Was the KC-767 Tanker Used Against Gadhafi?


This is interesting. The picture above shows what’s likely an Italian air force Boeing KC-767A tanker that’s apparently flying out of Malta International Airport during Operation Unified Protector, NATO’s effort to oust Col. Moammar Gadhafi from power in Libya.

Malta served as a hub for NATO ops during the Libyan air campaign and David Cenciotti’s blog includes the photo in a montage of the aircraft used to fight Gadhafi.

I haven’t heard anything about the KC-767 being used to support operations against Gadhafi. If it did give gas to jets attacking Libyan targets, this may well have been the Boeing-built tanker’s “combat” debut. You’d think Boeing would have publicized this.

Remember, the U.S. Air Force recently awarded Boeing the $35 billion KC-X contract to build upgraded KC-767s — officially called KC-46As — that will replace hundreds of the service’s ancient KC-135s.

Sound off in the comments if you’ve heard anything about the KC-767 being used in Operation Odyssey Dawn/Unified Protector.

  • Lance

    Cant wait to see what the KC-46A will look like in the end. Not all KC-135s are 50 era though they made them into the 70s and the USAF will keep some into service longer than others.

  • Spencer

    The International Institute for Strategic Studies’ order of battle for OUP lists Italy as contributing one KC-767A and one KC-130J for tanker aircraft

  • Wayne

    I was in the Air National Guard in the last unit to fly the ancient KC-87 prop tankers (136th TAW). Flew to Germany and back on one. That was 1976. Think they retired them about 1978.

    • Wayne

      Make that KC-97

    • rick hoover

      there were no KC-87s THey were KC-97s the last one being the L model retired in 1968

  • bbmg

    I live in Malta and I’m pretty annoyed that I saw practically every plane illustrated either coming or going *except* the A-10! Gah!

  • Enrico

    Yeah, we used our KC-767 in Lybia, you can confirm it from the official chronicle of the war submitted to the Parliament (Camera dei Deputati): http://documenti.camera.it/leg16/dossier/Testi/di…
    It’s been used at least since the first half of May.