DHS Sec’y Calls for Global Cooperation on Cyber

Just a little cyber security update. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano just spoke to a theme we here at DT have been talking about for weeks; the need for an organized, global response to the growing cyber threat.

Via eWeekeurope:

“Most countries don’t even have a legal framework that really governs cyber. It is such a new phenomenon in that regard so the legal systems – both domestic and international – have not kept pace with the technological advances we have seen,” Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“And that is just the plain fact of it. We need to accelerate that in response,” she added.

Her warning comes amid a rising tide of cyber attacks against soveriegn nations and governments, as well as strategically important companies and organisations. This includes recent attacks that have hit the the International Monetary Fund, theCentral Intelligence Agency (CIA) and companies such as Citigroup and Lockheed Martin.

Napolitano also warned that many countries need to accelerate their security procedures as well as their ability to co-operate.

“I would have to say that we are still at the nascent stage. There is no comprehensive international framework,” for approaching the issue, she told reporters. She also added that the situation was no better in the European Union.

“We are all scrambling but we are scrambling with some of the best minds in the world and we are confident that from a technological point of view we are going to get to a satisfactory resolution of some of these difficult problems,” she is quoted as saying. “Right now there needs to be some sort of international legal framework to address those and that does not yet exist.”

Here’s more coverage on this topic by DT:





  • lyecdevf

    I have read about a global cooperation on prosecuting cyber criminals a long time ago. The idea is that there are groups out there with very sophisticated techniques to bypassing firewalls and that they take great amount of effort to hide them selves. What is needed is global cooperation to catch them.

  • Guest

    I was wondering what the new ‘Terrorism’ was going to be…

  • SJE

    I agree that some global cooperation is necessary if you want to prosecute. Of course, if you attempt to coordinate cyber defense you are going to have to reveal certain operational details. This is problematic when you consider that the Chinese and Russian Govts are widely believed to be behind numerous cyber attacks.

    Perhaps we should be using pre-existing WTO rules. China wanted into the the WTO, and the US let them. Since then, China has not been living up to its obligations under the WTO. Perhaps the US and Europe could pressure the Chinese under the WTO both for currency manipulation, forced transfers of IP, and for cyber war.

  • bigRick

    Big sis just wants to get her big hairy hands into our pants. This whole “cyber” war thing reminds me of the joke where the man was pinching his arm and he said to his doctor, “it hurts when I do this,” and the doctor said back to him “well, stop doing that.”

    The moral of the story is, if you want security for your secrets you have to stop making then accessible via the public Internet. If government databases are being hacked then they should get them off of the public Internet. There is no reason on earth everything has to be readily accessible via the public Internet.