Mid-Week Videos: J-20 Up Close and the F-35B Hovering

Steve Trimble over at his blog The DEW Line is killing it with the cool videos. First up, check out this close up video of China’s J-20 stealth figther appearing out of the haze as it roars in for a landing at its plant in Chengdu china. Yes, the plane’s been in public for months now, but it’s still cool to see it flying, especially this close.

Next is this video shot by someone from the window of a taxiing Beechcraft King Air (likely a Navy C-12 Huron) showing an F-35B performing hover tests at NAS Patuxent River in Maryland. Well, he had this video, but it’s recently been deleted from YouTube by its original uploader. Looks like NAVAIR or Lockheed PAOs weren’t exactly thrilled about people seeing an unauthorized video of the F-35B hovering. Here’s a screenshot:


8 Comments on "Mid-Week Videos: J-20 Up Close and the F-35B Hovering"

  1. That was pretty stupid putting an unauthorized video on youtube.

  2. dirtylodown | May 25, 2011 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    That bird is horrible, I dont think its stealth at all. I mean you can see it, from miles out is huge.

  3. The J-20 is massive….I know size doesn't matter in terms of stealth, but there is no way that is matching the Raptor.

  4. Agreed, too big to be stealth…more fitted to be a long range A2AD asset to counter maritime ops

  5. Promised a video delivered a static image of a video – much like everything else on the JSF program.

  6. Clearly F35 is capable of super cruising while hovering requirement :)

  7. i don't think our pilots have to worry about the j20.

  8. A bit of perspective… China's economy largely depends on the USA's. Not only from a trade point but also from a debt and investment point China is heavily invested in the USA. So would you purposefully do harm to someone or a company that your economic health and prosperity is directly tied to? Furthermore would you do harm to your bank which is supporting your lifestyle? Till there is a drastic change to this both countries will do everything they can to ensure economic prosperity between themselves.

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