J-20 “Secrecy”

Enjoy this  hilarious photo of China’s J-20 stealth fighter taxiing past a “no cameras” sign at the Chengdu aviation facility. Funny considering the legions amateur photographers who, for months now, have been hanging out just outside the base fence to catch shots of the “secret” jet.

I hope base officials take the “no smoking” signs a little more seriously than this when ramp personnel are handling jet fuel.

  • guest

    is it just me or have they spelt “vidio” wrong

  • Infidel4LIFE

    This plane is the size of an F-111. Its not a dogfighter, its a carrier killer. OR its a fake, the whole thing. My bet is its real, and bulit for an air war over a vast expanse of ocean. We need to protect those carriers. There is no Clark AB no more. We are dependent on carrier based aircraft in the Pacific.

  • Lance


  • TLAM Strike

    “No capitalist spies beyond this point”

  • Fritzthedog

    I love Chinglish. I also love the fact that the Chinese realize the PR value of “leaked” pics of this next gen fighter. My how they have changed…..we should all be afraid, very afraid.

  • Rajarata

    Well, I guess I can film cuz, there no VIDIO allowed !

    • joe

      Indeed you can, provided you don’t do it within the airfield area. Outside the fence is fine…

      Let’s be honest, Fritzthedog is right; the PRC is big enough that you could disappear a small western European nation in the various arse-end-of-nowhere provinces and nobody would really notice. If they really, really didn’t want you to see this stuff, you wouldn’t.

  • Stratege

    “Vidio”… What a shame. It’s secret military base, not restoraunt…

  • Pedro

    I would guess that the lack of secrecy means:
    1) They want us to think they have a real stealth fighter-bomber and want us to keep spending military dollars to cover a mythical “fighter gap”.
    2) They are concealing something else thats much more effective.
    Only someone as clever as Ronald Reagan could think that one up.

  • HI,You should not blame them,English language is not their mother tongue,its their second language.More over,how many of us can speak their language? BEST REGARDS TO ALL.