DT Exclusive Video: FiFi the B-29

Below you’ll find an exclusive video tour of FiFi, the last airworthy B-29 Superfortress bomber still around. She’s a B-29A similar to the atomic bomber, Enola Gay. Unlike her famous cousin, FiFi, built in 1944, never saw combat during the war.

She was rescued by the Texas-based Commemorative Air Force around 1970-71 after spending more than a decade on the ground at the Navy’s China Lake weapons test range in the California desert.

The B-29 was the only aircraft to ever drop an atomic weapon in anger and feautred a number of technological firsts for a U.S. bomber including having a fully pressurized cabin and remotely-controlled .50-caliber machine gun turrets. In the video, watch for the pressurized tunnel spanning the unpressurized bomb bay that allowed aircrew to move back and forth between the forward and aft compartments of the plane.

  • Harry

    Beautiful! But no video of it flying, yet? Off to youtube I go…

  • Popedizzle

    My ears hurt just thinking about having to go between the bomb bay and cabin.

  • Musson

    Growing up around San Antonio - FiFi would come through on a regular basis. She could sure make the windows rattle. I can only imagine the noice 100 or 200 of these bombers would make.

  • kim

    Unfortunately the crews weren’t always too fond of their B-29s, as the plane was rushed into service before being fully developed, and they often didn’t have enough training to use it properly. At least the Japanese air force wasn’t in particularly good shape either.

  • blight

    Send around the country-Victory bond tours?
    Upgrade with modern electronics-sharks with lazer beams
    Build by the thousand-create jobs for Boeing


  • THomas

    Actually saw her just fly over my house the other day in north Fort Worth. A sound that is truly captivating.

  • Jeff

    I used to volunteer at the Commemorative Air Force, back when it was still jokingly named the Confederate Air Force. Its impressive to be able to go inside. FiFi gets so much TLC to keep it flying.

    • blight

      Which was also true during WW2 itself.

  • Lance

    B-29 did well in combat its a great plane.