China’s Aircraft Carrier Powering Up

Well, this is certainly noteworthy. These images clearly show the lights on aboard China’s first aircraft carrier, the Shi Lang (ex Soviet Varyag). Remember a few months ago when we saw pictures of exhaust coming from the ship’s stack? How about when those weapons started appearing on board? Then we saw how scaffolding and other construction gear were being removed from the ship. This is just one more sign of how close the refurbished ship is to putting to sea. (Many estimates have put its maiden voyage as happening sometime this year.)

Also note how the mid-ship jet blast deflector is in the up position in these photos.

Via China Defense Blog.

  • CHINA needs to BUY NEW SHIPS FROM US….THE U.S.A Instead of old junk from the soviets!!!!

  • @ mary the soviets have steller stuff if they had the technology to better it it would be the bomb

  • Matt M

    Fuck no. China must be stopped.

  • Orion

    Damn.. We (westerners mostly US) are playing Chess, China is playing Go… Interesting times

  • STemplar

    Sounds like a good opportunity to have a VA class pay it a visit on its maiden voyage and ‘wave’ hello……

  • josh

    I don’t see what the big deal is about china having a p.o.s of a ship, yeah the building of military equipment of communists should be monitored but we shouldn’t freak out, we build ships, tanks, planes, guns etc everyday.

  • Hamid

    this is important for CHina, especially wen it will come to beating the shit out of USA n India. N it’s evn better dat they r buying the ships from russia instead of USA.

    • STemplar


  • Forrest Cantrell

    Time to get used to it: unless China’s economy implodes, they will be fielding a powerful blue-water navy, complete with much more modern carriers than the Shi Lang, by the middle of the century. And the U.S.’s most capable warships will be submarines fully capable of handling any Chinese naval threat. And if no one loses their heads, we can still both safely co-exist.

  • Lance

    Don’t worry too much there carrier is still NOT active the Indians are beating the Chinese in carrier numbers. they don’t even have planes for it yet yes there looking at both Russian and domestic SU-33 but no buys yet.

    Let China collapse by itself or have India nuke it.

  • timmer

    No big deal they are still decades behing, they still have to figure out how to use it and also they need a few more to even be a threat.

  • Joe America

    Let them build it and feel good about themselves. In a war this ship would be lucky to last all but 5 minutes with all hands lost.

    Davy Jones would welcome them.

    • Howe

      I agree, but unfortunately, the same is true with US carriers.

  • citanon

    Cue Return of the Empire music.


    China will now reverse engineer this aircraft carrier with information from Wikileaks and other internet sources concerning the US Nimitz class carrier to develop their own aircraft carrier and the engineering effort like their J-20 stealth fighter will be funded by US tax-dollars that the US needs to pay for the US Debt we’ve accumulated; this aircraft carrier is a training tool like the Russian fighter jets that China has bought and matched with world-class massively parallel processing supercomputers as well as an almost unlimited financial funding, China could have a Nimitz or Ford class carrier in 10-15 years (because you still need the skilled manpower to build something this massive).

    • blight

      What info do you get on an aircraft carrier from “Wikileaks” and “other internet sources”? Beam, draft, armament. Blueprints? Nope.

      • TLAM Strike

        You could always buy a copy of “Anatomy of the Ship: The Aircraft Carrier Victorious” from Naval Institute Press. The Blueprints in that whole series are fantastic. I just wish they did more than three submarines.

  • WHAT

    Paid for (indirectly) by American Taxpayer’s Dollars.

  • William C.

    Now maybe those fools in Congress will stop trying to cut OUR carriers and aircraft for them!

  • chief789

    hey, lets not forget that when we fought in viet nam, we fought the chinese as well, also, we fought the chinese in korea as well. do we really want to help supply the chinese with our weapons, so they might use them against us if we might have to fight n. korea again. think about this

    • justsaying

      We? Your silly relatives might have put their lives on the line. Mine sure as hell didn’t.

    • john

      Not Vietnam but yes Korea. The USA lost both wars.

    • WizBe

      Don’t forget the biggest war the Chinese and US ever fought together was the SECOND WORLD WAR against the Japanese. As for Viet and Kor, let’s say if China invades Mexico and Canada, would US keep quiet? Tell us Chinese what we should have been doing during K and V war instead of fighting back.

  • aSDF

    another country can’t have carriers? what idiots you are, deal with it. amerika is not the center of the universe.

  • lamar

    you people who say whats the big deal will be crying when there is a war with china and you loose your life or the life of a loved one, due to a war with china….wake up our country is in a bad state, with a gov with their head up their as

  • STemplar

    I think China needs to be deterred, but the threat represented by one crummy 20+ year old carrier is just a wee bit overblown. We always analyze this fictional as of yet US v China conflict as a one on one scenario. The fact is any likely conflict is going to draw in more than one nation. It’s prudent to plan to go it alone, hope for the best plan for the worse, but the reality is that is really unlikely. The majority of the conflict scenarios involve some kind of regional dispute escalating and that implies nation(s) aside the US involved. So from China’s perspective, they probably have to plan of facing multiple nations at once if they’re smart.

  • ogopogo

    The US shouldn’t be concerned about China about to enter into service its first carrier. It will only be used for engineering research and training so don’t wet your pants and skirts. Just try and think about the Chinese perspective. They have been invaded numerous times from the sea and have suffered MILLIONS of deaths as a result. Upgrading their naval capability to protect their coastline, offshore islands and merchant fleet is their priority, not trying to be a world policeman or toughguy bully that’s only brave as part of a coalition (AKA lapdog follower). So anyone with any sense of reason would not be alarmed by this development.

  • bigRick

    Well, the Chinese stuff can’t be that bad, the new SF/Oakland bay bridge is “made in China” :=

  • TheUNSucks

    I’d rather be allies with the Chinese than the Indians. They’re way to close of a friend to Russia. Last time I checked, they lost to china during the Sino-Indian war. China’s technology is getting better and they will have their j-20 operation by 2015. I can tell. They’re hiring the intellects in America who are looking for jobs. We’re also in some serious debt to China as well. Better to be friends as opposed to enemies. We can’t keep it up.

  • Sandra Hunter

    First USED JUNK AIRCRAFT CARRIER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flyinghawk

    Smart munnitions and railgun technology make ships of this class a target of opportunity. Nothing less.

  • Colin EDwards

    The USA has 12 aircraft carriers, most European nations including Britain have one – the USA’s population is 300 million plus, Britain’s is 60 million. China’s population is 1.3 billion yet Western critics express concern over China’s motivation in wishing to defend themselves – western powers have absolutely no moral, military or political basis to make judgements about China’s motivations. The U.S. supplies Taiwan with fighter jets and conducts joint naval exercises in the South China Sea – this seems acceptable but strangely never makes the news in the west – if I remember when the Soviets sent merchant ships (not naval vessels) to Cuba they were met with the wrath of the USA in 1962. China should be congratulated on its military restraint than be accused of aggression.

  • Niko


    Sharp vision and wise choice. China is the strongest country in the world just right behind the US. India is worthless to mention because they are far behind and lagging in almost every aspects in terms of technology, economy and intelligence. Needless to say, they are spending their whole sum of money in military expenditures. Their people standard of living is miserable, suffering diseases, high unemployment rate, no proper transportation, not enough facilities, no equality to sex and etc.

  • xmilnav

    take it from a solder of war…..YOU BETTER BE gearing up for the end….o its comming.. all you dumbass people of the world zoned out in your i-pod-pad,ex,ex…only advice i have for u late in this stage…dig, dig now,also a 1000 rounds per weapon in household…food,water….fire…..see ya in hell

  • kenneth Wade Wilson

    Nostradamus predicted the next antichrist due about now will be Chinese.