Happy Birthday, Marine Corps

Happy 236th birthday, Marines! Above you’ll the see the official Marine Corps birthday video. Click through the jump to watch two more video tributes to the Corps’ that I like better. Be sure to turn the sound up on the first one at the 1:45 mark — just make sure you’re wearing headphones if you’re in the office, it’s got a ton of great profanity.

The second video shows Force Recon Marines practicing for and recapturing the merchant ship Magellan Star from Somali pirates in September 2010. (Unlike many videos we show, it’s actually set to good music, except for the Jack Johnson song, and even that song is pretty good, for Jack Johnson. Sorry to all you JJ fans.)


  • mhmm…

    “great profanity” the hallmark of any good marine video lol love it

  • Solomon

    disappointed to hear SMSGT Mac make that type of statement. you suck buddy.

  • IKnowIT

    What a dick

  • http://twitter.com/Cr4shDummy @Cr4shDummy

    They picked the perfect song for the take down part!

  • STemplar

    Apparently Australia doesn’t agree the marines are useless. story on defensenews they’re going to be based there.

    • Praetorian

      Yup, just read that too.

  • orly?

    In the possible coming war against China, and from the lessons of WW 2, would you love to have a bunch of untrained/unspecialized soldiers attempt amphibious landings in vintage/cheap landing craft or Marines that actually know what the hell they’re doing with specialized equipment?

    • blight

      What is more likely to happen is that the Marines would be downsized into a smaller outfit, similar to the butchery that happened to the Airborne. From four airborne divisions of WW2 to two and then to one.

  • Zach

    There was four airborne divisions in WW2? huh I thought it was always just the 101st and 82nd? oh well i guess you learn something new everyday.

  • duuude

    What exactly can the corps do that the army, air force or navy cannot? Just asking.

    • orly?

      Have a Silent Drill team and pretend that they did more and larger landings than the Army. That, and leach off the American taxpayer to satisfy their ego.

      • orly?

        Great, another imposter.

      • Guest A

        You must have been one of the 10%ers whom couldn’t hack it in basic. What a buffoon…

    • tiger

      They are a combined force of arms. Not a hodge podge. A MEU is a force Afloat & on call with air assets ready to go forward deployed. Not shipped from Germany Or the States. They can land, fight, refuel & treat wounded on their ships. They have armor & AAV’s that do not require A wait for transport.

  • john

    Deploy in a moments notice a entire combined armed task force capable of dealing with a wide spectrum of missions. Like last year when the 24th meu was involved in humanitarian missions in Pakistan with its heavy lift birds, while conducting COIN in afganistan with its ground combat element. of tanks, infantry,.arty, and lavs, while also conducting maritime intradiction in the horn of Africa again Somalian pirate with its Recon attachment. Then the meu moved to Libya where it was the first Americans involved in that fight. Also rescuing the down air force pilots.

    That’s just part of what one meu can do