Pic of the Day: Osprey and an F-35B Aboard Wasp

Here’s a photo showing two of the Marines newest (and most controversial) aircraft operating from the USS Wasp last week. Yup that’s an MV-22 Osprey pulling up after dropping off Navy Secretary Ray Maybus with an F-35B Joint Strike Fighter in the foreground.

The SECNAV was among a host of dignitaries and reporters who went out to the Wasp to watch the F-35B taking-off and landing aboard the ship.

  • Billy

    Imagine what kind of aircraft you would get if the F35 and MV-22 had sex.

    • Guest A

      A small-ish whirly gig with an afterburner that can carry 6 JDAMS, or 12 Marines…?

  • Jeff Fraser

    Got a larger version? That would be a sick wallpaper.

  • Nick Dwyer

    I often wonder about this jet, is it really gonna be a game changer? I want them to make a dual engine version, stretch it, make it a two seater fighter bomber, and throw in a. swing wing. Then I would be happy.

    • William C.

      So you pretty much want a whole new aircraft then? There is a certain point where you ought to start with a clean sheet of paper.

      Search for Naval Advanced Tactical Fighter (NATF) or A/F-X. Both programs were cancelled, but the concepts looked pretty cool.

      • Nick

        Yeah pretty much, but if we still had the heart of Cuban auto supermen we could make it happen. Yeah I have checked those out love aircraft concept art.

        If you nevermind the swing wing, o think we could add another middle section, fuel tank it and just use two back ends we may be a-ok.

        I guess though, that is what the J20 makers were going for.

      • Guest

        Yeah, a lot of interesting fighter/attack concepts were lost in the early 90s. Too bad, some of them, like the A-12 and NATF are looking like they would have been quite useful in the near future.

        • Nick

          I really liked the tilt rotor attack plane set.

    • DecentWeasel

      Me, I’m just stuck on that big ol’ round outlet. I’d have expected something more in line with the F-22, F-23, B-2 etc.

  • blight

    “if the development timeframe is long and we get a good aircraft out of it, then it was worth it”

    Reminds me of how the Helldiver succeeded the SBD Dauntless, and then we totally eliminated dive bombers afterwards. Good aircraft, but was R&D worth it? Sometimes “nothing to show for it” is preferable to procuring a white elephant.

    • Dfens

      Yeah, really they owe it all to the Wright brothers who started aviation 100 years ago, so that’s 100 years of development. Except, you know what, the Wright brothers developed their airplane without the US taxpayer giving them a dime. They funded their own development out of the profits of their bicycle shop while competing directly with the government funded development efforts of Sam Langley, the educated idiot who never could get his airplane to fly and was embarrassed by the success of the Wrights.