And Now Drug Cartels Have Tanks…

Well, not quite, but they’ve at least built seriously armored trucks. Look at this beast that was captured by Mexican authorities following a firefight two weeks ago. The truck can hit 68-mph and carry 12 men and, as you can see, it’s got some serious armor. Apparently it was disabled with shots to its unprotected tires.

Kind of reminds me of the gun trucks used by the U.S. military in Vietnam and later, Iraq.

Via Jalopnik.

  • A. Nonymous

    The description and video are for two different vehicles (see Jalopnik). And one would assume that the bed of the dump truck contained armor on the inside which is similar to the external armor welded everywhere else.

  • Juan

    Tanks? Come on that piece of junk wouldn’t stop 7.62 round let alone a .50 AP round.

  • STemplar

    These guys have been watching too many A Team re-runs.

    • Rob

      or mad max

    • DrSique

      I was getting more of a Road Warrior vibe.

  • xpoqx

    Lolz I’m agree with STemplar on this one…

    But I can’t see it doing too much damage considering the fact in places Ciudad Juárez where the violence is somethimes on par with Iraq post Us invasion, the Mexican Army or National Gaurd is deployed. As ghetto rigged as these trucks are, they are not up armoured enough to pose a threat to a HMMWV with an M2 or MK. 19 on top what often seen in the city. Shit a 40mm Grenade would probablly wreck it, if not get some LAWs or AT-4s deployed with the dudes dismounted…

  • A. Nonymous

    It’s plenty thick enough to make a squad of Federales toting M-16s think twice before trying to stop it. I wouldn’t want to be riding in it if it came across anything more powerful, though.

  • Stephen Russell

    Now watch them armorize tires next time or someone better use RPG.

  • BlueFalcon

    Yeah this is just a poorly constructed dump truck, if you wanted something that was effective they should have placed the armor around the engine as well. Tires are a little more difficult, but if they make run flats for that size and rim it would have helped. Not sure as to why the bed is armored unless they wanted to carry armed soldiers in the back, which would increase the effectiveness of the vehicle.

  • Orion

    From the writing on the vehicle I say that it was pooled in the Zetas cartel, interesting fact about their hierarchy most where trained Snake Eaters at Ft Bragg I wonder if they where reminiscing their BT days…This shite will overflow to our side within 5 years if not culled….

  • eric

    they own a truck? I thought they just owned the state.

  • Jsmith

    Pfft. Hillbilly armor. A monkey can defeat that.

  • Alton

    Wonder how it would ‘stack up’ against an IED? Or a Bee or Hornet’s nest that ‘accidentally’ got thrown at them? Maybe a big ol bag of Snakes? Interesting concepts.

    • A. Nonymous

      Snakes on a gun truck? Quick! Call Samuel L. Jackson!

  • Lt. Mulholland

    As long as the war on drugs funnels drug profits to criminals, the bad guys will up the ante until they control entire nations. It’s time to tax and regulate drugs, and remove the vast wealth that today goes to the cartels, instead of the government. Prohibition does not work. Period. Alcohol and cigarettes kill millions, and yet they are legal. Using the military to solve a social and political problem will NEVER work, not in the past, and not in the future.

    • Juan

      +1 Well Said

  • robertro2


  • asdf

    police or LEO are not allowed to use mk-19, .50 or LAW

    • Nomexjock

      Actually, .50 are available for the police, if the department can afford them.

  • David

    With few extra tons of armor, that thing surely has excellent offroad capabilities…

  • Rajarata

    Copied from Tamil Tigers LTTE terror group in Sri Lanka, who used v similiar trucks to transport high ranking rebel leaders. Its widely believed that Tamil Tigers assisted Colombian drug cartels in building mini subs to smuggle drugs to US.In 2007 One mini sub captured in Puerto Rica was manned by a Tamil rebel ! These terror groups run service franshices to each other.

  • dennisbuller

    I guess it it better than getting into a running firefight in a Toyota tacoma ….

  • richard head

    regardless of the ‘quality’ of the armor- its the fact these low lives are so brazen, defiant, with no regard to authority or the military. wait until they cross into america, which should be ez, given no fence seprating us from harms way. lock and load, people

  • jordan Shwarts

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