Image of the Day: Thriving on Chaos

Here’s a hilarious image that reminds us that flexibility is key to winning:

Via CDRSalamander.

  • Jake

    The US Military Services are experts at crisis management. Unfortunately, it’s about the only kind of management they understand - so they create crises to remain in their management comfort zone.

  • IronV

    As funny as this is (and it’s hilarious) you are quite correct about the very serious truth it implies…

  • blight

    Rommel is an example of an out-of-the-box thinker in the Wehrmacht. There’s a reason why he was well-respected for being clever and resourceful.

    Then again, the pre-war Army probably was better served not following their initial doctrine early on in the war, and better served learning how to fight WW2 after being trained to fight WW1.

    • chaos0xomega

      I think you will find that Rommel was only respected by his enemies. Most of his superiors and peers found him to be irresponsible and wild, the product of fortune and circumstance rather than a practitioner of warfare gifted with true skill. Whether this is true or not I cannot say, just saying that the statement isn’t necessarily true.

  • Musson1

    The difference between a great army and a good army - is the speed that poor officers get replaced in war time.

  • Lance

    Ohh so right. The reason the US military won the war in Europe is that we where lost 90% of the time. From the words of Capt. Colver

    • Bob

      You’re an idiot, nuff said. America saved your asses.

  • blackphoenixillustrations

    Our total inability to launch a coordinated carrier strike is probably what saved us at Midway. If they had all reached the Japanese fleet at the same time, there would have been several Zeros at altitude to intercept the dive bombers that delivered their bombs.

    • blight

      I thought that was Spruance prioritizing speed over coordination (which could have panned out very badly for the USN).

      • blackphoenixillustrations

        Most sources I’ve read have it as inexperience. Yorktown was the only carrier experienced with launching a full deck strike. Enterprise and Hornet were not, and those two launched the first strikes. That’s not to say Spruance wasn’t all right with the situation. He was aware of what was going on, and he considered it a calculable risk. Nevertheless, an experienced fleet would have been able to launch a proper attack under the constraints. Either way, chaos achieved.

        • Twidget at large

          Blackphoenix, you do know that Midway was an ambush set up by the USA don’t you? The Intel we leaked that sent the Japanese to Midway was a ruse, and it worked.

          • blackphoenixillustrations

            I don’t know what that has to do with any of the points we’re making, but your statement is somewhat misrepresenting. The Japanese were always going to attack Midway. We didn’t “leak” intel that “sent” the Japanese anywhere. The ruse was in discovering what target “AF” was in the Japanese JN-25 code, and that created the Midway water desalination communique. When Navy Intel decoded a message saying “AF’s” water desalination plant was down, they knew AF was Midway, and therefore could be in position to ambush the attacking force. But regardless, that has no bearing on the lack of skill of Enterprise and Hornet’s crews to launch a coordinated strike which was my original statement.

  • Warfighter

    I’d love to get a little more history on those quotes. I have seen 1 and 3 quoted almost word for word in other countries, with the country name suitably swapped.

    They are awesome. I can see why everyone wants to claim them as their own.

  • Kski

    We kicked ass against the Germans. An would have done a good one too if the Cold War went hot. We can now start thinckin about defeaten the Chicoms. So they can say the same thing.

    • JustVisiting

      Be careful what you wish for. I remember the last time you tried to defeaten asian communists.

      Thinck about it.

      • crackedlenses

        We won. And then we left. And millions payed with their lives. As bad as it sounds, most of the countries we conquered and occupied went on to prosper. If only we had done that with Vietnam…..

      • Matt

        Hippies and their influence politics got in the way and got soldiers killed… Plus restrictive ROE added to indescriminate bombing made soldiers near defenseless and the natives still hated them.
        So basicly nothing to do w/the VC/NVA that any other group couldnt have done in that era.

        • wooboy77

          Crazy that after years of mourning, movies and historical facts some negate the lessons of history… at the end the goal should stay to avoid war no?

    • Zach

      We would be idiots to fight the Chinese. They have comparable tech, we owe them billions of dollars, and they could win by throwing bodies at us alone. Be retarded somewhere else.

      • Wooboy77

        why the hell do you absolutely want to fight a war with the Chinese? are you nuts?

  • Guest

    If everything had gone as planned, it would have been perfect.

    ATF Spokesman
    Waco, TX
    March 1993

    • Janet Reno

      Hey hot stuff

  • Darth Plagiarus

    Chaos is Opportunity, Opportunity gives Power; Ignorance is the tool of Power, through it there is Control; Hatred is the flower of Passion, through it there is Compulsion; Powerful emotion is the Guide, through it there is Purpose; There is no doom in Death, eternally there is the Force.

    • deathtotheempire

      The Force is for people with logic problems….

  • Vedette

    Yup, they really were reckless in handling the war.

  • Steve Johnson

    We can prepare for war all we want. When the first bullets fly, all defensive plans are out the window. The only good plan is moving forward at all times on all fronts.

  • Beauness

    the reason they couldn’t prepare against the Americans may be that they had already been at war for so long that their resources morale and troop numbers were severely depleted mhile the Americans were fresh and ready. Try telling the Barbarians that died by Roman sword that chaos is the key to victory.

    Also, if you spend some time in Russia they’ll tell you that the war was won by their brilliant final assault and that D-day was just a minor occurrence.

    • wooboy77

      I’ve heard worse…. most young russians are barely taught the history of second world war and the dictatorship of Stalin… but it was also a time when America was wiser and more pragmatic and rational….