Weekend Roundup: Cupcakes and Stealth Helo Models

So, while Lulzsec was busy hacking Sony and planting the phony Tupac is alive story on PBS’ website, it was revealed last week that British spies were up to some hilarious hacking of their own. MI6 operatives hacked the website of Al Qaeda in the Arabian┬áPeninsula’s┬ámagazine, Inspire, and replaced an article on how to make a bomb with a piece on how to make cupcakes.

Meanwhile, this grim footage showing a doomed Iranian AWACS tumbling to Earth has been making the internet rounds.

And yes, Chinese analysts have indeed reverse engineered the stealth helicopter that crashed in Pakistan during last months raid that killed Osama bin Laden. In fact, they’ve already got a production model in the works. The keyword there being model.

  • swissfreek

    Haha, looks like Dragon is working off that “super hi-res” mock-up you guys posted a few weeks back. But hey, it’s 1:144, so the whole model won’t be more than about 4 inches long or so. Who needs detail at that scale? Love it.

    • anon

      Yup, it looks like one of many DefTech referenced during the stealth helicopter’s news peak.

      Makes you wonder just what was left of everything else that they couldn’t even provide photos of a burnt out hulk of a helicopter fuselage? Must’ve been a hell of a lot of explosives…

      • anon

        I wonder if the production tag line stuff is taken from elsewhere on the web. I wouldn’t be surprised.


    This is further proof that the Russians and Chinese don’t really need spies to perform espionage as they can go to the local toy store and online to get a very good approximation of what every aircraft in the US arsenal looks like, then through some reverse engineering can approximate everything else; thus, is why the Russian Sukhoi T-50 and the Chinese T-50 look so much like the F-22 and a bit like the Northrop YF-23 (The real reason why the aircrafts look like a combination between fhe F-22 and the YF-23 is simple, they think the YF-23 looks better.)

    • CSZ

      No, actually the General Galaxy YF-21 looks the best :)

      Seriously, you guys believe similarity in form implies proximity in function and performance?

      A Chinese FARMER built a TF2 movie Megatron from scrap metal. Let’s hope he has not yet figured out how to make its fusion cannon fire.

    • Mastro

      I remember hearing a story that the Polaris sub model upset the US Navy and they even looked for intelligence leaks-

      maybe it was a urban myth-

    • anon

      When the toy industry first heard whiffs of rumors about the stealth fighter, the “F-19” they designed looked nothing like the eventual stealth fighter. Toy industry is often in the dark until someone actually leaks something for them to imitate.

      The stealth helicopter remains pure conjecture, inspired by someone elses drawings which was probably done without attribution. The guy needs to sue for his intellectual property being stolen. That’ll learn them.

  • joe

    …Wait. It took *two weeks* for them to notice that their bomb-making guide now required chocolate chips?

  • Matrix_3692

    i would love to buy that model, since i’m a model lover, and i am going to china soon for university.

  • lance

    Cupcakes??… Hummm…could they have been made with Yellowcake?

  • roguetechie

    Too bad they’re mocking up the wrong model of helo…. But hey everyone else bought that it was a stealthed blackhawk too so why not the chinese?

    Hint: then again stealth STALLION isn’t near as cool sounding.