Construction Gear Being Removed From China’s Carrier

Here’s the latest evidence (aside from Chinese officials saying so already) suggesting that China’s first aircraft carrier will likely put to sea very soon; the construction trailers are starting to be removed from the Shi Lang’s (ex Soviet Varyag) flight deck.

That image was presented last night on China Defense Blog along with the hilarious sentence: “Looks like the PLAN does not like to see single-wides parked at their prime real estate – get those tornado magnets outta here.”

These next two pictures show a Shi Lang that looks less like a construction project and more like a ship that could be underway soon:

Here are more new shots of the nearly completed ship.

  • Tim

    They are just fixing up an old skateboard ramp.

  • CSZ

    Well, the Chinese is not getting jump jets of any kind (harrier or F35B). And the carrier will not be named ShiLang - the general defeated the rebels in Taiwan and reclaimed the island for the Qing dynasty - which has too obvious an implication. The Chinese diplomacy is all about subtlety.

    If you look at what’s happening over there, in fact Taiwan is China’s lesser concern. The carrier will most likely be deployed to South China Sea where PRC and ROC’s interests are somewhat aligned.

  • usa all the way

    they probaly lost the stolen blue prints

  • IknowIT

    Still a rust tub. They wont be able to field and maintain these any better than the Russians

  • Rajarata

    Well, now they gotta spend more $ to maintain the darn thing ! looks good ….hope it works fellas ! too bad if they run it into a reef !

  • eduardo ang

    I don’t think this china 1st carrier will bring peace to the asean countries like their wrong claimed in spratley island -it’s a territorial right owned by Philippines.within 230 economic zones inside the philippine island. Maybe this will use by china navy start bulling the philippines by force. Your force of claimed will be dealt with sovereign UN law of Sea and our Lord God almighty.

    • CSZ

      Two brothers fought and separated. Both got weak so squatters start to encroach on their land. Now the brothers want their land back and the squatters cry injustice. What does Lord God almighty’s laws say about this?

  • Herman Moore

    Everyone should hold their breath if this one works China will go into full production - and at the rate the produce - it will be an eye opener for the rest of the world.
    They are well known to mobilize the Industry into Major projects - that is one of the perks of being a totalitarian State.
    When needed they can get it done in record time.
    So be Afraid…Very…Afraid.
    Herman Moore from South Africa.

  • Rob

    American SSN’s will slaughter the PLAN surface fleet. This POS is no exception.

    • blight

      I imagine if they pulled a decisive-battle strategy out of the pages of Mahan this would be so.

  • Musson

    What do you suppose the life span of a flight deck worker would be? Months? Weeks? Days?

  • Ken

    You mean out SSN’s that the Chinese national working in New Mexico sold them the specs to a few years back?

  • Orka

    Its an ex Soviet Varyag. It could probably be over design and sink.

  • Automat

    Its an ex Soviet Varyag, a class with a troubled maintenance record even with original machinery and without being a repurposed mutant with like twice the number of jets it should be carrying.

    Good they removed the missiles, as they´d probably only serve to blow themselves up.

  • JMTV

    Sorry, typo: 2020

  • Chin Lu

    Blamers will see the fact that this country will have a good carrier and fighter group. Westerners have same kind of racist pre-judgements that non-westerners will always fail. They want that non-westerners would never try anything and stay in the current situation: “obey the rulers(westerners)”

  • Xisbe

    I dont understand all the worries and hatred you guys have for China, a potential superpower, having a carrier. Thailand has 1, Brazil has 1, Italy Spain all got 1 as well. Canada had 5 in the past. THATS RIGHT, WE HAD A CARRIER IN EVERY SINGLE GREAK LAKE! Stop complainig…

    • blight

      All predators desire weak prey.

  • us1

    Go China, Now they will be pimping a new Carrier to help keep their own over population.

  • Jeff

    Brian, I’ve read your post and replies. You are absolutely wrong, and I believe you have a hidden agenda. It’s also possible that you are some US sock who’s paid to sway public opinion either that or you are a lone wolf.

    Lets be frank, open, and honest. If China was a weak nation, divided, and poor, YOU wouldn’t be commenting about China. Tell me, why does the US need 11 carriers? Why does the US spend 700+ billion on it’s military? To maintain peace? or hedgemony?

    China knows what it is to be weak, poor, and defenseless. We all know what happened there.

    I am Chinese, and I assure you, the entire country would rather be strong, united, armed, and friendly at the same time.

    Sorry pal, when oil runs thin in this world, there will be no more allies. And when that happens, it’s best to be well armed.

    Full stop.