Video Tour of AH-1Z Venom

2011 PARIS AIR SHOW — Here’s a video I shot yesterday here to give you a quick run down of the U.S. Marine Corps newest tactical badass, the AH-1Z Venom, a heavily modified version of the venerable AH-1 Cobra. It was delivered to the fleet a few months ago and will see its first deployment in the coming months to point unkown.


  • blight

    For reference:…

  • Belesari

    Damn nice lookin aircraft. The Marines got it right with the UH-1Y and the AH-1Z. Saves alot of space on those gator freighters.

    • Guest A

      Yeah, not bad for something that’s been in development for over 10 yrs…

  • Tim

    Very nice!!!

  • Guest

    To be picky, the UH-Y is the one known as the “Venom.” The AH-1Z is the Zulu Cobra.

  • Roland

    We probably need 1000’s of this in S. Korea, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria for current and future defense.

    • blight

      roland, not to be mean but it seems that you think we need thousands of everything. Now you’re suggesting we go into Libya and Syria. Who are you?

  • Roland

    It’s US made. US manufacturer profits and pay tax for it. Its good for defense in general. Its a win-win alternative.

    • Blight

      I’m glad profits and tax are the big selling points. Though most platforms when bid are usually a choice between two American platforms to begin with…