Iran’s Newest Cruise Missile

So, Tehran is showing off yet another cruise missile (as it seems to do every few months). This latest weapon, dubbed the Ghader, is apparently designed to destroy warships sailing up to 124 miles off the nation’s coastline.

Now if the missile actually works, it will be able to take out targets anywhere in the Persian Gulf or Gulf of Oman. However, while Tehran’s got a bunch of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, it will be interesting to see if the Iranian’s have mastered the guidance and targeting systems needed to strike a moving target. Iran frequently unveils new tech that are nothing more that parade pieces. Furthermore, all the U.S. needs to do is park its ships beyond the reach this and Tehran’s other new “carrier killer” missile with a 185-mile range.  I mean, Tomahawks and F/A-18E/F Super Hornets launched from 400 to 1,000 miles offshore could easily strike Iran’s missile batteries if the Iranian military ever tried to close down the Persian Gulf. So while the missiles pose a limited threat to the region, they could be put out of action by the U.S.  Navy (or Air Force for that matter). Sorry Iran, you haven’t yet mastered area denial in the same way that China is.

Still, check out this interesting post over at DoDBuzz that lists what might actually be a bigger area denial threat to U.S. ships in the Gulf, albeit less glamorous one, than cruise missiles; Iranian sea mines.

From the AP:

Iran’s president claimed on Tuesday the country’s military can cripple enemies on their own ground as Tehran put a new Iranian-made cruise missile on display, the latest addition to the nation’s growing arsenal.

The state TV reported that the new missile, showcased at a ceremony in Tehran, is designed for sea-based targets, with a range of 124 miles (200 kilometers) and is capable of destroying a warship. The TV said it can travel at low altitudes and has a lighter weight and smaller dimensions.

“The best deterrence is that the enemy does not dare to invade,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during the ceremony. As he spoke, the TV showed footage of the weapon, dubbed “Ghader,” or “Capable” in Farsi.

  • orly?

    “I mean, Tomahawks and F/A-18E/F Super Hornets can easily strike targets Tehran’s missile batteries if he Iranian military ever tried to close down the Persian Gulf with its missiles. So while the missiles pose a limited threat to the region, they would be quickly put out of action by the U.S.”

    Everyone anti Navy/USMC does not believe you.

    • Yeah. The Iranian IADS are supposedly pretty thick along the coast, and the batteries are well entrenched.

  • Mark Pyruz

    Maybe you should ask the Israeli Navy if Iranian AShM systems really work. I hear the crew of the INS Hanit has some experience with such.

    • FormerDirtDart

      the Hanit was hit by a Chinese missile, fire by the Hezbollah. Exactly how does that garner experience in Iranian Anti-Ship Missiles?

  • Lance

    Too bad the missile right next President whack job didn’t go off in a demonstration!!! LOL

  • John Moore

    Forget if your for or against Iran in general and ask yourself what else are they supposed to do other than keep showing off so called new tech?

  • asdf

    isn’t there a cannon, mounted on the mh-60 that uses a supercavitating projectile to destroy the mine?

    • TLAM Strike

      AN/AWS-2 Rapid Airborne Mine Clearance System on the MH-60S.

    • blight

      “RAMICS uses a gated electro-optic Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensor for target re-acquisition and a 30mm MK44 Bushmaster II gun for neutralization.

      The gun uses a MK 258 Mod 1 armor-piercing, fin-stabilized tracer round which is stable during flight, and after penetrating the water, supercavitates to greatly reduce drag and improves underwater flight performance. Supercavitation takes place when the tip of the high velocity RAMICS projectile vaporizes the water to steam allowing the projectile to travel through the resulting gas pocket in the water column. The accuracy of the system will destroy the mine with a minimum number of rounds.

      The system has undergone a series of tests to confirm projectile depth and lethality. Testing in November 2002 validated the system’s operational utility and application to future missions. RAMICS has also demonstrated rated capabilities to penetrate earth, metal and a six foot solid block wall.”

  • Sammy

    At least it’s pointed in the right direction.

  • Stan

    It’s interesting how Westerners and Israelis always underestimate their opponents. The Israelis still haven’t been able to defeat Hamas in how many decades of fighting and the US will probably never pacify Afgan.

    • orly?

      Insurgency is not the same as modern warfare.

    • STemplar

      Are the Israelis actually fighting Hamas? It seems to me they simply have left them surrounded in a tiny little down trodden spit of land that no one would really want anyway. It seems to me this last batch of tit for tat in the last week resulted in Hamas calling for a cease fire pretty quick.

      In regards to Stan, tough to pacify something if you don’t pacify it. Sitting on an imaginary line in the mountains and waving to the Taliban as they go home from work every night isn’t much of a winning strategy.

    • saberhagen

      because every time they try to do that, those lefties will cry like their own parents were murdered

    • marko

      You are confusing real “full on” war and “keeping the war going on” technique. The latter one is supposed to go on for years and to draw attention from “other things that are going on at the same time”, only thing in both cases is that both sides are controlled by the same interest group, current goals are different.

  • STemplar

    I would agree mines would be a far greater issue. I would hope our intel on where they are made and stored, as well as, what will deploy them is good so that should the need arise we can interdict that.

    In regards to Iran’s IADS, a pair of B2s would make short work of it.

  • Hunter78

    It looks small enough to put in a box on a small patrol boat. If Iran sails a bunch of patrol boats with missile-sized boxes around on the Persian Gulf, the situation there would be very dicey for US warships.

    Why wouldn’t Iran do that?

    • Jay

      because the US warships could send a few helicopters with M2s and sink them all in minutes before they got into range of our ships?

      The likely target for these things is civilian shipping – oil tankers.

  • TLAM Strike

    Nothing new, just a C-802 with a different name on it.

    Bigger fuel tank I guess, if they put an INS in it and converted it to a LAM then it starts to become interesting.

  • blight

    Food for thought: Might the Iranians try to develop a short-range BM that can deploy sea mines? Fire a BM or a CM over water and use it to seed an area along its trajectory, which might be quicker and more survivable than trying to use a boat, divers, or submarines. It would also allow for rapid laying as part of a first strike or quick area denial.

    • TLAM Strike

      Problem is that a BM would be tracked by radar and easily charted where it’s payload lands. If a bunch of them land in the water they can be located and cleared easily. Iran’s BM do not have that much throw weight, a missile like a Scud-D could carry a medium to large sized mine as its payload, or two standard mines (a standard mine is about 1,000 lbs) plus mines have activation radius of about 250 yards so that equals a LOT of mine laying Scuds to close the straits!

      A Cruise Missile could carry a small mine like a Manta (~450 lbs), but most naval mines are too heavy.

      The Iranians like to put mines on Boston Whaler type boats (I’ve seen a single mine one and one with four), those could be dangerous. They are small and can blend in at night with the normal surface traffic. Also fishing boats like Dhows would be effective mine layers.

      • blight

        That said, aren’t Iran’s mines the classic contact or magnetically detonated types? Nothing like CAPTOR?

        • TLAM Strike

          They are reported to have the Chinese EM-52 Rocket Rising Mine. Its like a CAPTOR mine except it doesn’t home, it just shoots in the direction of the ship with a solid fuel rocket. They can be laid though submarine torpedo tubes or over the side of a surface ship.

          Their Kilos were supplied with a supply of Soviet MDM-6 bottom mines which have acoustic, magnetic and pressure fusing. These are designed to be laid though submarine torpedo tubes.

          The rest of their stuff is as you said, contact or magnetic mines. Like the Soviet M-08 (Produced in Iran as the SADAF-02) and MYaM, and Chinese Mao-4.

  • Where’s a sneaky guy with a match when you need one!

  • The tomahawk missile can go over 200 milieus and it was made in the 70s hmm pretty sad Iran

  • Curious

    What a strange scene that is for a government weapons unveiling: it looks like a low-budget high school auditorium with its wooden podium and stage curtains. And no, missiles and flowers just don’t mix–how peculiar.

  • kidwittoothpick

    With those flowers it looks like their at that missles funeral!

    • free egyptian

      iranians love nature , and thier love for nature is well-rooted in thier persian culture and traditions .i have noticed in most official ceremonies that they decorate the place with flowers and paint the background of the podium or the stage- where the official would deliver his speech- with pictures of the blue sky, birds or flowers .

  • free egyptian

    i really can’t understand the West .on one hand they exaggerate the alleged ” threat” posed by iran to the world peace when it launches a space missile, test a long range missile or announce a nuclear achievement , but on the other hand the same west always underestimate and even make fun of the iranian weaponry or nuclear achievement !!!!!! the fact is that iran has succeeded to deter the Americans and the israelis from attacking her . they know well that iran will deliver them a lethal blow in case they think of attacking her . the iranian anti-ship missiles are lethal and the americans know that well .the israeli had a taste of iran’s potent anti-ship missiles when Hezboullah targeted thier Hanit ship patrolling the lebanese coast during the 2006 war .in this incident the ship was directly hit and 4 of its crewmen perished.if hezboullah’s chinese made missile had hit the ship’s ammunition spot on the ship , the whole ship would have been completely destroyed ,killing all the navy soldiers on board

    • crackedlenses

      Israel would not want to attack Iran if President Wacka-job would stop going on and on about blowing Israel off the map….

    • greg

      when it happens i hope you will be happy

  • Daniel_C

    The U.S. is a great country because Americans have Freedom

    Religion , Communism and Dictatorship produce nothing but retardism and misery , Remember East Germany and compare her with West Germany! , See North Korea and Compare her with south Korea! , also Don’t forget the dark ages . Iran does have a Theocratic Dictator regime but they put their second satellite into orbit and their country has been ranked as the 15th country in global Nanotechnology ranking in 2010 . It’s impressive , I think they can do everything they want with a secular government

    Read this article :

    I read that Ahmadinejad is Jewish , his appearance looks like Semitics (Jews and Arabs) , maybe he wanna deny his Jewish background or maybe he wants to say Look at me and Stop Iran

    I don’t know who this weird guy is , It’s sad to see Iran and North Korea run by ignorants

  • Elijah

    The north wind driveth away rain: so doth an angry countenance a backbitting tongue. Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.

  • Lee

    Mr. John Reed, You are quite right in your analysis. They are actually made of plastic, and in reality they are toys. Another big news for you to know is that the Iranian Armed Forces are 500 or more years behind the West since they still use black powder! Have a great day in your fantasy land.

  • Lionht01

    I believe there will be at least 2 Iranian warships with cruise missile capabilities stationed near New York and D.C. This is to work on their capabilities and support to station them here and get us acclimatized to the being here. Next, in the next 1 to 5 years, the cruise missiles will get nuclear warheads (only need a few).
    I do not think, now or in the future, we will be able to guarantee we can shoot those missiles down or keep them from detonating for various reasons. It is all about terror and if we do not do what they want, they may use them. The only thing we could do is force them to stay at least 600 miles out (yes, I know their range is around 150 miles right now). If they cross that boundary, destroy them.