IAEA: Target of Israeli Raid Likely A Syrian Nuke Facility

Well, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency has come out and said that it strongly thinks that Syrian target blown up by Israeli fighter jets in 2007 was a secret nuclear plant.

While the IAEA hasn’t yet presented hard proof that the site was a nuke facility, it did find prelimary evidence of a nulcear program (uranium particles that Syria claims are from Israeli missiles) when it visited in 2008; after which it was banned from returning by the Syrians who could face action from the UN if found to have had a nuclear program. Keep in mind the U.S. has also come out and said that it thinks the site may have been a Syrian nuke facility being built with North Korean help.

From the AP:

The finding by the International Atomic Energy Agency backs U.S. findings and sets the stage for potential U.N. Security Council action against Syria.

Syria says the nearly finished building had no nuclear uses. It has repeatedly turned down IAEA requests to revisit the site after allowing an initial 2008 inspection that found evidence of possible nuclear activities.

Diplomats have told The Associated Press that a strong IAEA opinion that the Syrians were trying to build a nuclear reactor secretly would likely result in a Western push to report Syria to the Security Council.

A senior Western diplomat said Tuesday that push would come next month at the next meeting of the 35-nation IAEA board, with the initiative likely to get majority backing.


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  1. Wow only took 5 years way to go U.N now what ya gunna do about it NOTHIN!

  2. indeed, this event has gone woefully low under the radars of worldwide (specifically western) media.

  3. The US government has publicly acknowledged this since April 2008 … http://dni.gov/interviews/20080424_interview.pdf

    “The evidence concluded a nuclear reactor, as I mentioned, constructed by the
    Syrians, started probably in 2001, completed in the summer of 2007. And it was nearing
    operational capability.”

  4. Five years seems the denial time of IDS at he UN.

    I remember most pundits denied the reports as misinformation. Even the great Arms Control Wonk. . Since we have known these nuclear facts for some time, our policy towards Assad seems a farce. The incredible raid implicated both Assad and Iran who have signed a WMD agreements. Somehow its better discussing food aid to NK rather than its role in proliferating nuclear weapons programs in the ME.

    The raid brought into focus the ability of Israel to render an air defense system useless causing Russia some consternation. I would to think we know by now the location of the nuclear stock that was planned to fuel the reactor, the other facilities in Syria and the network NK and Iran have created to develop technology, thereby also increasing the number of likely suspects at the time of their future activities..

    I’m not so sure however.

    Assad has present WMD materials and advanced weapons. His hold on power however is hopefully doomed. The 11th Army guards the missiles and chemical weapons I believe. Iran and Hizb’Allah have a new moon on June 1st. I am not aware of what HIU Assad has or the extent of his nerve gas. I think this re-release of information bolsters Netanyahu’s speech and ties Assad’s role in the light of Iranian ambitions, particularly through Hizb’Allah who will be cut-off without Assad..

    While Iran’s partnerships with Syria and North Korea seeks nuclear weapons and other WMD, the delivery systems sought are important for nuclear threats and conventional force Iran and NK seek to project. A few years back perhaps in a discussion about ship hybrids, supersonic torpedoes and Iran’s military boasts, I advocated a larger version of the craft below as an alternative to the LCD and mentioned that Iran was seeking something along the same line, though stealth is not their specialty. China however might help Iran out.


    Assad is dangerous, a murderer and a liar. But we should not forget whose side he’s on and their combined effort underway to counter our strategic advantages while seeking WMD. How stealthy can the enemy make something?

    Now did we get all of the tail back?

  5. whats a nulcear program?

  6. The world is burned out on WMD these days-especially when it comes to the “I swear we know where they are” of 2002/2003. The refusal to allow IAEA inspectors is kind of the clincher though, though there’s also biological and chemical weapons…

  7. Israel has never allowed IAEA inspections. Time for the Arabs to take out the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

  8. May i suggest adding a 2007 to the title?
    Something like “Target of 2007 Israeli Raid Likely A Syrian Nuke Facility”.

    When i read the title i immediately thought “shit, they did it again?!?!?”


  9. What’s important is that it… WAS probably a nuke plant. It served as an example for any country hiding behind the corrupted UN to pursue “rogue” nuclear programs that they are far from being untouchable.

  10. So… this begs the question: when does Israel finally take out Iranian nuclear programs?

  11. For Israel. Old Testament. Message- Zechariah 14:12 in the Holy Bible. But Jesus made It quite clear long ago that no mortal can ever know the Date, Day, Hour, Etc.
    HC WKDN Judgment Day warnings = Bull Shit. Sincerely, John Ewing.

  12. Its time we woke up & destroy the 3 N facilities in Iran now without any civilian cas ! Mullahs continue to fight for power then to distract cause trouble in places like Bahrain & Israel. Its time someone took action ! They will develop a bomb no matter what, so we gotta stop it now !

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