Navy SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Identified

Ok, not really. But Daily Show and SNL alum (and Lt. Col, USMCR) Rob Riggle is pretty damn funny pretending to be the guy who killed Osama.

Happy Friday!

Via BlackFive.

  • sp8ce

    Love it.

  • ew-3

    A Lt with three full stripes ? Think they call that a commander.

    Got to meet a few SEALs and UDT in Coronado Island and VN. This certainly is not their behavior. While kind of funny one one level, not sure I like the image it portrays.

    Getting old prude.

    • Charles Montgomery

      You are an idiot, its a joke. I have never once commented on any stupid comments. But yours is stupid. shut up and laugh

  • ew-3

    I take it you are not a vet. Never been there and never done that.

  • Jacob

    lol, don’t scare us like that.

  • yesjb

    You know it would never happen.
    You know the SEALS reputation remains very much intact if not enhanced.
    I would like to know if the SEALS would find it funny…probably…funny but dumb!

  • george gay

    this is not very funny,our navy seals are the greatest military men who take pride in their jobs. i am positive they would not find it funny either… Bin Laden got what he deserved WAY TO GO NAVY SEALS !!!!!!!! The entire retired NAVY community supports you…. HOPE YOU GET MANY MORE………….. .. … THANKS AMS-1 retired…….

    • ew-3

      Not sure this is a good place for vets to post. The kids don’t get it.
      Regards, EW-3

  • David Robinson

    Lets be professionals and lets be considerate of that operator, think guys. if you were the one who took down OBL not only will you get unwanted attention but some very nasty people will wanna come after you. He did what had to be done. I’ll bet he wishes he was taken alive, it would have been nice. But the fact is, he’s one of us and if anything we have to close ranks and protect him and family. Not just the Navy but the rest of us in uniform, active and retired,. if any damn thing, these so called experts need to join ranks and keep quiet. Lets be united and help him out.

  • Guest

    So the uniforms are all jacked up and everyone knows this party would be at McP’s, but it’s still pretty funny.

  • Crum

    Some people take life too seriously, this is obviously just making something light out of all this. Just because you’re a veteran doesn’t mean you can’t find it funny because I know I do.

  • Ex-USN

    Not funny. Navy Seal would not do this. Not even close to being funny. Try something else to make a joke out of.

    • ew-3

      It’s interesting but the three of us that are ex-USN are against this, and most of the other posters, who are likely not ex-USN think it’s funny.
      Very interesting. Something to be said for real world experience.

  • Tyler

    Lighten up fellas. It was pretty damn funny.

    Fun Fact: Rob Riggle is a real life Marine, currently a Lt. Colonel in the Reserves. Joined up in 1990, was deployed to Liberia in 1996, Kosovo in 1999, Ground Zero after 9/11, and Afghanistan in November 2001. Received the Combat Action Ribbon. He’s remained in the Marines even though his comedy career was blossoming before 9/11. And now is a notable celeb on the USO tours. He’s one of the very good guys.

    And to quote Riggle from The Hangover: In the faaaaace!

  • Dan

    So nice that they gave him the Army Distinguished Service Cross, that must be hard to get for a SEAL.