Another Boeing Stealth Fighter?


Here’s the latest bid for what might be the world’s next stealth fighter design. Steve Trimble went to Seoul a couple of weeks ago and was all over the South’s KF-X stealth fighter contest. Well, here’s what’s likely Boeing’s bid on the effort to develop a South Korean stealth jet.

The image comes from a Boeing brochure advertising it’s semi-stealth F-15SE Silent Eagle — the second to last slide shows Boeing’s fighter lineage (there’s a WWII torpedo bomber in there too) and just after the Silent Eagle you’ll see a stealthy looking jet.

This is the third “new” stealth fighter design we’ve seen from Boeing in the last year or so. Keep in mind, this is just a marketing brochure, so the aircraft you see may be nothing like the jet that Boeing actually bids on the contest.

Click through the jump to see this brochure. It’s in Korean but still a lot of fun to look at.

Silent Eagle Brochure

Via The DEW Line.

  • Yep

    Looks like a Silhouette to me….

  • Logan Hartke

    (there’s a WWII torpedo bomber in there too)

    Really? Where? It goes Texan, Mustang, & Skyraider. Only the Skyraider could be called a WWII torpedo bomber, and that’s a bit of a misrepresentation. It never saw service in WWII and only dropped torpedoes in anger once…against a dam. It would be better called a Cold War attack aircraft. The Texan might have been mistaken for a Douglas SBD Dauntless? But that was dive bomber, not a torpedo bomber.

    Man, you guys really need to tighten up your reporting. You get a couple of these gaffes a week. I think it’s really more a lineup of Boeing products that were important to South Korea, from trainers to attack aircraft to fighters. Each of those types either saw action in the Korean War and/or served in the ROCAF.

    • LPog

      The ROCAF???? Tighten it up man.

      • Logan Hartke

        Fair enough. ROKAF. Then again, this isn’t my job.

      • blight

        I wouldn’t be surprised if ROCAF and ROKAF had similar arsenals, though imagine ROCAF had a more diverse inventory.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    Is the USAF using any of these aircraft? The “Strike Eagle” is also a 2 seater, why are we not buying this plane? The C models are at their end. Keep the line open.

  • Tyler

    The F-15SE is a nice bird, the South Koreans would have a lot of logistics simplified if they went with it for F-X (parts and service wise). If that happens, Boeing would be smart to design that silhouette with as much commonality as was affordable. Obviously they wouldn’t want an F-35 fiasco, but you can do commonality and have it be a good thing.

  • Stratege

    Considering that S.Korean fighter jet concept does not have internals weapons bays, KF-X is semi-stealth fighter jet

  • Mastro

    Could this just be a mediocre side view of the F22? Boeing has a piece of that . don’t they?

    • cthel

      The vertical tails are wrong - the F22 verticals are trapezoidal (I know technically the ones in the pic are trapezoids too, but hey, you know what I mean)

  • Lance

    The Chinese fighters are inferior to the F-15C little lone the Silent Eagle version. Face it most of there fighters are J-7s with a growing number of Su-27 copies.The J-20 is over rated and wont even be in service for almost a decade. A small dinky F-35 or new version of is worthless if you want something new let them copy the F-22.

    • cozine

      Whoa don’t get too excited. We are not talking about the Chinese here, which we all know you hate.

      ROKAF does not employ F-15C - they have F-15K which is derived from F-15E. So your comment’s relevance to the article is exactly nada.

      • Lance

        I know the ROK doesn’t have F-15Cs they use F-16s for fighter roles a F-15SE would be far better than a F-35 or copy of because of its great performance.

  • Yep

    They should pitch the 23…

  • HP

    The J20 is going to be good enough and more to the point, there will be enough of them.

  • Tri-ring

    Up to the fourth generation it was all about maneuverability of the plane, fifth generation was about avoiding detection. Sixth generation will no doubt be about better cognition.
    It will be geared more towards optical recognition something like the F-35 is tinkering with their helmets. The pilot will see the surrounding as if he was suspended in a imaginary ball with complete 360° full view around him without any obstacle including the airframe he is on. The optics would need to be able to trace fast moving objects and provide information to the pilot. This cannot be done with conventional single lens cameras but will require a new form called bug’s eye optics where there is an array of cameras with multiple cross range of view in direction without moving the camera.

  • Nick

    That looks just like the F-35, only smaller engine nozzle! The silent Eagle looks awesome, church up that paint job, add a centerline pod, thrust vectoring an an ir pod and were in biz- oh, maybe cant the intakes? Why is that so hard?

  • John Rawlingson

    Since when does the word ‘affordable’ look good on a fighter advert? check out this article

  • Dfens

    It is a side view of an F-35. Nice work in uncovering “Boeing’s” latest cutting edge design.

  • Hunter78

    The winner of the next war will know how to cheaply mass produce unmanned aerial vehicles.