Moonfail: Video of Astronauts Falling on the Moon

Let’s celebrate the end of this hump day with a fun video of astronauts falling down on the moon. What? It’s defense-related — the Apollo astronauts were ex-fighter pilots.


Click through the jump for the video:

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  1. More like "Linkfail"

  2. link failed!!

  3. Instead of a video, there's just a bunch of HTML embed code…

  4. Caleb Mitchell | November 9, 2011 at 6:19 pm |

    They must have been laughing their asses off the whole time.

    These falls caused major anxiety at NASA. I had the job of reviewing these films….and some were films 25 years after the missions in order to better understand load-bearing and fall recovery mechanics for advanced suit designs group at NASA. The pressure spike in these suits upon falling was pretty high and caused some major puckered moments at mission control amongst the suit pukes.

  6. lol@hiding the truth in plain sight…. must be hard to see it with those koolaid colored glasses on however.

  7. Amazing! Not one idiotic "The Apollo missions were faked!" response! Maybe people are getting better educated! Or maybe Guest lol is going to exhibit the usual room temperature IQ response to Apollo 11. The usual idiots say they either didn't go, or they died there.
    Anyone with a bit of sense knows that not only did we go, but if we hadn't, the USSR would have made us look like idiots for trying to lie about it. We are talking 1969, people!
    Truth be told, though, it may be low G, but if I fell in vacuum, I would be a little concerned.

  8. I would have been more careful…
    One tear in your space suit…your dead.

  9. That music is no where near funny enough

  10. Thomass L. Nielsen | November 10, 2011 at 12:23 am |

    "I've fallen and I can't get up".

    Regards & all,

    Thomas L. Nielsen

  11. 1st to belly-flop on the moon!!!

  12. Jeebus. Moon rocks don’t have their edges filed down by millions of years of wind, water, and rain like Earth rocks do. I can understand why the suit guys at NASA had a lot of pucker moments watching that.

    Imagine the buzzkill of spending the three day return trip with your buddy’s corpse sitting right next to you.

  13. Ha Ha Gravity Still Sucks!

  14. Maybe he was just hammered? LOL

  15. what it is this site becoming?

  16. There’s no danger if you fall over on a Nevada film lot.

    Paradise Ranch was so named as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Movie Ranches that sprang up in the Californian studio zone through the 1920s to ’40s.

    And while some brainwashed stooges still try claiming that the cost of building rockets in order to fake the Apollo missions would have been prohibitive, they conveniently ignore the fact that Saturn V rockets were developed before Apollo to launch military satellites. Costs nothing to lie about the payload, and no reason to let thousands of workers in on the lie.

  17. Oh for gods sake…
    We've got aerial footage of the moon landing sites from the lunar recon orbiter.
    You can see the tracks left by the astronauts all around the descent stages.

    Those descent stages couldn't have gotten there any way other than the saturn 5's they were supposed to have been launched by.
    And something made those tracks and left huge tire marks driviing those lunar rovers, so your two options are either men or AMBULATORY ROBOTS from 40 years in the future.

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