Did Iran Really Down a Drone?

So Iran is claiming to have downed a U.S. spy drone that was collecting intel on an undergound uranium enrichment site located next to an Iranian military base.

From AFP:

Lawmaker Ali Aghazadeh Dafsari said the drone was flying over the Fordo uranium enrichment site near the holy city of Qom in central Iran, the state TV-run Youth Journalists Club said.

The report did not say when the plane was shot down.

Now, Iran has claimed to have shot down U.S. drones several times in the past. Heck, they apparently show the wreckage to Russia.

Let’s play the guessing game:

Who thinks this latest robo-casualty was a Global Hawk?

Who thinks it was a stealthy RQ-170 Sentinel (if this is the case, how was it downed)?

Who thinks Iran’s making this up?

Tehran, if you’re listening, show us some footage of the wreckage that proves you downed an American drone. Until then, I’ll be skeptical.

  • M167A1


    Lets see some pictures. As for the lottery…

    1: This is a scare story for internal consumption. (Great Satan coming to get us)

    2: Some weird misunderstanding. (something crashed and its GOT to be the US)

    3: if a it is a Drone I bet its an RQ 170 and it was shot down by a control or engine failure.

    4: Some Iranian ADA dude finally had enough with the recon flights and spotted something unanticipated. As we learned with Serbia an alert ADA guy can pop a stealth with marginal equipment if they put their mind to it. Catching one is simply an exercise in applied military science. In which case Na Na Na betya can’t do it again. if you do maybe we can send you a Trident to practice on.

  • Jeremy

    If they have shot down a drone where is the proof? Show me some pictures. Remember, these are the same people that claim they don’t give weapons to insurgents when there is overwhelming evidence that they have. I have no reason to believe them unless they show some evidence.

  • Cisco

    Strictly an observation here, but Russian and North Korea would be idiots NOT to have technical analysts and specialists in Iran to study US drone technology. Would it really be that hard to believe a foreign intelligence agent was able to walk up to the Iranian army and say “hey, we have this new tech we would like you to try, and we want you to try and shoot down a US aircraft with it.”

    I agree, it would be nice to see the evidence, but I am just trying to point out that we may not just been talking about Iran here.

  • anon

    Or, it could be an Israeli drone. I’d imagine they’re keeping a pretty close eye on the site one way or another

  • Joshua

    The fact that this is coming from Iran says enough. Unless pictures and video are provided, I highly doubt it. I recall libyan goverment troops claiming they shot down the F-16, when it was actually mechanical failure. If this is even remotely true that an an American drone was downed, I doubt the Iranians had anything to do (that caused it to go down).

  • blight

    “Russian experts requested to see these drones and they looked at both the downed drones and the models made by the guards through reverse engineering”

    “The planes that were shot down are among the most modern US navy drones and have a long-range capability”

    Suggesting that the Navy has long range drones, and that the shootdown happened long enough ago that reverse engineering is possible.

    That said, when UAVs go down in Iran, can’t exactly destroy the wreckage…no stealth fighters for the job.

  • Ken

    Nothing got shot down people. No need to get your panties in a twist.

    No way the US would risk flying a high priced drone over an Iranian nuke facility. Those facilities have a ton of SAM and radar sites surrounding them. Wouldn’t be very hard to detect a drone flying near them and shoot it down.

    The US and now Israel have plenty of spy sats going over these sites multiple times a day to get all the visual/radar data required.

    It was probably some poor Iranian kid in a beat up old Cessna 150 that went off course and got too close to a nuke facility.

  • chaos0xomega

    You know I almost wish this was true, maybe then the DoD would end its UAV/Stealth obsession and we would start production of cheaper more conventional military aircraft.

  • David

    …however, the Russian Federation has drones, and with their current problems with the Muslim populations in their southern regions, keeping an eye on an Iranian Nuclear Facility would be right up their alley… of course, it would have another countries markings on it.. hmmmm.. now who that be???

  • Drifter

    If they smoked a drone it would have to be a higher end one, it wouldnt be something easy to spot and shoot.

  • Randomperson

    This compared to what again? We’ve been shooting down Iranian drones over Iraqi airspace for years. They seem to love the rebel north of Baquba, Diwaanya. They kept scrambling F-16’s out of Balad all the time to intercept and shot down their drones yet we never really said anything of importance about it.

  • Belesari

    People make the mistake of thinking Iran does or says things for EVERYONE. Like many countries-and most in the “anti-US” crowd especially-they make statements like this for there people or fellows.

    Its simple. Hate America your likely to believe it. Not psychotic your probably gonna ask questions.

  • Lance

    There lying to make them selfs popular to BIG American news companies.


    You know Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has the ego as big as the former USSR and if Iran did manage to shoot down a Predator, Global Hawk or RQ-170 Sentinel; you would expect to see Ahmadinejad on Iranian TV over the remains like a hunter with his prize big game kill and not just a story concerning the shoot down.

  • aSDF

    Who thinks it was a stealthy RQ-170 Sentinel (if this is the case, how was it downed)?

    yeah, that was the first thing, that crossed my mind :)

  • Dauntless

    I’m pretty darn sure that Tehran would have instantly had pictures and video out there. But you never know for sure. If it was a high-security area they probably wouldn’t allow any media.

    And we’re not sure if it was American or not.
    Let’s ask our Russian ‘friends.’

  • TLAM Strike

    As those on the interweb like to say “Pics or it didn’t happen”.

  • joe

    Or option 4 - some perfectly innocent Iranian guy in a decades-old cessna whose flight plan got lost in the paperwork.

  • Bazooka

    Just traditional Pers propaganda…

  • Brian

    Even if they did shoot something down, it’s a drone. Big deal. All that happens is that a 19 year old kid sitting in an air-conditioned room on an air base in Arizona sees the words “Game Over” appear on his screen.

    • MCQknight

      No 19 year olds are flying USAF drones.

  • Maxtrue

    A bit more disturbing than Iranian propaganda: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&s…

    • blight

      From the translation:

      “Sino-Pakistani agreement on joint development and construction for the needs of the Pakistani Navy non-nuclear submarine of the new type, and even equipped air independent power plant”

      The probable sub is this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_041_submarine
      Rumors of pumpjet and AIP.

      • aSDF

        so what, they are building subs. it’s not usas’ problem if they want to go to another war with india.

  • USAF SSgt

    Since* unfriendly* significant* tongue*

  • baku

    everybody asking about the proof!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is osama’s dead body you americans??????????

  • shawn1999

    As long as they hit all those Indian “call centers” that now “support” American customers first- I don’t mind. And if they could hit the Philippine call centers after that, even better

  • Jeremy

    Well the IRGC just said that there wasn’t a US drone shot down. They said whatever was shot down was for training purposes only.

  • Indian

    just a propaganda by the aytollahs

  • dahszil

    Drones have killed many more innocents than they have terrorists. As all so called smart weapons far too many civilians are being killed. The way to end terrorist threat to the USA is for the US/western corporations/military complex to get the hell out of the middle east. 911 itself was the inevetible “blowback” of the complex covert and overt actions in the middle east post ww2

  • Sadeq_Iranian Guy

    We are powerful than the U.S.A!
    ‘Cause we have God. God saved and save and will save us from Evil.
    We want to destroy Zionism.
    U.S.A IS ‘BIG EVIL’.

  • ali

    you blood .sucking americans iran should shoot down all those spy satelites then you cant fight a even war.

  • Margaret

    I find it a bit odd that these highly sophisticated DOD superspy UAV do not have a self destruct command for just such an emergency. If anybody has information regarding this, which is to say former military pilots and not just an opinion, I would be interested to know.
    Otherwise all we are doing is giving the other side technology, which has happened before just this way…or worse, providing them with a great bartering tool to get what we are trying to prevent them developing. This seems so elementary to me that if the ‘powers that be’ have supposedly missed it, all our defense tax dollars are just a way of making some people very rich. I also wonder if the government has not denied losing a UAVso they can use it as a reason to escalate. As others have pointed out it is not the first such claim Iran has made.