DT Video: Close up of Sikorsky’s X2 Coaxial Helo

While not exactly brand new tech, one of the coolest displays at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference here in Washington was Sikorsky’s X2 high speed helicopter. Yup, the actual helo used to test out Sikorksy’s coaxial rotor designs last year. The chopper was a hit of the show, constantly surrounded by picture takers, including me. Enjoy these close up photos and a quick iPhone video of the chopper below the jump.

  • Wild Bill

    Do the two rotors kick up more dust than just the single rotor? Also, do the pusher blades kick dust into the face of the helo behind it when landing?


  • Jeff

    While not “brand new technology”… what is novel is its effective marriage of several pre-existing concepts into a single well performing vehicle. I think this is a great piece of technology and represents what the defense industry needs to see more of. Its a company that invested its own money into a technology development platform that exceeded expectations and did so in a timely fashion. The applications are very apparent in taking the current generation of rotorcraft to the next. Faster and more maneuverable; closing the gap between helicopter and tiltrotor through the use of less complicated and less vulnerable mechanics.

  • Zap

    This is the direction helicopters should have gone in decades ago , and for the marines and navy it is exactly what they should have been spending money on instead of some of the garbage programs that they have thrown away $billions on

  • Lance

    Too ugly. and way too small.

    • Sum Guy

      X = experimental, just saying

    • Itsatechdem!


  • Ziv

    The x2’s first real world application looks like it will be the S97 which will carry a crew of 2 and 6 troops, oddly enough. But the specs look like it will fit right inbetween the UH60 and the V22 on speed. UH60 cruises at 150 knots, the S97 at 200 knots, and the V22 at 241 knots, or maybe a bit more as of late.
    Will they stretch/enlarge the S97 design slightly to allow a troop carrying variant to carry up to 10 troops? Redesign it to get up above 210 knots? It sure seems like the X2 opens up a huge amount of question about what will be the followup aircraft to the UH60/CH47F’s. The CH53 seems to be immune to to much fallout from this, but it sure seems like the increase in the cruise speed would eliminate some of the advantages of the V22, but that a blended fleet of classic H60’s and CH47’s, complemented by V22’s and troop carrying variants of the S97 would be the best of all scenarios. And also the most expensive…

  • Letsallbefriends

    This tech is the mutt’s nuts IMO. Let Sikorsky develop the S97 Raider on their own budget & then go down there with the army’s cheque book.

  • racoon1

    You’ve got to admit the first picture looks kind of like a food processor with all the blades.

  • drball

    AH-56 any one….Just when you think there is something new under the sun….

    • William C.

      Some differences in the configuration however, plus 40+ years of technological development should help.

  • Highy descriptive article, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?