• Lance_HBomb

    Top comment on YouTube page:

    “I can’t wait to see the fucker on full afterburner pulling straight into vertical.”

    I agree.

    • paperpushermj

      OMG I was thinking the same thing.

  • Guest

    I see them do that almost every day. That’s CF-02, the second carrier variant here at Pax.

    • justin

      I was able to see the the first C model naked getting drop tested at my work.

  • Dfens

    What a sled! It looks like a damn S-3 compared to that F-18, and we already knew the F-18 was a sled.

  • Justin H

    I swear to god, when the F-35 flew by I thought it sounded like “boooondoggle”.

  • Justin H

    And did anyone else seriously noticed that only like 3 people cheered and clapped in that video?! They were all probably Lockheed execs. LMAO

    • Nitram24

      I was there, but I was too busy taking pics to clap

  • jim

    Quit picking on the looks of f 119, just because it looks like the f-22 the guys at pratt (1998) thought the guppie boeing would win- the things gorgeous!