RUMINT: Chinese Nuke Sub Accident

Hmmm, anyone know anything more about this? Rumor has it that a nuclear-powered Chinese submarine has suffered some type of accident and is leaking radioactive materials into the waters of the port of Dalian.

From South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper:

Rumors are spreading quickly that radioactive materials were accidentally leaked from a state-of-the-art Chinese nuclear submarine moored in Dalian Port in Liaoning Province in the northeastern part of China.

The rumor was first reported on Saturday by, a website for overseas Chinese, before it was picked up by Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter.

Citing People’s Liberation Army sources in Dalian, reported that there was an accidental leakage of radiation when engineers from a Chinese electronics company were installing equipment on the submarine.

Boxun reported that the accident happened suddenly, and that Chinese authorities had sealed off the area while an investigation was under way, while taking steps to ensure news of the accident did not spread.

The Chinese media and government have so far refrained from commenting on the rumors, which have stoked fears among netizens.

Here’s an interesting blog entry from someone claiming to be a former high-ranking Japanese Air Self Defense Force official on the incident and the prospect of China experiencing more nuclear accidents as it builds new nuclear facilities.

Thanks to commenter TLAM Strike for pointing this out.

  • brian

    I find it hard to believe that anyone finds this surprising. The Russian Kilo class subs, in particular the ones they sending to China have been falling apart from quality issues. Their nuclear powered sub fleet is in terrible shape, and even though it has been growing, each new sub just adds to the mess instead of actually increasing strength.

    • Vstress

      Well it’s definitely been a common design practice in China for years… “quantity over quality”

      I will be honest, don’t know about the PLA these days, but if they are anything like what was around in Korea, then the mentality might still be to throw more troops and equipment at the fight until the enemy is simply overwhelmed. - Maybe someone knows if the doctrine has changed?

  • guest

    I wonder if the high radiation levels being observed at Fukishima today have any association with this rumored accident?

    • TLAM Strike…

      Some quick research shows that the air currents in that area do seem to go from Dalian to the area north of Tokyo.


    • bhnbadbxn

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  • MattMusson

    Who has a longer life expectancy? A seaman on a Chinese Nuke boat or a deckhand on their aircraft carrier?

  • Andrew

    Get a map, look where Dalian is, then look where Fukushima is.

    Short answer: No.

    • guest

      Today’s jet stream…

  • Lance

    Proof again that this sites constant China fear mongering is over rated. The Chinese like the Soviets are too hasty and poor in Sub safety and seems accidents will happen commonly.

  • marvel

    It is not proof of anything. We don’t even know what happened.

  • Belesari

    You cant take short cuts with Nukes. China is new to the game and everyone has accidents.

    Oh well we’ll see what a nuclear China brings us in the future.

  • Rolo

    The chinese have something like 5 han class nuke subs? Big loss, for them, but arent those things like from the 60’s? most of their other subs are diesels/electrics

  • Zap

    the Chosun Ilbo - say no more


    The difference between the personnel of the US Military and China’s PLA is kids playing stick-ball and MLB as we’re professionals who have been trained to execute specific duties because failure isn’t an option.

    • 135350


  • Ben

    If it’s a Han-class, it is ancient and hardly state-of-the-art. If it is a Type 093, though, then it is very new and this bodes very badly for their SSN fleet.

  • 振兴中华!


  • Gregory Savage

    Someone translate all of this Foreign for us. Someone’s panties are in a bunch though since they are posting on our site in another language.

    • Gregory Savage

      Never mind I wasn’t thinking this morning.


  • Beno

    Chinese to English translation ( google translate )
    “Americans are a stable life before too long, and even most of the world’s people doing their slaves. Now ChiNa as sleeping too long, there is the history of cups, ChiNa to powerful (United States) to obstruct. Do what you want to wait until the United States are brought to light, or when you bring the war to the world the sound of disgust than interest, that is the date of your U.S. subjugation.”
    Its quite poetic isnt it ? I think hes trying to imply you Yanks are Saber rattling with a twist of imperialis war mongering etc etc ….. I love the bit about the cups tho !?!
    That has to just be Google translate right ?

    Thanks for your post “振兴中华”

    P.S. I hope your submariners are ok

  • Jeff

    I don’t trust the Gooks: their news is suks, as in Kang Wee-Suk. Fucking slitty eyed Kimchi-munchers.