A Chinese Carrier for ‘Science’

I’m not sure if the image above showing smoke coming from the funnel of China’s aircraft carrier Shi Lang is Photoshopped or not but one thing is for certain, the ship is close to being put to sea. Also check out the photo at the end of this post of her meatball Optical Landing System (and what appear to be cameras to document landings). These images, along with pictures of her lights running, jet blast deflectors up, weapons mounted and construction gear removed, paint a picture of a carrier that will indeed be operational soon.

(Note that you can see life raft pods along the rails in the picture above.)

Still, you’ve got to laugh at the Chinese government’s latest claim that the ship is going to be used for scientific purposes. Yes, one of the world’s most badass types of weapons is going to be used for scientific research. Oh, and military training, lots of military training.

Here’s a very carefully worded article (or should I say press release?) from China’s state-run Xinhua news agency about the Shi Lang. It’s got some very telling sentences that hint at china’s ambition to deploy the carrier operationally around the world; from pacific ocean sea lanes to the Arabian sea:

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) — The Defense Ministry officially confirmed Wednesday that China was pursuing an aircraft carrier program aimed at refitting an imported carrier as a platform for scientific research, experiment and training.

It appears China is a long way off having a carrier with real fighting capacity since developing and building this type of vessel is a long and complicated process.

Even if China does equip its naval force with a carrier, it is unlikely to have much of an impact on the world, given a traditional military power such as the United States has 11 in service, and even lesser powers, such as Thailand, Brazil and India, each have one.

China, with an estimated total coastline of more than 10,000 km to defend and long, busy sea lanes to secure for the flow of materials and manufactured goods in and out of the country, is entitled to an aircraft carrier.

Apart from its need for national defense, the program will better serve China’s purpose of international cooperation against maritime crimes, including the fight against Somali pirates.

Chinese navy fleets had by June escorted 3,953 ships from countries all over the world through the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia, among which 47 percent were foreign commercial ships.

The carrier program will gear up China for a bigger role in peaceful cooperation worldwide.

Here’s the rest of the article over at China Defense Blog.

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  1. Unconfirmed but it looks like the PRC Navy just had a reactor accident on a nuclear sub: http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/2011/07/japanese-milit

  2. I agree, Chinese scientists are certainly anxious to find out how many bombs does it take to force Taiwan to submit to their rule

  3. There's nothing wrong about calling this vessel a training and research carrier. The experience and know-how of carrier operation, deck management, collaboration with escort ships…all these take decades to master. Military science is still science. Management, scheduling, logistics…all science.

    The reason why PLAN is so low-key about this carrier is exactly because they know what it is capable of now – nothing. I bet my money that this vessel is not going to see any action other than training in the west pacific, south china sea and humanitarian missions.

    You should really be wary about the next two carriers China is building – now these are the real deal.

  4. I like how careful they are to downplay basically every military advancement they make.

  5. China doesn't need an old-ass aircraft carrier to destroy Taiwan 10x over. Which is good for them, because this thing is a piece of shit.

  6. 10 barreled Gatling gun………OF SCIENCE!

    Nice try China but with all the personnal data sharing options available, state-run propaganda news that tells outright lies almost seems like a sad relic…

  7. Hate to be a punk working on that deck under that smoke, I guess it should make it easier to find.

  8. Have some sense | August 1, 2011 at 2:09 pm | Reply

    The paranoia this blog has towards China is actually so amusing and highly worrying as to the state of intelligence and ignorance of the American mind.
    2 words for you in regards to a massive new super power upgrading its out of date forces – CHILL OUT

  9. I guess they didn't translate the bit about using it for shows of force against the Spratley Island competitors?

  10. The main thing is that China is using older aircraft for its carrier SU-33 are NOT new and are not Stealth or multirole But if they buy newer types like J-15s or MiG-29Ks might make there carriers more formidable.

  11. Cranky Observer | August 1, 2011 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    Looks like there might still be a bit of tuning to do on that boiler!


  12. Guess the hotel/casino thing didn't work out, unless this is a research hotel or a training casino.

  13. In most of the world ships in port burn clearner burning fuel and use the smoky bunker fuel for offshore. I say photoshop. And, as noted, makes no real difference.

  14. Jeezzz… what are they burning in there? Freaking tires?

  15. Cheap fuel still burns. Besides, it's not like there are environmental rules when it comes to the military.

  16. The difference between china and other countries possessing aircraft carriers is in its aggressive stance. Do we know or have any idea if they are going to launch or retrieve aircrafts in this trail run ?

  17. Not sure why they're burning such crappy easy-to-track fuel…especially if there is a potential of combat use. A hydrocarbon sensor (like the P-8 is supposed to have) can just follow the trail, or worse, the eyeball.

    Not exactly hiding on the high seas.

  18. Of course let us forget completely how often US Navy trolls China's front door in the name of scientific research. 'Oceanographic' research, 'atmospheric' research, when everyone knows we're actually spying on them. To China naval deployment as 'scientific research' is a perfectly reasonable pretext, look how often we do it.

  19. China and it’s new(ish), apparently coal fired, carrier is not the threat to the US that some folks would like you to think. Many of China’s aims, such as the security of trade and shipping, will match those of the US.
    As for Taiwan, many people there do want economic and political ties with China, and are less preoccupied with thoughts of invasion than some people on this site.
    China will increasingly engage in world affairs, get used to it. You can work with China – but insist on looking for enemies, and you will find them everywhere.

  20. After nine years of work, it would appear that the PRC is about ready to send the old girl, originally a partially completed 1980's-vintage Kuznetsov-class carrier named "Varyag," belching her way out to sea under a new name and national flag. I wonder if her first assignment will involve meandering along toward the Taiwan Strait to blow some smoke for the benefit of the ROC.

  21. Byron Skinner | August 2, 2011 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    Good Morning Folks,

    Didn’t anyone notice the smoke. It would seem that China’s indigenous power plant is something salvaged out of an old “Liberty Ship”.

    Byron Skinner

  22. It does have 4 missile system. It looks dangerous.

  23. In the words of GLADOS: "We're doing science…."

  24. Why do we need to be so fussy about a single aircraft carrier from China since US have 11 carriers, 2 more on the way, one is "USS Gerald Ford" and in a distant future the new "USS JFK". Did China raise any wars in the last 10 years vs. US having 3 on-going. China military is still 20+ years behind US. This country has more than 14 trillion in debt and still want to maintain world dominance. it will have more than 16 trillion in debt after the debt ceiling raise. US should not muddle in Southeast Asia matters. Maybe US still have not learned the lession from the Vietnam war yet!!!

  25. This is a big waste of money. The Chinese are getting caught up in the same trap that ruined the Soviets. The Chinese leaders are planning for this glorious fantasy future as a superpower that doesn't have the U.S.A. or India in it, to mess things up, a future where all of the lesser nations of the world herald China as the defacto global grand poobah of everyone. It's total bull crap. China is a baby nation. It has a untested political system and a volatile xenophobic population that it can barely keep under it's strict control and it thinks it needs to flex it's muscles with a rusty antique piece of 20th century war technology.

  26. A well come development for all peace loving in the world..A good signal that china is closely contesting US military and economic supremacy.I wish the the best to check mate US global aggression.

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