Pic of the Day: Battlefield Hookah

Here’s a great picture of a Libyan rebel straight chillin and smoking a hookah while a truck-mounted anti-aircraft gun roars away behind him. Sometimes you just gotta smoke some shisha.

Congrats to the rebels on winning the fight against Gadhafi. Let’s hope Libyan can now become a stable, functioning country that respects human rights.

  • aubrey

    Well, allowing polygamy and banning bank interest was not a good first step

    • Adam

      I’ll go ahead and disagree, while to our culture those may be far-flung values, they don’t necessarily disrespect human rights or contribute to the instability of the country.

    • Adam

      also: speaking specifically to those two points, not sharia in general.

      • blight

        Sharia’s a little messy. It shares analogues to the evangelicals.

        The ultra-orthodox believe nothing can deviate from the Qu’ran. Similar to how evangelicals today will stone whoever has clothing of mixed fibers, and does not sacrifice doves at temple for any number of sins in Leveticus.

        Then there’s another degree, where a religious body (a conclave for Christian groups, or the ulema for Muslims) can issue religious decrees (fatwas for the latter) specifying X. Both major sects have varying ideas on how sharia can move beyond literal interpretation of The Word (unlike the literalist Salafis).

        Their religious debates closely mirror our own, and the recent revival of ultra-orthodox Salafism is also paralleled by the rise of conservative religious groups here in the United States. However, we have powerful constitutional protections that were inserted by our foresighted forefathers to prevent the potential demagoguery from their successors.

        Our ability to influence their religious debates will be challenging. Our best hope is to be available to provide soft power to push an inclusive religious debate. Our dependent relationship on the Middle East gives us mistrust of the Middle East (especially after Arab Oil Crisis). Arabs are equally wary of the fact that they are only on good terms because they have oil.

        It’s a dysfunctional relationship, and without the issue of Israel you can see how difficult it is to form /trust/.

        • Fred

          @Blight - “Similar to how evangelicals today will stone whoever has clothing of mixed fibers, and does not sacrifice doves at temple for any number of sins in Leveticus.”

          Name one place where this is happening today?? Evangelicals don’t follow Leviticus, and never had. That’s the “Law” or “Old Testament”, those evil evangelicals you talk about follow the New Testament - which would be Jesus.

          No-one was stoned for mixing fibers or sacrificed doves at the temple since ancient times. Islam following nations are stuck in the middle ages and follow the Quran which adds much worse things to the old testament.

          Your theology is a little off…

          • blight

            The same evangelicals are fixated on marriage and abortion: topics more explicitly covered by the old testament you claim they could care two licks about. They’ve always been selective; the same as the Salafis who misinterpret the Qu’ran as a message to spread Islam by killing everything with two legs who doesn’t pray to Mecca five days a week and doesn’t have a beard or a burqa.

    • blight

      Under Islamic rules, men are only allowed to have as many wives as they can provide for. For instance, Bin Laden senior had up to his maximum of four, plus mistresses because he was stinking rich. Most Muslims have one wife, even when the rules allow for more.

      Banning bank interest is unsurprising. Just like the bible has rules about usury and scorn of moneychangers, Islam has some of those same rules.

    • Mister Rose

      Polygamy is it’s own punishment. Multiple mother-in-laws.

      • blight

        A mother in law knows her place, under the iron heel of the father-in-law. God wills it.

    • Buzz

      No interest bank loans is pure BS. They rename it users fees or rent. Sharia is also very convenient for men who have no morals or conscience. Love the concept of temperary marriages. We sully the concept by calling it prostitution.

  • Guest A

    He’s on his union break…

  • juan

    Is the last line of the article a joke?

    The new Libya is started by sodomizing the leader of the old Libya with a knife.
    Stability and human rights aren’t on the table. They aren’t even in the room.

    • jmd123

      Uh, like this is ANY WORSE than what Gadhafi ordered done to his opposition? You know what they say, “Live by the sword, die by the sword”? How about, “Live as a torturer, DIE by TORTURE”??? Do you REALLY FEEL SORRY for Gadhafi???? If so, I feel sorry for you.

    • MadMarine

      Is the last line of the article a joke?

      NO, but the guy who wrote the last line is….lol..

  • Jayson

    They already call for Shia law - making it the old boys club all over again. We sure didn’t assist them to form a leadership that reverts back to the stone age idealisms. We’ll end up going back there and clearing them up again within 5 years.

    • fullspec

      Ya but… Cameron, Sarkozy, and Obama already knew that… there are numerous “undemocratic” states in the middle east and Africa. Dig deeper and maybe you will realize we don’t give a darn about the country’s people. After all, they are not our citizens. Why aren’t we speaking out against these other counties in the region (rhetorical!)

  • dddd

    uhhh, what is that guy shooting at?

    • So?

      Posing for the camera, like most of the “news footage” from Libya.

    • SwissFreek

      Yeah, that’s what I wanna know.

    • hexadon


    • twidget at large

      Something that happens alot over in that word is called “happy fire”, which is basicly shooting a weapon on full auto at the sky (can happen for alot of reasons), and when the rounds fall back to earth and kill someone it is allah’s will, even better is if there are invaders in the crountry then they’ll blame it on them, uasally they just blame the neighoring tribe they’ve been fighting for centuries. And never you mind that the invaders do not do “happy fire”.

    • MG

      This is actually an old picture, from back when Ghaddafi still had planes

    • Nikoli

      Well.. hes using an ANTI AIRCRAFT GUN… so maybe somesort of aircraft…

    • Bill Co

      That was actually my first thougt / question too.. I’m gonna venture a guess that theyre using AA Guns for howitzers… Look how low the trajectory is…

    • jmd123

      Uh, it’s the MIDDLE EAST, they just LOVE to waste ammo by firing it in the air. You REALLY weren’t aware of this????

  • paperpushermj

    “Congrats to the rebels on winning the fight against Gadhafi. Let’s hope Libyan can now become a stable, functioning country that respects human rights”.

    • Musson1

      rimshot! Budump dump!

  • RCDC

    I hope they are now more democratic and converted to Christianity.

  • Hunter78

    Bring back the porn.

  • Sev

    Why would ANYONE want a democracy? Its MOB rule. You want a REPUBLIC if you want any hope for human rights and protection of the minority (christians)

  • DSlo

    “The new Libya is started by sodomizing the leader of the old Libya with a knife.”

    Milspec- we are speaking out against plenty of other countries in the region, particularly Syria. There just isn’t the breadth of support to do anything more robust in those countries.

    As for the bill - we’ll get more secure oil flow again, and I’m sure the new government will send favourable contracts our way. Quid pro quo. A great success all round - we could have turned a blind eye and let Gaddafi kill his own people. The new country won’t be perfect, but it looks like it will be better than the last lot.

    And as for the guy with the AAA gun - clearly just blasting at nothing, like most of the rebels for most of the war. Frightening - the government will have a job getting all these weapons out of play and ensuring stability. Still, at least he’s not blasting a crowd of civilians (hopefully)…

  • Michael Gene

    The muslim idea of human rights are very different from ours, expect the beheadings and mutilations to start very soon. My advise to what remains of the Christians in Libya is beat a hasty exit ASAP.

    • So?

      The beheadings and mutilations were there from the beginning. This is pretty much all that the “rebels” are capable of sans NATO air support.

      Black Africa *imports* mercenaries. Who in their right mind would hire a black African mercenary, unless he happens to be an American as well? Libya used to import a lot of black African labor, though.

      • greysave

        Because they are cheap and ruthless. They also Have been for hundreds of years

      • blight

        “Black Africa imports mercenaries”: meaning Sierra Leone imports Executive Outcomes guys to get things done? And stuff like that? If anything, those “mercenaries” are often whites from Africa’s colonial past who were on the losing end of various “liberation” movements. Can’t see them hiring tons of those guys any time soon. A mercenary isn’t loyal to the locals, he’s loyal to the dollar and saving his own skin. When the local army turns against you, mercenaries are likely to disappear to save their own lives. Even dictators know this.

        “Who in their right mind would hire a black African mercenary, unless he happens to be an American as well?” Didn’t you say Black Africa imported mercenaries? When did they become an exporter of black african mercenaries?

        “Libya used to import a lot of black labor” Yep. Tuareg if I recall correctly. He supported their independence movements in the ’80s, which endeared him to many and he used the opportunity to stack his praetorian guard with them. Hence many black Africans were assumed to be Gaddafi loyalists and were dealt with in a grisly fashion.

        • So?

          You’re a North African dictator. You have money. Would your hire some bums from Sierra Leone or Nigeria for your security?

  • Chris Shaffer

    The new regime will no doubt not conform to international norms that we expect it too, but who cares as long as Gadhafi is dead and we dont have to live with the embarrassment of Tony Blair appeasing him anymore. Check this blog with similar stories. http://coldwarcontinues.blogspot.com/

  • oxide

    “Congrats to the rebels on winning the fight against Gadhafi. Let’s hope Libyan can now become a stable, functioning country that respects human rights”

    By far the most ignorant and stupid quote I have ever heard on this website.!!

  • ahmad

    1-There are no Christians or Shia in Libya Only Sunni Muslims such as Saudi Arabia and We respect all religions Libyans are not like Gaddafi or bin Laden, we hate them .

    2-sodomizing the leader Was done with a stick not a knife The young man who did it Because his sister was raped by the son of Gaddafi When his troops were besieging Misurata Yes it is wrong, but the young man thought he could take revenge in this way.

    3-I did not know Americans hate Arabs and Libyans remember, we are human beings like you in the eyes of God. Thank you for your help.

    ahmad - libya

    • blight

      Most of the sites say that the data isn’t taken and that the Shia are an extreme minority. Most agree on less than 5 percent, and many say around 1.5 percent.

      In any case, many Americans here indiscriminately hate all Muslims for historical reasons. Some think Muslims are a threat to western civilization since the Umayyad/Abbassid caliphates and the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. Others take strong positions because of the more recent history of the Middle East, relating to the formation of Israel. And still others, who could not find a Muslim country on a map before 9/11 hate Muslims (and people who “look Muslim”, to include Sikhs) because of the attacks by Hezbollah in the ’80s, WTC ’92, khobar towers, twin embassies, the USS Cole and the Twin Towers, and presumably now Nidal Hasan.

    • Jay

      ahmad, we don’t hate Libyans at all. We just spent billions of dollars and risked lives to help you guys get rid of gadafi!

      We are worried that the leaders you will pick will hate us, and Libya will become like a big Lebanon or Gaza and breed terrorists. We already know that some of the rebels are al-qaeda guys, and we kept that quiet and worked with them anyway. We don’t want them in charge of Libya and using Libya’s oil money to promote terrorism.

      PS how many libyans have internet? what city are you in?

    • Fred

      We have gained nothing in Libya except spent a lot of US dollars to help create another terrorist nation. Libya has already declared that they will base their government on Sharia Law.

      This is happening in all these “Arab-Spring” revolutions. Dictators are bad, Terrorists are worse…

  • William C.

    Looking at these rebels… how the hell did they win, even with NATO air support bombing all of Gaddafi’s tanks?

    • Joe Schmoe

      Who said that Gaddafi’s troops were any more competent?

    • blight

      Or that the majority of the Libyan army didn’t just desert or withdraw to desert bases to sit the war out? All we’ve seen is irregular forces firing rockets and getting hit, but we’ve never seen the “defectors” of the Libyan army and air force fighting. Does that mean they got the job done out of sight and out of mind?

      Then again, the real breakthroughs only occured when rebels came out of the west and took Gaddafi forces from the rear. Before then, it was all talk of stalemates.

    • STemplar

      Probably the hundreds of Qatari troops on the ground running the integrating comm systems with NATO and helping lay battle plans with the rebels.

    • HiPowerGuy

      Hey William

      I will tell you a little secret….there was MORE than just a little air support there…hahahahahah BA LIEVE DAT!Q!!! hahahahahaha

  • ahmad libya

    I told you before you do not know Libya

    This picture is Tripoli Street in Misurata, Gaddafi forces Bombed the street with Grad rockets and artillery for three months NATO aircraft did not intervene in the street, I am sure of this I have relatives who live in this street .

    You say that Libya was stable How Libya was stable Through mass executions Execution of 1200 in two hours and broadcast on state television In order to scare all the people I hope that Gaddafi is burning in hell you do not know Libya
    Look for Tripoli Street in Google

  • Greed

    I’ll go with the man who knows the street, and has relatives that lives there. It’s a crap shoot at best, as to how this will all end, and I’m sure the US has it’s own ideas about how Libya should proceed.
    Besides the oil, which is the main interst; lets see how much new military hardware the US and other countries will try to sell Libya.

  • Daedalus

    As if we were there to promote democracy or a benign government.
    We were there for only one reason, to stop the possibility of gold-backed currency affecting the oil markets.

  • wyhunter11

    What is that weapon? I was thinking 23mm like off a ZSU23-4.

  • Jim

    Just because there is a war on there is no need to forego the creature comforts.

  • Lance

    Hay even Al Qaeda terrorist like the Libyan rebels must chill every once in a while too bad Obama supported one bad guy against another bad guy in the end US loses every time.

  • paperpushermj

    You made some provocative points that if you could clarify it would be nice?
    a) Didn’t know the flow of oil was unsecured until NATO (US) got involved in their Civil Insurrection.
    b) A Countries gratitude stops at the Bank Door. Saying thank You cost nothing.
    c) Please save the “We did it to Protect the Libyan people” from the bad dictator for the nieve.
    d) How does this Administration choose sides without know anything, nada, zip nothing about who represents our “quote” SIDE
    e) Could the reason for the intervention and subsequent Butchering of Gaddafi and Sons be tied to the $33 to $200 Billion that the Gaddafi Family is reported to have squirreled away. With the connection of the Gaddafis to the $$$ dead( literally) how much will simply go POOF

  • J Weich

    Hopefully, they got the 140 billion in Libyan gold down to friendly countries further south. That way the western “bankers” (you know who I mean) won’t get ahold of it, and it will be of use to a future, less naive and hopefully less externally manipulated Libyan population.

    • HiPowerGuy

      Ya know, when I was a kid, I really never stood a chance. I could have set my goals on working on Wall Street, stealing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars, and not going to jail.
      Damn, what an idiot….I could have been sooo much better off if I was born into a wealthy family, given a FREE college edumacation and then legacied into a WALL STREET job….yeah….life is NOT FAIR!! :-)

      MOM…DAD….its ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!! Rest in peace!! :-) but I still love you two.

  • RIpete

    Celebrate and congratulate? Now women have no rights under Islamic law _ who’s writing your script Obama or H.Clinton?

  • Infidel4LIFE

    religion and government don’t mix well. Ahmad US warplanes and personnel helped you gain ur freedom. Its up to you and ur ppl to determine wat direction ur country takes. Also, we intervened in Bosnia, Kosovo, saving thousands of moslems. In return, those same ppl were turning up dead and captured in Iraq. How short moslem memories are, wen its convienient for THEM.

  • Fred

    Libya already declared that their government would be based on Sharia law and at least one government building is flying an Al-Queda’s flag.

    Persecution of non-muslims in Egypt started right after their dictator was ousted, expect this soon in Libya. Congrats Obama and NATO, you just created another Somalia…

  • Steve

    Congrats to the rebels on winning the fight against Gadhafi. Let’s hope Libyan can now become a stable, functioning country that [b]sells us their oil[/b].


  • That GUY

    o sorry i think that was my hookah i left the last rammadan

  • Mike

    A little “hubbly-bubbly” sure does make his day a little smoother…