Video: The Remains of Gadhafi’s Last Convoy

Check out the video below the jump that apparently shows the remains of Gadhafi’s last convoy after it was savaged by NATO airstrikes last week. The convoy was hit by a U.S. drone and a French fighter jet, forcing the Krazy Kolonel to flee on foot and hide in a drainage ditch where he was found by Libyan rebels. You know the rest.

  • hmmm

    00:51 I guess burying bodies immediately isn’t that important in Libya. In the pic the guy covering his face on the right is probably doing it because of the stench.

    But I’m no expert

  • Chris Shaffer

    You know the rest? We certainly do, a broom stick up the ass is what he got next. Classy. Have you considered that these could be insurance inspectors, verifying a pretty wild tale on the online claim form? Check out this blog

  • benny vento

    Muslims are supposed to bury the dead within 24 hours, probably health reasons 2000 years ago, but they do not respect “opposition” Muslims so they don’t. Israeliis pick up all body parts because their religion requires a body to be buried with all parts. They even use DNA to match up parts. If a Jewish person has a leg amputated they preserve the leg until he dies and bury it with him.


    Its unfortunately the way Col.Ghadaffi died, like a pig in the hands of militants he armed and trained them to proctect him,some where along the line, they failed apart and they flushed him out of power and out of this world.However,its now left to the UN to disarm this guys before they plan another September 11th.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    Thats wat he deserved. The US must have had good intel, maybe Col Q picked up a sat phone and we got a fix? The damage here is just unsurvivable. Good riddance you SOB.

  • Jayson

    Now if good fortune stays with us they decide against Sharia law and raise up to be a modern society and laws. Not stone age brutes.

  • Bjosdfwef

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