Iranian Navy to Patrol off U.S. Coast, What!?

Well, this is interesting. After recently sending its ships through the Suez Canal for the first time in decades, the Iranian Navy will apparently send ships to establish a “powerful presence” off the East Coast of the United States.

Here’s CNN quoting Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency:

“Commander of the Navy of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran broke the news about the plans for the presence of this force in the Atlantic Ocean and said that the same way that the world arrogant power is present near our marine borders, we, with the help of our sailors who follow the concept of the supreme jurisprudence, shall also establish a powerful presence near the marine borders of the United States,” the story said. The reference to the “world arrogant power” was presumably intended to refer to the United States.

No word on what type of ships Iran will send to establish this “powerful force.” Keep in mind, that this light frigate known as the Jamaran, is one of Iran’s most modern and powerful ships. It carries four Noor class anti-ship missiles with a range of about 125-miles along with four SM-1 anti-aircraft missiles, light torpedoes and a 76 mm gun. Not exactly an Aegis destroyer.

  • Yep

    Man they are trying to start some shit.

  • Black Owl

    Right now I cannot hear, but I can sense a few hundred USN attack submarine officers laughing their faces off as they polish their MK48’s ADCAPs.

    • Nick. T

      That was my first thought. Probably the most interesting thing the seawolves will be raking their teeth on in a while.

    • orly?

      I hope they all decide to all pop up simutaneously around them, preferably with Old Glory flying with the wind.

      That would be a seriously good photo op!

    • GreensboroVet

      Black Owl. One MK48 ADCAP costs more than the target. Just send a prediator, drop one or two SDBs and call it a day of live training.

    • barney

      Amen!When the first shot is fired in the Gulf of Oman, US Divers will be gien another artificial reef on which to dive!

  • Sev

    I hope they cross the defense line and we sink their toy boats

  • Mark Pyruz

    This is at least the second time IRIN has been voicing intent to venture into Atlantic waters. With this latest clue, the voyage appears planned to transit the Suez and Gibrater, with the likely destination of Cuba.

    My guess it would involve IRINS Kharg (AORH 431) and an Alvand class (or Mowj class) frigate.

    Mark Pyruz

  • scrain

    We just need to let the iranian Captain and crew that any defectors from them will be welcomed with open arms, similar to what we did to the Iraqi Army OIF 1 and Desert Storm. Hey, we would even get a free boat out of it

    • RunningBear

      Donate the free boat to Iraq!

    • kim

      Nah, the crew we can take in, but the ship still belongs to Iran.

    • Ron

      Bad idea, since Iran would just do what the Soviets did: throw their families in prison.

  • David

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, I see this as clearly just a message intended for their own internal audience and maybe for some of their minor-player cheerleaders such as Syria and Venezuela.

  • SJE

    The Iranians are just trying to get a rise out of us: its all theatre meant to boost the power of the regime back in Iran. They want us to over-react. If we say nothing, and do nothing, they loose their power.

    What would be interesting, and very ballsy, is to INVITE them to visit a US port to show that we have nothing to fear from Iran. We would get all the intel we need on their latest ship, totally mess with the leadership’s narrative, and hang all sorts of placards near by. Yes, they could launch a weapon…but do you really think that they would?

  • jamesb

    SJE is right……

    I’m sure that tagging along underneath the Iran’s is a Los Angles with targeting solution regularly upgraded….

    Operating thousand of miles from your home port makes you VERY exposed…..

  • jrltjh

    we’ll “disappear” it in the bermuda triangle.

  • Musson1

    How do you sink an Iranian Naval Vessel?

    Put it in water.

    • UCJN

      how to sink it faster?
      put it in US waters

    • political_observer

      With termites

  • JE McKellar

    Can anyone explain the SM-1 missiles on the Iranian frigate?

    • blight

      Iran Contra? Or Shah-era?

      For the latter, it was brave patriots giving arms to Muslim radicals under orders from Ronald Reagan, Republican superhero. For the Shah, it was a decision made in the ’50s to impose the Shah over a nationalist like Mossadegh who threatened BP’s oil position in Iran…something about natural resources “for the people”, which although present in our founding documents became associated with Bolshevism.

    • PMI

      Iran acquired them in the early 70’s with the USS Zellars (Babr) & USS Stormes (Palang), Allen M. Sumner class destroyers.

    • TLAM Strike

      Iran operated two ex-USN Allen M. Sumner class destroyers the Zellars and Stormes as the Babr and Palang. They were equipped with six ABL type launchers for the SM-1/MR Missile.

  • ranks

    America has become a paper tiger, by stretching ourselves too thin and by having a generation of fat, video game playing kids that are not fit enough for combat. They dont have to do push ups anymore, because they cannot, yes too FAT. Make fun of Iran, but it is us with our government devided, and a nation that is flat broke, that is vulnarable. Maybe Apple Corp, will defend us.

  • blight

    Maybe we should escort them to Jersey. Show them a good time in Atlantic City. Hah!

  • Brian

    Where are they planning on buying fuel?

  • morris wise

    Wind driven yachts with a cruise missle in their hold are causing modern naval ships to become obsolete.

  • Simple answer. Welcome them to camp outside our territorial waters and waste money. Replace the term “ship” with “future reef” in any official communications.

  • STemplar

    Not to mention kids that can’t spell…..I’m not sure how push ups do you much good in a naval battle. I’d rather have an Arleigh Burke filled with 150 tubby computer nerds that have vetted themselves on Xbox than 150 jocks with 4% body fat who like to look in the mirror a lot.

  • STemplar

    How about as soon as they clear the Gulf we shadow them with a sub and randomly ping them once a day for the whole voyage? That would be one edgy ship of nutters by the time that trip was over.

    • Disgusted Guest

      STemplar, would you be ok if Iran did that to our ships while in the Gulf? Or are we approaching “double standard”…?

    • lol

      Throw in some random low level passes by a bunch of ANG units. Probably breaks up some of the old routine.

      It’s just a shame that some P-3 crew is going to have to slowly track them the entire time.

  • NeilAKANeil

    I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t already know how this will end?

  • Lance

    Good it’ll give Navy F-18 pilots target practice near home. sink those Iranian trash of the sea.

  • bubba birner

    Is the U.S. president stupid or just ignorant. They are nuclear islamic people. Their religion tells them to kill the non believers. America is know as a christian nation. So if they shoot where is it going. Its great they have a navy but i say we sink it before they can hit the U.S. As it is obama has given all of our wheat reserves to other countries. Hopefully we dont have an epidemic or they dont send over a dirty bomb. If so were screwed.

    • Disgusted Guest

      Yeah Bubba! Why not bomb the entire Middle East and Africa!

      OR, we could do something unprecidented, like PROMOTE PEACE!


    • SJE

      Terrorists can already cause havoc in the USA. Part of the reason they don’t is (a) US intel, but part of it is (b) that their state sponsors don’t want to piss off the USA and international community. Take away (b), and you have a lot more problems

      For example, North Korea is restrained by China. Iran is restrained by wanting to be seen as the center of Persian and Shia culture, which spreads a long way, and by fear that over-reacting will play into the hands of the Sunni monarchies who want a reason to attack.

    • Riceball

      Why bother, the best they can possibly send is a small frigate with only a few AA missiles, not much of a threat. If, and that’s a big if, they actually manage to sail to our side of the pond you can guarantee that they will have a silent & unseen escort below them as soon as they enter the Atlantic. On top of that you can be damned sure that our satellites will be watching them long before that and after a while we’ll probably have ISR aircraft up in the watching & listening an they minute they fire up their fire control radars at any nearby aircraft, civilian or military, they’re risking a Mk. 48 ADCAP up their rears.

    • roland

      I am more scared of the Iranian presidents mental health than its navy. He is blazing MAD!!!

  • I expect that when exhausted tubby finds himself trying to hammer plugs into into the holes of his locked and quickly flooding compartment, he might begin to wish he’d done a few push ups once in a while.

    And when an anti ship missile hits, will that fat nerd be able to drag his own fat ass up through two or three decks to save his own life, let alone bring his wounded ship mate out with him?

  • jake

    One in 4 Americans are “fat”…. I havent seen a fat marine before nor have i seen a fat seaman. I honestly think people dont think before they say, but hey if it makes you feel better to diss on the navy go for it. I mean when ” tubby” blows those towel heads out of the water we’ll see who’s dishin out the insults. :p

  • RunningBear

    In a “Pigs Eye”!!

  • Kski

    Live fire exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An we don’t have to pay for the targets, double awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • randy

    “Kids, this is your brain on drugs”!

  • George Gauthier

    It may not be an Aegis destroyer, but the Iranian frigate would make short work of our puny Littoral Combat Ships or one of those LPDs of the misbegotten San Antonio class.

  • Bill C.

    Iran is probably blowing smoke but if they do make the trip I hope our subs tail them. If Iran moves one inch into our waters sink them, they have a history of suicide missions.

    • rick

      based on your statement iran has the right to fire at the entire us and Canadian fleet in the persian gulf since they have to cross the straight of Hormuz to get there and the straight is all Iranian waters.

      • STemplar

        Incorrect, the Strait is over 20 miles wide at it’s narrowest point so it is all not in Iranian waters. You are incorrect. -1 for geography failure.

  • The only time to kill something is when you’re afraid of it,no fear,no threat,no problem! Of course there is always the sport aspect.

  • Steven R.

    Lock and Load Boys
    Fire for Effect :)

  • paperpushermj

    I not overly confident they could find the United States.

  • Mastro

    Hilarious if they try in November and hit a nice North Atlantic Perfect Storm.

    The don’t like to be buried at sea, do they?

  • Ronnie

    They plan to lob a nuke into the East Coat if they are attacked in Iran. These nuts deny the holocaust and want to kill another six million Israelis. So be prepared for a nuke or biological weapons, on the US main land…they have the Scuds.
    Have these ships been fitted out with them?

  • KenP

    Even better, engine trouble or the desalination plant fails east of the Keys. Then imagine it being towed home via the US Navy. Best PR ever.

  • amauyong

    hmmm…..i wonder if these iranian ships selected for the patrol can handle the deep atlantic..

    .i am also wondering how their logistics train would be like….

    Sea conditions in the atlantic isn’t exactly benign.

    This is not some kind of holiday kind of row boat trip in the middle of a pond during summer either.

    Well…wish the iranians the best with their version / idea of a uniliateral self pawned version of **** waving/sizing “competition”.

    You have to wonder for their followers is it really truely worth it to sacrifice ones lives and lose contact with loved ones for “leaders” who lead from behind rather than from the front and yelling at the followers “You must die and make the necessary sacrifices for your country” [For the rest of us behind you, we get all the spoils and joys].


  • I mean, they have every right to put their ships anywhere they want in international water, I guess. I just don’t see what they hope to accomplish with this move.

  • shawn1999

    Cool!! How kind of Iran to send us some target practice!
    Difference between Iran patrolling US waters and US patrolling Iranian waters: US fights terrorism. Iran encourages it. This should be more than enough prove who is evil and deserves to stay locked in their cage, and who doesn’t.

  • WPoS

    that’s because we burn the fat in Mpls during winter!

  • Rob

    What are the odds that these Iranian warships will be carrying nuclear weapons technology to Venezuela?

  • RobertNorwood

    Welcome to the North Atlantic boys!

  • RobertNorwood

    Anyway, this will give our subs some really good practice. The Iranians, like the their buddies in Venezuela are just out to rattle our cage. I think some times they forget – the cage door isn’t locked.

  • Matrix3692

    well, maybe the USN can send a frigate to bait them to chase and just wait until the Iranian warships’ propeller shaft broke, like what happened to the RMN gunboat last week while chasing a Chinese frigate:
    the news article:
    some pictures(although in chinese):

  • Gaffer

    A bunch of Arabian Gulf (I called it that on purpose) sailors bouncing around in alight frigate in the Atlantic during the winter. I hope they bring their seasick pills and winter woolies!

  • P. D. Quick

    Someone tell the Iranians about al those old WW II mines that are still floating around out there. They might hit one or five by acident.

  • joe

    Yes. Not to put too fine a point on it, commercial GPS is something you can buy off the shelf in a souk on the somali coast if you really want to, let alone a country with sufficient engineering nous to sustain an oil industry. It is, sadly, no longer high tech.

    Is it good enough to target weapons or avoid mines? No. Will it allow you to say “Venezuala is thataway”? Yes.

    On general principles (i.e. the latter is famous for (A) communism and (B) alcohol and wild parties) I’d guess they’re more likely to head for Venezuala than Cuba for basing. More interesting is where they’d stop en route – I doubt they have the range to make the trip non-stop. Maybe they could ask to refuel at Jaffa or Arsuf? :-)

  • Bart Berger

    Hey how about getting one of the battlewagons out of mothballs just to greet them with 16 inch guns? That might change their mind about wanting a sea battle or intimidating us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • Christian

      While not being even close to feasible, this would be quite amusing. Them in their little 310 foot frigate running into a 890 foot Iowa class battleship. They would probably not be back.

    • STemplar

      How about just bump into them? No need to buy ammo for the guns, just hit em.

    • roland

      Just send a flottila of LC1, Manta, group of sea fighters and unmaned sea drones equipt with missiles and machine guns to block their way when entering our borders.

  • political_observer

    What will they send a large row boat with a Mulla in charge. We could send a couple boat loads of drunken weekend boat partyers to sin it then ther would be plausable denial I for one volunteer, sound likefun and I would even pay for the beer and stuff.

  • itfunk

    Iran sends a corvette off the coast and just look at the orgy of hate and fear.
    Perhaps they are right – just a nation of scared little girls.

  • Tony C

    Send the Iranian sailors Ham sandwiches and rum for their efforts!!!!
    They probably aren’t nearly as hard-lined as their government.

  • Wow have they been studying our doctrine. Now they can waste $millions patroling shores that are realisticly no threat to their country. They will have to work hard because we waste $Billions doing the same thing. Soon they may ask for permission to inspect American Power Plants. They are a soveriegn nation, they can waste their money how they want. Before you laugh think about the reverse perspective.

  • don6696


  • Michael

    Last I heard, a destroyer doesn’t constitute a “powerful force”….at least not in the western hemisphere….

    • joe

      Technically it’s not even a destroyer, anyway, it’s a frigate-weight vessel.

  • Now that you opened this up can of worms, how about some more information on this little puppy? Like how far can it travel with out refueling, how are they going to stay on station for a long period of time? Where is their logistical support going to come from?
    I guess we will let them come into some port along the coast to refuel and re-supply right? It stated in one article I read where it carried one Bell helo for ASW work. Did we sell it to them?
    This should be fun to watch if it happens.

  • TLAM Strike

    BEWARE INFIDEL BLOGGERS!! Iran is building an aircraft carrier:


    • Prodozul

      The comments are hilarious XD

    • Briareous


      Thats some paranoid ranting going down at that link.
      Maybe Disgruntled Guest should cast his “informed eye” at that site.

      Cheers for the link.

  • Tim

    The news just gets better each day….

    Press 1 for Hezbolla… Press 2 for…

  • Rajarata

    Easy Easy folks…Iran hmmm….one hurricane or one Atlantic storm those saliors will want their mamma ! Take ’em to walpart then they all defect ! No worries even though they’ll refuel in Cuba.

  • Naijaie

    Hahahahaha, I am laughing my but off

  • J Weich

    Interesting how everyone completely misses the point. Why does the US have the right to do this to Iran, but not them to us. Might is right? Well that’s obviously been proven wrong over the last decade. Perhaps some deeper thought as opposed to macho-military idiocy might prove to be enlightening. We are all human beings, with the same emotions, desires and ambitions. Most of the population of any country wants peace and to just get on with life. It’s the ruling class that cause wars, and none more so than ours (by several orders of magnitude), and we are their pawns. If you get a kick out of the killing technology, then frankly you are sick, or profiting, or both.

    To be honest, The US has become the second Roman Empire, and is obviously headed for the same fate.


  • Danceman

    The situation re the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and its main aim of imposing by force its flavour of Islam world wide has got to a point that is threatening all the civilised world. Iran and Venezuela need cleansing of them now. They have been been left too long and have leap frogged ahead in terror by getting Russian and European help. Belarus also needs cleansing of all its vast stocks of weapons and total isolation of the county until safe.

    This bizarre idea that all countries are equal needs throwing out. Non democratic countries like North Korea, specially those that sponsor terrorism should have no rights and the ” civilised” countries should manage them. If they allow terrorists on their soil! Any resources in these countries should be taken to pay for this!

    This firm policy showing there is no future for bulling terrorist countries will lead to all quickly stamping out terrorist and becoming full members of the world community.

  • SJE

    The Iranians are Shia. The republican guard has to worry about the Sunni more than they have to worry about other sorts of infidels. Most Islamic proselytization comes from the Sunnis, especially the Saudis

  • Elijah

    The motive is not understood. Are they ready to help other nations get out of the control of dictators and allow them to seek the truth about GOD or is it same old believe my lies or die.

  • roland

    I’d say sink em if they enter our borders or become a threat to the life’s of our people and country.

  • roland

    This could be the part of what Nostradamus was telling us.

  • Roland

    We should prepare for any evenualities. Physically, spiritually and defensively. If conflict erupts a war could possibly start. A bigger conflict could soon to follow.We should prepare for these things.

  • Dan M

    Heck, the Coast Guard could whip ’em without much trouble.

  • James

    Give the Iranian a 21 gun salute right to their port side amidships

  • Roland

    Start placing mines if they are going to harm us.

  • Joe

    Seriously we should invite them into port, offer them a stay at the finest hotel in the port, steak dinner, entertainment, for the day or two and then send them on their way with a hardy “yall come back now, ya hear” . That really would mess with whats his face in IRAN. Oh and take plenty of news footage showing them having a great time here and splash it all over the international news!!! and of course if they were to launch some sort of weapon, well we know what would become of their navy here and in their own ports in about a span of 15 minutes.


    Wow. So much bile, ignorance, hatred, and spelling errors!

  • K Nelson

    We are worried about Iran? Lets not forget who our real enemy are? That wouldn’t be China would it? Our so-called politicians are know communist sympathizers selling out the good Ole USA!.

  • Wayne

    So how come it’s alright for the Americans to patrol other countries waters, and have bases situated in other countries, but yet all the Americans here seem to be bent out of shape when the tables are turned? Seems like you Americans think you run the world when in fact you are slowly becoming a 3rd world country with the state of your economy and finances, maybe it’s time to stop worrying about everyones elses issues and start worrying about your own. Clean up your own house before you venture out to clean someone elses.

    • crackedlenses

      When other people are building weapons in their houses intended for use on mine, suddenly their business becomes mine. Islamic terrorists are out to get us. That’s why we’re out there…..

  • Roland

    They (Iran) maybe acting as a kid, probably nothing to worry about. But I think it’s best for us to prepare for any attack from them. They made this things not for display.

  • dan

    well u dont put your best ship at first.common knowlage

  • GWC

    Handheld GPS. Maybe.

  • Dennis Kolensky

    I’m sure the officers on board will have a standing invitation for dinner at the White House with Obama. After all someone has to play nice and kiss their backside ?
    Obama just endangered our security policy further by doing nothing when Iran has one of our Drone planes. The next thing you know Iran , or Iran sponsored Terrorist could be flying “armed” Drone Copies over Israel and the U.S – partly due to how current U.S. Leadership is performing. This wasn’t Bush’s fault ! I never hear Obama mention Bush, about the death of Bin Laden, or even the Seals, Obama communicates,implies that he was responsible for this ?

  • richie

    Obviously Iran wont win in a confrontation, I can not understand the double standards, so its ok for Israel to have nuclear weapons and not allow UN inspectors however its not ok for Iran to develop them, as for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq well nil found, perhaps America should have never invaded Iraq, as for the middle east no nukes would be better for everyone, perhaps 2012 is a bad year

  • Harry

    Hey, for crying out loud, let them dock in one of our ports, and let their crews have shoreleave. Nothing changes the perspective of those trapped under the rule of a tyrant, than allowing them to actually experience a free country. Can you imagine these guys visiting a port city in Brazil? LOL! They’ll never go back. Hehe…

  • dino

    YOU Americans talk too much your days in power is numbered with your economy about to crumble i cant wait to recieve you guys as refugees in my country.


    Iranian Navy is not comparable with USA Navy, no matter the amount of technology they have achieved.The USA Navy will clear that bunch of rubbish called carrier (Iranian Naval ship patrol-off-USA- coast).They dare not try anything funny,because they will be destroy in twinkle of an eye!

  • Its about time that other countries spent alot of their hard earned treasure to sail around the Globe. Maybe we can get the Chinese to make more port calls in San Diego too, the Bodyshop needs the traffic. If the Iranians visit South Carolina, there is great golf & fishing to be had. With our unemployment so bad we should be encouraging ALL foriegners to come and visit. Buy some Tshirts and Beer. Pretty soon there can be Persian fathered babies abandoned around the world just like so many Amer-Asian, Amer-German, Amer-CentAms, etc….With the Secret Service on a short leash Hookers & Discos in Columbia are hurting. Maybe then they will lose that inferiority complex.

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