Monday F-35 Update.

Last week’s barrage of small but significant F-35 stories continues as the sixth F-35A Joint Strike Fighter arrived at Eglin Air  Force Base in Florida on Oct. 26.

The jet is joining what will be the F-35 schoolhouse for thousands of JSF pilots and maintainers from the U.S. and international F-35 operators. Still, there’s no hard date set for when the Eglin jets will be cleared to begin making training sorties. It’s supposed to happen sometime this fall The planes have been used for maintenance training since they began tricking in to the Florida Panhandle base last summer.

Meanwhile, the photo above shows the very first production model of the Marine’s F-35B Short Take-off and Vertical Landing variant of the JSF flying for the first time last week.


  • mike j

    In other recent F-35 developments: The USAF and Navy just cut four planes from LRIP 5 (3 and 1 respectively) to cover costs.

  • Chops

    Yea-isn’t that great -a projected 23mil. cost over run for each lot 5 aircraft according to Aviation Week.

    • crackedlenses

      Just think of all the money and effort we will have wasted if we cancel it and scrap the remaining planes…..

      • Chops

        Not wanting to scrap it, I just wish they could finally get it right and start full scale production- but- I guess the problems crop up with any new aircraft.

        • crackedlenses

          Understood, I thought you were with the F-35 hater crowd that want to cancel it; looks like we agree…..

          • Joe Schmoe

            So what you are advocating is to throw good money after bad? That’s the exact attitude that got us into this current mess to begin with.

  • JOHN


    • blight

      It’s certainly stealthier. Has two engines. And supercruises. “Much better plane” must surely depend on other factors.

    • Guest

      That’s like someone in the 70s saying to drop the F-16 or F-18 and go for more F-15s because it’s a “better plane.”
      Different roles! The F-22 is an air superiority fighter with a small ground attack capability while the F-35 is a multirole fighter. They serve complementary roles.

  • Nick

    You forgot all caps. It would be great to update the raptor with the cockpit of the F-35. Keep the Hud! Is Israel still trying for a two seater?

  • Nick

    Cock? LOL

    • Nick

      So stupid guys take it easy on the co*k- what is wrong with that!?!?!

      • LarryB

        Well when women flight crews are up front, it is called the Box Office.

  • Chris Shaffer

    Yep, Israel is going for the two seater so they can have a Sky Marshall on board.

  • Yep

    Wow, advertising a brand new blog….

    • Prodozul

      It’s an Ayatollah…

  • blight

    This link came up in an ABM discussion. And this link covers infra-red seekers to acquire ICBMs.…

    “Even “stealth” aircraft can be tracked this way – the F-35 Lightning II, for instance, has limited infrared stealth owing to an 40,000 pound thrust, single-engine design that lacks the shielding/dispersal measures of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and other platforms. Speaking of which, see the graphic below of a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber at relatively close range, lifted from EADS Eurofighter’s presentation to the Norwegian government as they touted their own aircraft’s advanced IRST cueing sensor with 70 km range.”

    IR stealth will be next, I guess. Radar stealth will get us in range to at least 70km, which is worth something.

  • Tony C

    The plane looks great from this angle, but still not as capable as the F-22A.
    The F-22A is the one to buy, too bad it’s out of production.