DT Video: BAE Systems’ RG35 Armored Vehicle

Check out this DT exclusive video of BAE Systems South Africa’s RG35 Reconnaisance, Patrol and Utility Vehicle ripping it up. It’s being offered to the Canadian military for its Tactical Armoured Vehicle Program and features an armored crew citadel at its core that’s designed to protect the people inside from explosions and small arms fire. The truck can carry light and medium size turrets featuring everything from direct and indirect fire weapons to a host of ISR gear. Enjoy.

  • Blight

    A search of other links describes it as a 33 ton MRAV. Bradley weight on wheels isn’t exactly expeditionary or fast…

  • tomatojuice

    The recon vehicle does look BA though!

  • sp8ce

    The video is full of marketing gibberish but it looks pretty cool.

  • brian

    Its kind of like the FCS line of armored vehicles except a bit heavier. Generic base, with a bunch of different combinations say for take or mortar roles etc. The interesting change they have made is side mounting the engine into whats called a “Power pack”. Overall the architecture is to switch to a full hybrid down the line.

    I can’t say I see this in the US military, its a decent shot at a generic platform but its strange in the way it leaves the engine vulnerable by side mounting it. I am not sure that makes it easier to do maintenance in place, but just swapping the engine out is something it would excel at. I think if this was put forward 10 years ago, it would be strong contender, not so sure today. there are certainly other exceptional designs.

  • William C.

    Super MRAP? Certainly has potential but does the US need anymore MRAPs?

    • Nathan

      Probably not… But you can’t put a price on soldier survivability. Think these were positioned for the Canadian military though…

      Doubt the DoD would/could budget for any (in this econo/politico climate) unless there are significant improvements or the MRAP maintenance costs skyrocket.

  • Jayson

    I don’t see any improvement over the Strykers. But then the Canadian Military haven’t a clue much less a goal of the future of the military.

  • Stephen Russell

    send some Beefed up to the US Mex border alone & along Afgan-Pak border area.
    Need larger model with 88mm mini cannon piece for defense.
    RG35 Panzer 1 model.

  • anon

    Wonder who’s passing out the negatives.

  • Chimp

    This does look heavy.

    Not sure what the point of something like this is, really. It probably offers good protection against IED’s, but it also looks to be a lovely big target. What’s next… IED resistant articulated lorries?

    • anon

      Joint [fill in blank] [fill in blank] [fill in blank]?

      • William C.

        The DoD loves those words. A 5 ton truck can become a Joint Transformational Multirole Enhanced Heavy Utility Vehicle.

        • William C.


          Yeah, that would work for the DoD.

  • Shail

    I seriously doubt the 4-wheel variant weighs 33 tons,
    but more likely it’s the 6-wheel model.
    The manufacturer data plates inside the 6-wheel RG33’s and Caimans often state weights upwards of 70,000 pounds, depending on which model and how they’re kitted out.
    But yeah, >30 tons on only 6 wheels is asking for trouble at some point.
    Slat-armored Strykers on 8 wheels don’t even weigh 33 tons.

  • roland

    Envision this: Unmanned /robotic BAE Supply/ Personal carreir/ survellance / command/ missile carrier central/ GPS guided Armored Vehicle.

  • Realityanvil

    Anyone nervous about the vertical, flat rear panel? What happened to sloped exteriors? Couldn’t they have made it a clamshell? Just askin’…