Hackers Hit German Police

By Kevin Coleman — Defense Tech Cyberwarfare Correspondent

Recently German police discovered their systems had been successfully attacked by hackers. Their preliminary investigation indicated that the hackers had broken into their systems and were actively inside federal police and customs service computer systems for months. At this time, indications are that the systems came under cyber attack back in September 2010. However, the successful attack was not discovered until just recently. Inside sources have stated that Trojans were used to compromise the systems and that sensitive data was read by outside operatives. One unnamed source has been quoted as saying that they are deeply concerned that secret files on hundreds of police investigations could have been compromised and may even be published on the internet.

This discovery came at a most interesting time. In mid-June, the German interior ministry inaugurated the National Cyber Defense Centre located in the city of Bonn. This center is working to coordinate different federal institutions fighting online crime. In the past couple weeks this center came under cyber attack by the group of hackers calling themselves “n0n4m3 cr3w” (No Name Crew). Sources claim that the hackers broke into the National Cyber Defense Center’s network and were able to steal sensitive information from their servers. Comments by the No Name Crew indicate they are fighting for freedom and are actively defending themselves against what they say is wrongful treatment from the German government.

Some people might say this is truly embarrassing. Just weeks after the National Cyber Defense Center’s opening it has already fallen victim to a cyber attack. I think it is more of a sign of the times!

  • Anon

    LOL that they were compromised by a trojan.
    You can’t defend against stuipidity.

    • Anon

      so of course i mispell stupidity…

      • nraddin

        bad spelling does not make you stupid. Don’t worry to much about it.

      • Thunder350

        You misspelled, “misspell”. It’s two s’s. =p


  • nraddin

    Sign of the times is right. Hackers/crackers literally have teams of millions of people working toward finding the holes in everything. It is essentially crowd sourced until one finds the hole they want. Zero day exploits are big business, netting smart people huge profits from other hackers means there will always be a supply of them. Add that fact to the fact that governments and corporations unwilling/unable to pool their resources and are outnumber in skill and manpower and the ease at which low level employees can be socially manipulate there is little or no hope to stop them.

  • Alex

    Wait until they hack some heavywieght senators favorate site/personal friends/their
    computer/etc,..Then it will be who can scream the mostest firstest.

    (I will blame gremlins for any and all spelling/grammar errors pointed out to me :)