Exclusive Video: C-17 Aeromedical Evac

Please watch this very moving video showing the beginning of the Air Force’s C-17 aeromedical evacuation process that involves ferrying wounded troops from Afghanistan to medical centers in Landstuhl, Germany, and the United States. It gives us a small glimpse of the sacrifices made on the battlefield and the efforts made to ensure our troops receive the best possible medical treatment.

Thanks to our video guru, Glenn Anderson, for making this film while he was at Bagram air base earlier this month.

  • John Moore

    I personally don’t think this should be shown heck knows if it was me I wouldn’t want to be in it.

    Not directed at DT staff just the clip itself.

  • MCQknight

    I think it’s important for this to be shown, as it shows an extremely critical yet often overlooked mission that the air force performs. Also, I thought the clip was fimled in a very respectful manner.

  • Musson

    I think the courage and dedication of these servicemen and women deserves to be shown. These people are saving lives and providing care to our wounded soldiers. I am in awe of them.

    This is a dirty and thankless job.

  • If it weren’t for the CLS, Army Medics and Navy Med Corps personnel risking their own lives treating the combat wounded in the middle of an ambush or firefight, the Air Force aeromed crews would be treating a lot fewer survivors. Its a total team effort and the USAF
    plays an important part, but give it up for our field medics.

    • Dan

      Semper Fi Devil Docs


  • desertrat

    I cannot believe how far we have gone from the Boonie Medicine of the 60s to the ‘Star Trek’ like features of today. Missions like this, along with ‘real time’ field produced clips need to be seen by the American Public. I mean Real Time – not staged! Wounds that were a death sentence even 20 years ago are now survivable. I’d rather tell a family that their son- father/ husband or daughter- wife/mother will be returning ALIVE, due to med tech advances, and these same advances will help them recapture their lives.

    To any nay-sayers about videos like this, or field reports- Unless you’ve done triage, O.R. duties or similar, in theater or even back in CONUS you are missing the point and reality check that is being offered; hold your thoughts & opinions until you know of what you are talking about.

  • Medic10Zulu

    it is just sad but it is good they are coming home