back from them. A carrier wouldn’t do them any good. They need SAMs, subs, ATGMs, fighters, gunships, comm gear, and jammers.

        • anon

          To be honest, I’m not sure if that is the problem. Taiwan could certainly go to the trouble of forming a full-fledged indigenous weapons industry like Singapore or South Korea if they felt the need to develop the means to self-defense, but they haven’t.

    • Mike simmons

      We ain’t gonna sell the Big E to China, the bastards are gonna take her as partial payment of the MASSIVE debt they have over us! Probably snatch up an air wing for it, too.

  • terry

    zip great idea!!!!!!!! also big deal so they got a beater carrier left over from the cold war. It will take decades for them to really know how to use one. Oh! by the way we all have to say thanks bill clinton for giving china missile tech for money to run for president. “I did not have relations with that woman” Ha!

  • Lance

    Im not surprised the Chinese are getting there new carrier done. Its not there carrier its a Soviet carrier. all they have to do is to get ride of the corrosion on it and reinstall newer radars on it. The Chinese lack a current capability to make there own carriers. I still don’t get this stupid fear mongering Defense tech is fixated on China. Russia is a larger threat.

  • KrnWhr

    Why is everyone so obsessed with Russia being a threat to US? I’m originally from Russia, but immigrated to US and now I’m a US citizen. Let me tell you something, Russia never had any designs on attacking the US. Not even in the Cold War era. Certainly not now. Be real. They got no reason for it. They want to be friends with US and do business together. China is the real threat! These a$$holes are tricky cheaters of the first kind! They will do anything to spread out. Look what they did to US already! W’e’re paying their salaries to get cheap, crappy quality products and everyone’s happy. We’re dancing to their fiddle. They think Chinese are the smartest and the best. That’s what they are brainwashed to think. They think white people are lower than them. They hate blacks and Mexicans. Phuck them! We should stop doing business with these racist pigs and bring jobs back to US!

    • human

      you be a us citizen but you are still a son of russia you will not die a american as the only true natives were killed by immigrates.

    • Henry

      Ive met many russian immagrants to the u.s. i would prefer them here over anyone. and as far as china goes. ive said it for as long as i can remember. they hate america, freedom, and people in general. if they had the power to do so. they would attack us tommarow. Ive done work for them. and they are the greediest humans in the world. very selfish and cheep.

  • KrnWhr

    P’huck the Chinese. They are all racist pigs! Biggest cheaters in the universe. Every goddamn word coming out of their mouth is a lie!!! Someone don’t believe me? Go spend some “quality” time with these sons of b’itches you’ll see….

    • human

      history tells us columbus cheater the natives with pots and pans they were european the did asia as well

  • Tenn Slim

    Carrier Warfare AKA WW 2 is long past.
    Stealth missles, Air Defense, Ship to Ship missles, make the Analogy to WW2 air fight simply wrong.
    China, may indeed, be able to field some type of Carrier task force. They will opt for JOINT Exercises first. China has the economic upper hand. We OWE them big time. So, a Carrier to Carrier confrontation is not likely.
    HOWEVER, patrols in the South China Sea and the South Asian Straits, to control access to oil, trade is another matter. USE of the China fleet is the key.
    Adm Mahan. “Control of the sea gates = control of the economy.”
    Semper FI

  • Elijah

    Give a man a fish and you have to give him another the next day. Teach a man to fish and he comes back with guns and takes your fishinghole. We have given china our markets, they make our cloths and most of our household goods. If I come to your house and take your sofa and you do nothing! I may be back the next day to get your TV. If we are to compete militarily we must protect our markets first. A market, a road, a Country will not remain Free without protection.

  • us citizen

    mankind in space discovers new world full of oil gas natural resources first words we come in peace then we conquer you

  • zippy

    Am I the only one that thinks these pictures look like models? I’m being serious, they look fake. I know they have the carrier, it’s just these pictures look like models to me.

  • The PLAN (Chinese) will launch the former Varyag soon. It will take them some time to get the airwing on, and particularly trained up. Several years yet.

    But they are moving that way with a will.

    My rendering of the PLAN CV 83, Shi Lang (former Varyag)

    Specs and Pics of the Shi Lang

    The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia

  • Woody

    The Chinese are taking a shortcut by using this platform, but it gets them “operational” years earlier while learning how to construct and employ a carrier and it’s air-power. Carriers will be the linchpin of their continued construction of a “Blue Water Navy” long term.
    From my standpoint their actual capabilities with a carrier and airwing will be relatively limited for a number of years, but the “perceived threat” will have a large impact on the region.

  • Yap

    I see the arrogance of some of the writers here. They refuse to concede that US is the sole aggressor in this world, when they invaded and invaded. Did Chines do that?
    Any other country which tries to upgrade their military is a threat to US?
    Or they should forever kowtow to America?

  • Yoyo


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  • Chiwi

    I do not know why you guys are so worried about the Chinese military power. To be honest, they do not need the gun to control the world. They will use their knowledge to beat everybody done. Have you seen any country had so many products made for the world? Have you seen any country who sent so many students to overseas? Have you seen any nation who learned so fast in the last two decade? Do not complain about the China made, just imagine what your life will be if China stops supplying USA for 12 months?????