Hilarious: Osama’s Sea Burial Caught on Tape

Here’s why the White House never released the footage of Osama bin Laden’s burial at sea (joke).

  • guest123

    they killed the video…:(

  • Sushi

    I guess he is fish-Kabaab now.


    Better than the SOB deserved..

  • Bowmanave

    I’ve been hoping someone would do his wrapped body flying down the deck via catapult…even the thought of it makes me laugh.

  • @ohfuckinreally

    The only people who believe that Osama was buried at sea to avoid offending Muslims are mouthbreathers. The fact is he probably died long ago and they were just waiting for the right time (ratings too low) to tell everyone about it.

    Muslims are buried with their head pointing towards Mecca in the ground, not at sea. They are only buried at sea if they die at sea.

  • Kushin25

    Well I thought Defence Tech was an upstanding Media outlet, however this crass attempt only serves to reinforce the false pardigm that Bin Laden was killed in the recent helicopter raid!

    You are only serving to justify the atrocity of 9-11 implemented by Bush Snr & Cheney, who are the luckiest free living mass murderers in the history of mankind,

    Shame on you, there was no body, and there was no Bin Laden killed in said raid.

  • upgrade

    They left out the part where they washed is body by form of urination….

  • Musson1

    Next time I pee in the ocean… I’ll be smiling!

  • Tank50us

    Buckle up… it could save your life… wait… isn’t he already dead?