Video: F-35B JSF Lands on USS Wasp

Here’s the video of the F-35B’ Joint Strike Fighter making its first-ever vertical landing aboard a ship. The historic event happened Monday afternoon aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (the same ship that the V-22 Osprey checked out on back in 2007) and marks, to my knowledge, the first time a stealth jet has landed aboard a ship. Speaking of the B-model JSF, vote in our poll about the future of Marine Corps tactical aviation after you watch the video below the jump.

  • Mark

    Now I know what is ment by “First.” The site actually encourages it. Go B-35

  • Brian Black

    May I be the first to say “woo!”

    All very nice, but what is deck surface and structural integrity like after a few hundred more landings.

    Has anything been done regarding the issues with heat? Did anything need to be done, or was that all rumour control?

    • blight

      I wonder if that has anything to do with the difference in color between parts of the flight deck.

      • dimeck

        Pretty nifty. And I agree, I hope the supremely hot exhaust doesn’t weaken the structural integrity of the deck.

        • William C.

          The lift-fan does a bit to cool down the hot exhaust.

  • Yep


  • Carlos

    The Royal Navy has a few decades experience with VTOL Harriers. Ask them.

    • Steven R.

      So do we

  • Tony

    The Wasp has had Harriers landing on her for a long time = this aint anything new.

    • @Earlydawn

      You might want to check out the archive.

      • Stormcharger

        No need to get snippy. The composition and construction of the LHD is exactly the same as the LHA that entered service in the late ’70s. The platform has seen 10’s of thousands of harrier landings, takeoffs, and crashes in it’s service life.

        Heat from exhaust upon landing will not damage the non-skid coating of the deck, much less the steel underneath.

  • Matt Sturgeon

    Wasnt the exhaust from F35B like X times hotter than the exhaust from Harriers though?

  • Jayson

    I think it’d be super awesome like in the 80’s cartoons for it to vertical land through a portal opening direct below decks. But then that’s wishful thinking lol. Nice landing.

  • Steve B.

    So, is it riding the ship back to port or did it take off ?.

    • Mark O’Connell

      Neither, it’s there to conduct tests for two weeks and another F-35B arives tomorrow. Reading the whole article helps.

      • Mark O’Connell

        Oops I see the whole story is not in this article. Others do cover what’s going to happen. In short they will conduct 67 landings and handling the airplane on deck.

  • Mark O’Connell

    As a way to perserve the deck why not have some water on the deck so much of the heat is taken away through evaporation?

    • blight

      If it’s hot and there’s enough water it may turn to steam. which could make life interesting for all involved. Then there’s the question of what happens with hot steam going into the intakes.

      • cr9527

        have water below the deck? Sandwich a layer of water below the deck as coolant.

    • chet steddman

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume (hope) that they have thought out and developed a solution to deal with the wear and tear this aircraft could potentially inflict on the flight deck…

  • Lance

    Dump the B model buy F-22.

    • tiger

      It can’t do the mission.

  • Roland

    Hopefully F-22 can land, stay on the air and takeoff like that.


    This will encourage everyone who has a helicopter carrier to consider buying the F-35B as they can retrofit a magnetic catapult to their deck for launching the fighters.

    • blight

      Yup, that’s the /hope/ for the F-35B. Many of our allies have short carriers or helicopter carriers or helicopter destroyers…

      • Thomas L. Nielsen

        “Helicopter row-boat” anyone?

        Or one of those submersible aircraft carriers?

        Regards & all,

        Thomas L. Nielsen

  • Kski

    So how long till general deployment and a couple of little operational fleet no fly periods like our other favorite super computer with wings, the F-22.

  • Bud

    Love the vid, but the music, jesus, what is it 1983? The military seriously needs to invoke conscription, get the artists, musicians, and creatives back in there, and make itself cool again like it was in WW2 and Vietnam. Career soldiers just ain’t got no style.

  • jamesb

    Yea dump the music…..

    It’s good to see a F-35 do something right for a change….

  • Assbestos

    I thought this aircraft was vtol not stovl. Why the need for an assisted take off?

    • tiger

      The Royal Navy & others learned long ago You use less fuel & carry more ammo By rolling takeoff off a Ski jump.

      • Assbestos

        I did not think of that. Thank you.

    • @Earlydawn

      The Harrier did short takeoffs, too. There’s no reason to take off vertically if you can do a short takeoff and benefit from lift. Vertical takeoffs absolutely slaughter fuel.