Surgically Planted Bomb Idea is Back

And from the department of really, again? The government is worried about terrorists walking aboard jetliners with surgically implanted bombs. So, what’s the TSA’s reaction going to be?

From the AP:

The U.S. government has warned domestic and international airlines that some terrorists are considering surgically implanting explosives into humans to carry out attacks, The Associated Press has learned.

There is no intelligence pointing to a specific plot, but the U.S. shared its concerns last week with executives at domestic and international carriers.

People traveling to the U.S. from overseas may experience additional screening at airports because of the threat, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

“These measures are designed to be unpredictable, so passengers should not expect to see the same activity at every international airport,” TSA spokesman Nick Kimball said. “Measures may include interaction with passengers, in addition to the use of other screening methods such as pat-downs and the use of enhanced tools and technologies.”

Placing explosives and explosive components inside humans to hide bombs and evade security measures is not a new idea. But there is new intelligence pointing to a fresh interest in using this tactic, a U.S. security official told the AP.


  • blight

    Someone probably just watched The Dark Knight again.

    Metal detectors are likely to catch this one, unless they have figured out how to do this without any metal materials.

  • MCQknight

    Great, now the TSA is going to use this bogus threat to advocate increased strip-searches.

    Btw, if you have any surgical scars that an examiner notices – prepare to get some “special” attention.

  • blight

    At some point, the terrorists will stop attacking airplanes in flight and go back to the old saw of attacking airports themselves like it’s the 1980’s.

  • willrhaynes

    All they need are exposive detecting dogs at each point –save billions of dollars and they care what you look like

    • blight

      Explosives dogs aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. There are too many airports and too many vulnerable points to protect properly. If you sniff people as they enter the airport, they’ll set off bombs in waiting areas and parking lots outside the secure zone. And then you extend the secure zone, and then they’ll get you in the long lines that build up outside the airport (and if they’re in cars, they’ll use car bombs and pack loooots of explosives).

  • Stan

    I guess this means we’ll have to give up some more freedoms. At this rate the US will be less free than China in a few years. I wish that was a joke….

  • ew-3

    Since 90+ percent of terrorists that have tried to take out aircraft were Muslim, why not make sure 9 out of 10 people that are groped be Muslim ? That would reduce lines and get better results.

    FWIW – this is just an excuse for TSA to get more scanning equipment at airports, as the grope search likely won’t be able to find a surgically implanted device.

  • James

    All I want is a law that states that whatever the most intrusive TSA search procedure is, that it must be used, every time on any member of congress, their staff and all cabinet level officials. Then the TSA can go to town with whatever new search procedure they want. Till then hands off my junk!

  • Bill

    I wrote a (free) novel on this very subject. It’s titled “The Eagle and the Falcon.” I have over 5,000 books downloaded, it’s still free and it’s a 4 1/2 star rated book, download on iBooks now. I hope you enjoy it.

  • ew-3

    Just to add a thought, how much C4 can you pack into a set of false teeth?

  • Mike, The Netherlands

    the whole airport secuirity is a Hoax. We were allready dozens of years aware what drugsrunners can stuff in their rectum, or female drugsrunners in their ******. This shouldnt come as a surprise…

  • oh, great, mandatory x-ray and MRI on the horizon?
    if, at least, they would be nice enough to hand out the images it would cut down costs for medical exams…

  • paperpushermj

    I think they should implant the explosives between their ears

  • Alex

    And all this came about after the 9/11 panic when they made dept of HS and gave it a bunch of power with little to no strings and/or oversite attatched. Here’s an article I found it’s interesting and it’s recent but I’m not sure how authentic it is or if it’s just a reprint from several years ago:
    And the article in response to the comments:
    The response is written by a C. S. Magor not sure if he’s a flak or what.
    Let the comment wars begin :)

    • Alex

      Oh! they already started, my bad.

  • eric

    Another world class article from The Onion!

  • aSDF

    Since 90+ percent of terrorists that have tried to take out aircraft were Muslim, why not make sure 9 out of 10 people that are groped be Muslim ? That would reduce lines and get better results.

    it’s not just about the aircraft. oklahoma, anthrax…
    also, the terrorists have officially won (by striking even more FUD and fear into americans).

  • stephen russell

    Saw this in the TV show The Wild Wild West, Season 2. some Mad Doctor implanted bombs in victims & sent them to Govt meetings to blow up.
    Show year was in 1870.
    On DVD now.
    Night of the Big Blast I think.

  • Morty

    Their are a lot of terrorist that arn’t muslim. Plus if im on a plane I dont want any thing on it blowing up.

  • TheDieHard

    My mother wears an insulin pump. That would look like a “suspicious device” to the reyarded relatives of politicians who the TSA was created to employ, and they’d be all proud of themselves for publicly harassing an 80-year-old woman.

    Many people I know, on the other hand, are perfectly capable of putting together a hypergolic explosive (no metal involved), or a deadly bacterial contaminant, in those cheap little makeup containers that go serenely through inspection. (Me, I use them for vodka.)

    Daddyland Stupidity, what an absolute crock of crap. Let someone get mad enough to poison the punchbowl at a political party for the ultra-wealthy, and then maybe this “terrorism” nonsense will be replaced by “WHY did this happen?”

  • tj leroy

    all i want to say is that before someone gropes me and sticks their finger up my butt i want dinner, some wine and a nice cigar first!

  • Daytime

    Too bad the terrorists dont consider that we Americans will have a stubborn reaction to inconveniences which would make it easier to follow through with their plans to kill the “ignorant” spoiled Americans. If they only knew we would feel it is a rediculous consideration to “violate” our space to ensure safety for the greater safety of all. We Americans are blissfully lucky enough to be raised in an enviorment to believe we are individually above, or better than the risks. “It wont happen to me.” – yeah, thats what everyone wants to believe. Then we watch it happen live on the news to our family, friends, shipmates, wingmen, fellow soldiers, and Marines, and other countrymen. As much as it sucks, I would rather inconvenience myself to ensure outsmarting these murderous regimes rather than letting my family, friends and shipmates fall victim. -That is my American “I am better than that” additude.

  • guest

    I really do not think this is even possible. At least to a degree that it could bring down a aircraft of any stature. I mean, I think if someone had something inplanted in them, they would be too sick or weak as to not give away themselves. I could see a lead coming out of the skin like a drain does, and hooking that up to a external detonator that was snuck in some other way, since they are so small, and then connected to a battery of some sort. But, the amount of explosives hidden in some ones body, I just do not see it being of any amount to be prudent. Sure I could be wrong, but, I would love to hear a real life surgeon or doctor weigh in on this discussion. Anyone out there………..:-) Doc..?