Air Force Now Has the MOP

Rogue states with nascent nuclear weapon programs (cough, Iran, cough), consider yourselves on notice. The Air Force has started taking delivery of Massive Ordnance Penetrators. Yup, the 30,000-pound bunker busters, known as MOPs, designed to penetrate 30 stories of reinforced concrete.

(Oh, and the massive bomb’s name is almost as charged as the term, Pre-Dawn Vertical Insertion, if you get what I’m sayin.)

The service apparently got its first production MOP in September and has been stockpiling them ever since. That’s a decent turnaround since April when the Air Force gave Boeing a $28 million contract to deliver eight MOPs and their associated loading equipment. The service gave Boeing a follow-on $32 million contract for eight more MOPs in August. No word on why that deal cost an extra $4 million when it appears otherwise identical to the April contract.

The Air Force has modified several B-2 stealth bombers to carry two of the GPS-guided bombs, apiece. This pretty much tells you all you need to know about the type of mission the MOP will be used for; a super bunker-buster carried by our most survivable heavy bomber. It’s meant to threaten nations like Iran and North Korea with the prospect of an air strike that can take out their most hardened targets.

I’ve got to say, this is pretty timely, given the recent flood of publicity surrounding Iran’s alleged progress toward building a nuclear weapon. While the MOP is big and costly, the West may have more subtle ways of putting kinetic pressure on states like Iran.


  • Morty

    Good by Iraq and Afqanistan As soon as Iran gets there nukes finished it ether us or Israel going in.

    • Haha yeah when has Israel fought further than countries adjacent to it.All Israel going to do is talk crap and maybe bomb some targets on our behalf as a fall guy.Then we go in spend billions of dollars send our guys to get shot at,all while Netanyahu pats himself in the back at the American taxpayers expense. The IDF has never set boots on the grounds in any American operations and probably doesn’t plan to.

      • ben

        You are obviously not aware of the Israeli raid on the iraqi nuclear weapons facility. Iraq does NOT share a border with Israel. NOT adjacent.

        • Yeah you talking about Osirak during Operation Opera, how about Yehoshua Saguy of Israeli military intelligence cooperated with Iran and how the reactor was first attacked by Iranians.By the way this happened on September 30, 1980 during the Iraq-Iran War, the information is available on the internet. The Israelis have worked with the Iranians in the past. Now tell me has the IDF ever helped us by sending troops to Iraq or Afghanistan. They have never done a persistent military campaign outside the Sinai, Golan Heights, and south Lebanon all of which border Israel.

        • I’ve have researched this years before the media was even talking about the subject. All we’re going to do is spend more money we don’t have,fill body bags needlessly, all while the Israeli leadership convinces our politicians send them another 3 billion dollars of the American peoples money.


        No they have not because we will not let them. That would only cause more harm than good. By uniting the muslems against us. Instead of them fighting themselfs and us.

    • woody3333

      The correct spelling is “their”, not “there”. Also, it should read “it is either”, not “it either”; ending the sentence with “in” doesn’t rack up points either.

    • momarlon

      I don’t care as much for your spelling or grammar as much as I want to see a video on Youtube of it being used. :D

  • SJE

    I wouldnt get too reliant on MOP. Iran is about to open a new enrichment facility buried within a mountain.

  • Black Owl

    When I first saw this photo I seriously thought this was picture of the Russian R-77 air-to-air missile.

  • Morty

    30 stories of buildings is a lot different then a mountain

    • Gary

      didn’t read the article did you.

    • pacomj60

      Actually it isn’t. I remember a time when Cheyenne MT couldn’t be destroyed because it was a mountain. Then came nukes and later bunker busters both of which can take a mountain out. Do remember you open the hole and drop a 2nd or third down the hole. Either way the target is gone. Now let’s use them on Iran immediately. I have no desire to see the first use of a nuclear since WWII by these sick fools. They believe in blowing themselves up and be assured they will use the weapon as soon as they can deploy it.

      • Dave

        The “30 stories of reinforced concrete” figure is only for relatively weak 5000 PSI concrete. According to Senator Feinstein, “It can burrow 60 meters in the ground through 5,000 PSI — pounds per square inch — of reinforced concrete. It will burrow 8 meters into the ground through 10,000 PSI reinforced concrete.” Nowadays 15,000 PSI concrete is available. So, the MOP would be luck to penetrate 2 stories of bunker-grade concrete. Granite, such as that of Cheyenne mountain, has a compressive strength of about 25,000 PSI. Iran reportedly has nuclear facilities 90 meters underground. The MOP would have no change of damaging facilities 90 meters underground, let alone the much deeper Cheyenne mountain US facitlity.

    • Keith D Kohrs

      Yeah and a mountain is a lot different than 30 stories of “REINFORCED CONCRETE”. No where in the article does it state the 30 stories of buildings.

    • Guest

      My guess is it can penetrate a lot more than 30 stories of reinforced concrete. That’s just what they are publicly willing to acknowledge.

  • JanZizka

    Curious thing will be how do you perform post-strike Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) in order to know if the strik ewas effective or not?

    • Baron von French

      Check airborne radiation levels.

    • chaos0xomega

      Depending on the size of the explosion, after its detonated you should be able to see a nice bulge/crater formed in the ground as a result. That should be a pretty good indication as to how successful the strike was. The more tunnels, etc. that collapse the larger/deeper the hole is going to be.

    • A mixture of analyzing pre- and post-attack sat photos plus human intel on the ground. We’ve been arming Kurdish rebels from PJAK to attack Iranian targets in addition having them collect intel. Funny thing is thing we call them “freedom fighters” while they kill Iranians…Ironic.Other than that the Kurds have proven useful before and after we invaded Iraq.

    • jeff

      Easy! The recipient will say, “UNCLE!”

    • Vince

      It doesn’t matter to the US gov’t..the more innocents that are dead the better….

  • JoeAmerica

    Hopefully their are no Chicom parts that make up part of this bomb, serious!

  • They said 30 stories of Reinforced Concrete not a 30 story building.

    • Ron

      that means one bomb can carve out roughly 300-400 feet of mountain. that means the u.s. air force will have to carry out a substained air campaign to chip away at that mountain until iran nukes are destroyed.

    • dago adve

      Thats 300 ft of in ground concrete— Plain old dirt would go a lot deeper!

    • RCDC

      30 stories means 30 floors.

  • Tribulationtime

    I want to be one Net-adviser too. 8?….We need more weapons, more weapons. How many underground facilities we can demolished with 2 weapons (we are talking of 5 long tons of HE…..). How many B-2? 16-18 we can not lost 1. Sounds like pitch and toss….. the good part is We can use TacNuk and say what the radiactive waste surrounding the target was inside before attack. Other hand How can a embebed smart ass tell the diference?

    • blight

      You can detect a nuclear detonation with seismometers. It’s the accepted method of determining when rogue states detonate nuclear weapons, and is used to monitor nuclear testing. Also, the radionuclides produced by a nuclear reaction and kicked up into the air differ from what would come from a uranium centrifuge operation: you won’t get I131, for example from a refining operation.

    • you suck

      Try again, in english this time. You write like a Yugoslavian foreign national.

  • Shail

    Cool factor: to put the heat on some current despots and keep them in line,
    maybe we can find an old derelict ship hull destined to become a reef,
    drop one of these at it, configured to penetrate thru the ship and detonate underneath.
    That would be an awesome water column, and should be quite capable of sheering the ship in two.

    Put that one out there on the Net.
    Or maybe we need a third entry in the MOAB/MOP family: one that detonates with regular explosive (not fuel-air) at or near the surface (or after penetrating only a couple dozen feet at most), if just to show potentially hostile navies what we could do to a ship in their ports…

  • mat

    bunker busting in practice never realy worked out as planed ,in campaign over kosovo nato bombed undrground aircraft hangers on many ocassions and suposedy destroyed the facility ,after cesation of hostilities serbs opend the doors few migs out of the base ,truble with bunker busters is that they might go trough a lot of concrete but many underground facilities are built in hillsides that are chosen because the rock might be granit or similar and could well be 10 or more stories deep.Example NORAD

    • Musson1

      But – these weapons do create shock waves that can travel through granite like the clang travels through a bell.

      • Maxtrue

        The kind of shock wave you need to turn rock into breccia for miles is a hypersonic impact. You can see my comment below. Explosive will loose some force to needless vectors where as 6000 lbs traveling at more than 20x the speed of sound will direct much of the shock wave downward. Such a bomb is maneuverable and traveling too fast for missile defenses,,,

  • Sam

    Iran would be foolish to push their rhetoric, the world cannot afford another flashpoint right now.

  • Musson1

    If you are hiding more than 30 stories below the ground you might survive. But you might be waiting a long, long time before they dig you out.

    • Nikmal

      That’s a great point. They should rename it “The Grave Maker”!

    • steve

      Don’t forget every animal that lives underground has a way or two in….and a way out? All of that is built BEFORE they move in…..

  • Wish they would just start the damn bombing campaign so we can get the inevitable loss of crediability and international prestigeover with. The suspense is killing me.

    If the US bombs iran with or without israeli assistance it will be interesting who still stands by us aside from the brits, israel, and of course micronesia…

    • SERVative

      Just twiddle our thumbs while they get nukes – they won’t use um, right! NOT!!!

  • With or without an MOP, a strike on Iran’s facilities will require a tactical nuclear bomb to succeed. The bunkers are too complex for even the most sophisticated bunker busters.

  • Lance

    Cool looking ordnance hope we use them to take out Iran’s nuke bunkers.

  • mpower6428

    we cant keep Iran from building a bomb. the writing is on the wall.

    does anybody actually think that we (the USA) are scared of an iranian nuke…?

    our politicians are more affraid of the isreals and local “end times kooks” reaction to an iranian bomb.

    • LibsRHaters

      Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen more ignorance and stupidity spewed more arrogantly than the dribble you wrote here! Go back to your momma’s ***, dum***!

    • qwerty123

      we may not be afraid of the nuke but the jeebs in office are afraid of the repercusions that will come of it with all the human rights fanatics.

  • Baron von French

    For those of you with the theory that you can’t penetrate a mountain…want to sit inside said mountain as the bomb is dropped? Hmmm, didn’t think so.

    • SJE

      Thats the wrong hypothetical. I don’t want to sit inside a mountain as its being bombed, any more than I want to be shot wearing a bullet proof vest. Yet, if you are going to be shot, I’d rather have the vest.

      • KCRedeye

        But guess what……with the right caliber, and proper ammunition…..your bullet proof vest will not protect you, sir!

    • PenetrateThis

      …and if the first one doesn’t do it, the B1 carries 2 of these at a time: the second one just gets dropped into the hole the first one made. You can’t dig a hole deep enough to hide.

  • McPosterdoor

    For those of you with the theory that you can’t penetrate a mountain… you only have to annihilate the entrances, not the whole facility.

    • Riceball

      Exactly! Because if the underground facility is used to house a factory then it doesn’t do much good if you can’t get any of the product that you’re making out, which is exactly what we’d accomplish by destroying the entrance.

    • Javier

      The problem is that the annihilated entrances can be easily rebuilt with less cost and effort compared to the destroyed facility.

      • tiger

        Not if you kill the geeks working there. Doors can be replaced. Nuclear Science types blown to hell cannot. That is even better than breaking stuff. You need brains to rebuild any of this equipment.

        • ampillion

          I strongly disagree. Nuclear Science figures are easily replaceable and Iran has no shortage of nuclear talent. Iranian universities churn out nuclear scientists and engineers by the thousands every year.

  • Im not worried about Irans military capacity, what concerns me is what Russia or China will do if we strike Iran!

    • tiger


      • TH1


    • Nick T.

      They will complain, but because Iran can’t buy form then while occupied.

    • Daedalus

      China and Russia won’t do anything.
      They only care about ME countries as customers, nothing else.
      IN truth, both Russia and China would love to eradicate Islamic Fundamentalism off the map… they have just as much trouble from them as we do.

      • SJE

        I disagree. The big issue is that the Middle East will care. A US strike could spark turmoil that dwarfs the Arab spring. THAT is what Russia and China care about.

        1. China is heavily dependent on ME oil (far more than the USA), and wants to protect its interest. If the region is unstable, it stops the Chinese oil supplies.
        2. Russia and China both would like to be the dominant players. If the USA misplays its hand, we could see a lot of regime change and we get kicked out of the region. China and Russia would be working to take over.
        3. Russia and China both have problems with domestic Muslim opinion. Serious instability in the ME could trigger revolutions etc in their own countries.

        As I said earlier, this is all about politics. Iran wants to be the #1 Muslim power, and can get there with nukes or with gaining sympathy from a poorly executed strike against the nukes.

        There are no good options for the USA. This will not be like the strikes against the Iraqi or Syrian reactors. Right now, I think we are preparing for war, but pushing as hard as possible to convince the Iranians to abandon the bomb.

        • tiger

          The folks in the street might, but off the record the gulf states governments are on board. Russia & China have no wish to add Iran to the Nuke club.

          • SJE

            You presume that the governments will remain in power. We were allies with the rulers of Tunisia and Egypt, but they are gone. We were friendly with Qadaffi while he was killing terrorists. Yemen is an ally, but it is falling about. We have a big base in Bahrain, and are friendly with the leadership, but they are fragile.

            Need I go on? The regional governments might not want a nuclear iran, but the leadership may sell the USA down the river if they need to stay in power

    • Ryan

      You should be worried about Iran’s ballistic missile forces as Gen. Abizaid noted that U.S. bases in the Gulf countries are well within range of Iran’s missile threat. The other thing you need to worry is Iran’s terrorist capabilities and they have the ability to strike at U.S interests worldwide (1983 Beirut barracks bombing comes to mind.) Of course, that’s not including the oil factor which Iran can use as leverage to drive up oil prices and imperil the fragile world economy.

      Iran, despite it modest conventional military, should not be underestimated.

      • Yeah the only thing is we got bomb in Beirut because we had balls to call ourselves peacekeepers while having navy bombard southern Lebanon. Sure Iran has Hezbollah except we also have to worry about having the Iranian population. How would you like it if someone invade your country, bombed the capital,then began patrolling the streets.We all now the media will come up with some bullshit “we were greeted as liberators and anyone that hates us are terrorist”.People don’t like being told what to do, even less so from foreigners.

        • LibsRHaters

          Actually, I would love it if a free society’s government would send their armies to free the United States from the dictator in the White House! Mr. Obama has shredded the Constitution by his regime on almost every ammendment! Our military, in their sworn duty to defend the Constitution from all its enemies, both foreign and domestic should have removed this abomination almost as soon as he took office. Mr Obama is a Revolutionary! As such, he is helping his brothers in Islam get control of Middle East. So far, he’s turned a recession into a depression. Real numbers, not govt numbers, of unemployed are the same as during the Great Depression. The reason we still have hussle and bussle is due to borrowed stacks of cash that keep getting pumped into the economy to make a bigger train wreck of it when it does collapse. This is to get rid of our form of government and create a mandate for a “new” Constitution. There’s a Commie in the White House! Why are soo many this dillusional to believe that the way of life the US has been so blessed with will continue? It simply can’t! We can’t expect socialism and communism to save the US! Impeach the Commie! Please, no one shoot him and make him a martyr for Marxism! Freedom will be finished!

          • oxbow

            Ah, shut up, you moron! Take your nonsensical drivel and shove it up your ass!

    • Richard Ivey

      I am not so sure that Russia and China would be a concern, under the right leadereship. You may recall that there were those who feel our involvement in Vietnam could have ended several years before1975, but for the Johnson administration being afraid if we bombed targets north of the DMZ it would provoke Russia and China. Turns out under the Nixon administration (and I am not talking about the failed Vietnamization policy) when he finally allowed such bombing and mining of the Hiaphong Harbor it nearly crushed North Vietnam. It brought them back to the negotiating table in Paris. China and Russia did not get involved. At least that is my recollection.

  • Stan

    Put a “low yeild” nuke in that sucker and we’ll talk.

    • steve

      That “low yield” nuke comes later….when necessary….

  • Chris

    I can see Slim Pickens riding it down now.

  • Roy Smith

    Uh,Iran & North Korea ALREADY have nuclear weapons,Iran’s courtesy of Pakistan. They(Iran) didn’t have to develop new nuclear warheads,they bought them “off the shelf.” A Russian general verified this. Iran also bought the missiles “off the shelf” from North Korea to deliver their “off the shelf” “made in Pakistan” nuclear warheads. So,all of this BS about Iran being a year away(since when,2001?) from having nuclear weapons is just BS to scare us s**tless & to continue to surrender our civil & constitutional rights to a fascist government(Patriot Act complements of both Bush Sr. & Jr.,Clinton,& Obama).

    • markanabaptist

      That MIGHT be true – but what is the deterrent effect if they are not announced? Clearly having them would be a violation of the NPT – but “Israel” has HUNDREDS of state of the art nuclear devices & delivery systems – why is it “terrism” when Muslims do it – but it is fine when our fiends – oops friends (? – I probably had it right the first time!) do far worse?

      • LibsRHaters

        Seriously, Mark? You don’t know the difference? You just come out from under a rock? Hezbollah gets missiles from Iran, they shoot them indiscriminately at Israel. Hammas gets missiles from Iran, they do it, too. Israel gets missiles and even a nuke, and never uses them indiscriminately… Uh.. HUH? Why not? Israel, of course, can’t retaliate without creating large numbers of civilian deaths! So, in their civility and respect for life, hunt the terrorists down and kill them instead lobbing bombs and missiles back in their direction… And, you can’t see a difference? Moron!

  • Maxtrue

    Wrong. We accelerated an enhance nuclear warhead at 100g a back in the 70s on a Hercules booster. Now fire that downward. Gee, that must beyond our technology as well as steering an ablative 6.000 spear. Do the math. Quite a powerful weapon. Put up a Rutan-like platform at 85 ft and you could probably sling two of these spears.

    As I said, this kind of directed high velocity is what you need to slice Fordo. The energy potential far exceeds the slower moving monster of 30,000 lbs. How much of this explosive energy will be blasted upwards? You would cause a cubic mile of shatter rock.

    And of course this concept has been around for years. The high platforms can be relatively stealthy and drone-refueled. There has been at least five years in which the need for this weapon should have become painfully clear. Rand discussed such hypersonics that avoid ballistic trajectories and provide massive energy releases for almost a decade.


    • tiger

      Guess you need to call DARPA & set them straight.

    • jumper

      Where to start… so you have a couple facts off wikipedia, watched too many Bruce Willis movies, and have a fundenental lack of understanding of the technical details of such a device. Sorry… tried and true technology that we know works beats scifi B movie material anyday.

      • Maxtrue

        So you are saying that we don’t have a booster that could accelerate a “spear” downward at +20 machs? You are saying after decades of ablative research and re-entries from space, an ablative mass could not be fabricated? Yes, for a nation that landed on the moon, I guess that is beyond our abilities. Boy, that Waverider is much simpler technology. And the X-37 is even simpler technology. I’m sure Darpa doesn’t need my telephone call…..

        As for the platforms, again, I’m sure Lockheed which owns Rutan’s high flyer cannot be engineered to lift more and be stealthy. As the Rand study concluded a decade ago, hypersonic (kinetic) far surpasses the energy released from MOPs. Why do I have to do your math for you?

        Yes, steerable guidance must be tested, but that isn’t brain surgery. The fins don’t burn off from other re-emtry vehicles. Hell, the Chinese could send some spears down from their platform to be. There seems a US moratorium on such kinetic bombs beyond us dropping concrete instead of munitions. In fact we have nothing on the level of Russian and India fast missiles. Of course, back in the 70s Sprint lifted our warheads to 100gs and more than Mach 7 in seconds. The idea we can’t build a hypersonic bomb is BS. I guess we’ll wait for China or Russia to surprise us…

        P.S. analysis of meteor impacts, their estimated size and speed of impact shows the resultant shattered breccia from the shock wave through soil sampling and computer modeling. Gees, Alverez was doing this research back in the 70s on ancient computers.. If there is some profound scientific fact I have missed, please inform me.

    • Willis

      Robert A. Heinlen wrote about doing that from the moon in one of his books, I do not remember which one. Maybe ” The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” ?

      • PMI

        In The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress the lunar rebels repurpose a mass driver to launch kinetic weapons from the moon’s surface to bombard earth.

    • rrowan1

      Did you read about the test of the new hypersonic (Mach 5+) bomb?

  • Maxtrue

    “You (with such a hypersonic spear) would cause a cubic mile of shatter rock (downward and radially from impact point).”

    Sorry for the sloppiness…

    • Thomas L. Nielsen

      And your source for that statement is?

      Regards & all,

      Thomas L. Nielsen

      • rock isn’t glass

        Part 1 / 2

        My doubt, too.

        1 mile = 1.609 meters.

        Even if a 15 tons heavy, CONVENTIONAL , bunker-busting, high-velocity bomb hits one square mile ( = 1.609 meters x 1.609 meters) right in its center and explodes maximally 40 meters under the impact point ( = not just kinetics), how on Earth can it destroy

        1) half a mile of mountain to the left and to the right, forwards and backwards ( = 804,5 meters all around it)

        and simultaneously

        2) barely less than a mile of rock BENEATH it ( 1.609 meters – 40 meters = 1.569 meters. That’s a layer of rock 39 x times thicker than the maximum penetration depth was!) ?

        I don’t know the Physics behind this assumption nor which magical explosive powder this new bomb uses (is the poster “Maxtrue” entirely sure it’s conventional?), but it sure looks like an immensely practical alternative to the Soviet, mid-60s attempts at civilian nuclear mining!


        • rock isn’t glass

          Part 2 / 2

          All rubbish, of course: Not even the “Pershing II”’s less than 1 ton heavy, Mach 8 fast penetrator warhead (conventional version) produces one CUBIC mile of rubble in rock!
          And in relation to the M.O.P.s in this article : If Nazi bunkers at the SURFACE (like protected U-boat docks) resisted even several direct hits from 10 (T-E-N) tons heavy, British “Grand Slam” bombs totally unscathed (making them even too dangerous to be demolished after the War – it would have taken hundreds of tons of explosives going off too close to big cities), do you really think that maybe using 1,5 x times more explosive than “Grand Slam” bombs will blow through “30 stories of concrete” or produce “a cubic mile of gravel” each time??! How braindead are some posters on here?

  • tiger

    Speak softly & carry a 30,000 lbs. stick……….

    Gen. Billy Mitchell would be proud.

  • Tom

    Rogue states with nuclear weapons programs (cough, Israel, cough).

  • if you gift 3 or 4 toys “designed to penetrate 30 stories of reinforced concrete” to a mountain, that poor mountain will be collapsed on itself (especially calcic ones, as Fordo) and whatever under that will experience an earthquake that no construction can tolerate
    building facilities under ground was just a Russian plan for Mullahs to splash their oil dollars, not to keep their nuke greed safe

  • Daedalus

    I wonder if we really need it.

    The rumor-mill has it that Israeli agents have planted suitcase nukes in the cornerstones of a ton of buildings that were constructed in the past decade, including these facilities. Now, I wonder (or hope) there’s truth to that.

  • Uncle Bill

    I bet the Mullahs have an underground bunker, dropping a pair of these there at the right time might be more useful than spreading uranium everywhere.

  • Joe

    Now all we need is someone willing to use it.


    My quistion is, is the mountain your talking about could withstand 8 consecutive hits of that elephant bombs (30 stories x 8 ) or more? Moron like me think ,that is going to look like the surface of the moon, and if they try to clean it up, we will send them onother bunch of the same good well to mankind bomb..Our friend Israel, should be given some of those just in case we chicken out or fail to do the JUST CAUSE..DOMINGO

    • tiger

      Israel lacks the planes to carry something this big.

  • Kski

    If it anit used on Iran we could use to remove nuclear capabilties from say China

  • MrB

    The most likely scenario for the recent ‘mishap’ outside Tehran is some form of hypersonic kinetic weapon. It would not take much to have caused the resultant explosion in a munitions facility and an inert kenetic warhead would be virtually undetectable pre and post impact. It has my vote – I certainly hope it is employed in a similar fashion again.

  • Eldred Mitchell

    As an old “gun plumber” (AFSC46250) I’d live to come back and load one of these bad asses!

  • Whistle Berries

    WOW. This puts a new meaning to the saying: “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

  • tecton47

    I can’t &%^$#@ wait to see a video of the test! Videos of the Daisycutter and MOAB are incredible and this will be astounding! It would be so much fun to have one or two of these on the next 4th of July.

  • Seabee Mike

    Theri designed to blast in, not out.

  • Mark

    I like this. It goes well with our MOAB. I’m sure the Russians will try to top that.

  • markanabaptist

    WHY???? according to credible sources that are not along the ZioNazi, read that Synagogue of Satan [Rev. 2:9 & 3:9] controlled media –


    Iran is among the few remaining nations that does NOT have a private central bank controlled by the Rothschild Plutocracy – Afghanistan, Iraq, & Libya WERE on that list.
    Why not ask the ANTI-Zionist Jews? They NEVER get the time of day on the SoS [see above – Rev. 2:9 & 3:9] controlled media.

    REMEMBER YOUR OATH! ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND >>>DOMESTIC< << The day before 9/11, Rumsfeld announced 2.3T$ of what turned out to be CAREER MILITARY PENSION FUNDS >>>MISSING<<< - the next day when the Pentagon was hit [by whatever REALLY hit it!] not only were those records destroyed - CHENEY DID NOT EVEN SOUND THE AIR RAID SIRENS - THE CRIMINAL ELEMENTS WITHIN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT MURDERED THOSE STAFF MEMBERS!!! How can 2.3 T$ be stolen without the direct treasonous aid of the international banksters that have been wrecking our economy? There is a Satanic Counterfeit of Judaism that created the global fiat Ponzi scheme - the founders - esp Jefferson warned us of what they would do.

  • Richard Justis

    So, gentlemen, after we blow them all to hell, which just may be necessary, or not,
    where do we get the fifteen billion it will take to rebuild them ? Because every S.O.B.
    on this planet will demand that we do, and our glorious leaders will agree.

  • E5Gunner

    30 stories of hardened concrete is almost 55 stories of just rock and dirt. I would say that they better put their stuff a little deeper in the mountain if they want to keep it in one piece.
    This is basically a small tactical nuke and can be used in a large variety of ways.
    These are a little pricy for our budget and I bet no small part is “Administration fees”. Grant it the componets are not cheap and assembly is touchy, but when ever the government gets a quote it’s already been decided who gets the contract by polititions trading favors and big contributions. By the time the people who really need the equipment get it, it has been market up a dozen times. At one time I was in charge of a ships magazine that contained conventional and nucks. A simple padalock with two keys costs us ovr $900.00 via the “system” and that was in 1966. I founf the same lock at the hardware store for $9.99.

    • blight

      What probably happened was that those padlocks were “tested” by the contractor following Navy testing requirements, adding onto the cost, especially if the Navy insists on its own “special batch” of product instead of going with Off-The-Shelf.

      Procurement is a mystery to me. Alternatively, the procurement contract for padlocks was laundered to move black items through.

  • Do a desert demo in Iran of a 20Kton weapon so they can all see the hell they are staring into…

  • bigr


  • sanjosemike

    It’s not necessary to “bomb Tehran” into the stone age. All that’s necessary is to significantly slow down or put Iran’s nuclear capability back about 5-10 years. Even 5 years would help significantly.

    After such an attack (by Israel or the US), the Mulluhs would lose considerable political strength and would be “viewed” by Iranians as weak. The Iranians could then over-throw the Mulluhs. It’s happened all over the ME. There’s no reason to suppose it won’t happen in Iran too.

    The Mulluhs are very much aware of this, believe me. They know how vulnerable they are.


  • Ben Butler

    Which is going to be worse, budget cuts from Obama or EMP from Iran. Delivery of this bomb could be harder than we think.

  • JWB

    DoD may state unclassified capability and they don’t necessarily tell every capability it has, only enough to let the bad guys know they need to watch out. Bin Laden found that we have 2011 A.D. capability and not 200 B.C. style camel fodder. Our people, industry and 200 plus years of freedom and liberty are great but just not perfect. Our Founding Father’s plan and Constitution get us that way. Thanks to all who help the U.S.

  • LtlHugo

    So hard to believe we have so many experts with such a high degree of scientific knowledge here on line, but reading these comments I guess we do????

  • Don Gaines

    All that and it still can’t penetrate Obama stupidity!

    • PMI

      Hey look a feral non sequitur! Not often you see one of them in the wild.

  • Blastjet

    Technology has to start somewhere. We didn’t go from Edison to the integrated chip in one leap. At least this is something that was actually build to met a specific, definable, realistic threat, not a pie-in-the-sky, the sky-might-fall type threat. That’s a step in the right direction. Of course, the next logical step is a drone to delivier such capability…

  • No matter what this will make a h_ll of a hole.

  • john

    The mountain has an entrance and that is the weak spot to take advantage of.

  • kdfvwman

    Ahhh, anything with penetration in it’s name, coming from the US Government;

    I know the feeling! Camel flea copulators take notice!

  • Glenn

    You have to look awfully hard to find a mpountain in Iran that is 30 stories high. A bomb that can go that deep(nuclear) nothing below that would look like soup.

  • Henry

    All this talk about bunker busters is for naught…just ship the Republicans to IRAN or Korea and the countries will implode

    • PMI

      And another one. That’s two in less than 3 hours!

      Let’s see if I can try…”Hey the AF has a new bunker buster, Ross Perot has a funny accent.”

  • Salt Lake Silver Fox

    about time!!!!!!!

  • Iceman

    B-2? The AF’s most survivable bomber? W a t ?

  • I seem to remember (After 21 years in Ammo in the AF {IYAAYAS} ) that the 30,000 lb bunker buster is not a new addition to the AF munitions stockpile!

  • Chris

    At Maxtrue: You said, “Put up a Rutan-like platform at 85 ft…” You meant
    85K right?

  • Richard Bellam

    Don’t let Obama find out you have em.

  • Jerry J Cowley SR

    2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

  • Armando I Pena

    The message is unmistakeable. A weapon of this type can neuter the armed forces of any foe. This doesn’t take into account the super weapons we don’t yet know about. One big firecracker!

  • CJones,SMSgt,Retired

    Put out just enough info to let our enemies know that we have what it takes to quiet them. Good planning and follow through Air Force team.

  • Bill

    I do hope Israel has a few on order

    • digimatrix

      Israel lack an aircraft capable of carrying this weapon.

  • Air Force MSgt Ret

    Yeah, but who’s going to pay four million dollars for a hypersonic spear? “Gotta keep those boys at Boeing happy so we get reelected”. Don’t expect politicians to employ logic or sound tactical and strategic thinking when it comes to defense expenditures. It’s all about the campaign financing (and I don’t mean military campaign).

  • sounds great ,, which ever way you do it .. JUST GETER / DONE..

  • Guest

    Everyone, us and them are threats alone, no proof. One happening like in Japan, gets the needed respect and believability. Avoid people, get the supposed threat zone. Clean it out clearly showing what we say is real. Our respect will be renewed and let them show how they plan a defense to these showing of defending themselves. Then stock pile some defense mechanisms for their threats. End their willingness to blackmail us with their threats because we will defend those threats clearly.

  • KW Simmons

    a $2 million dollar bomb dropped by a 1.2 billion dollar airplane. Great technology at a price were can no longer afford in this country.

  • Richard

    If anyone seriously thought that the total cpability of this weapon would be posted on the internet than they need an reality check, really need ne.

  • DrewD

    How many of this bombs components are made in China?

  • Jasonn

    Hope we don’t waste our tax dollars by letting those suckers sit around and rust.

  • fritzdadolt

    Having only two sub sonic 25 billion dollar each weapons platorm that cant fly in rain storms because the anti radar coating will erode off the surfaces is crazy. Just the cost of the fuel at 30.00/gallon and how many refuelings will it take to get to the target maybe 25 hours later boggles my mind at the cost to deliver this 15 ton bomb. The B1B should have been the weapons delivery airplane of choice. I also think that low yield nuclear weapons delivered by intercontinental missles would be more accurate and get our message delivered faster..

  • Ok, so we’re gonna have 16 of these monster bombs which will NOT destroy the bunkers or development \ production facilities making nukes that WILL threaten us in the near future. And, we only have to pay $3.5 million EACH for the first 8 and $4.0 million EACH (12.50% increase) for the second. No one is taking about that!

    I’m moved by the patriotism, selflessness, and willingness of the Boeing Corporation to sacrifice for our nation which has been at war for a decade!

    Bull! Those fat, bloated, low-life, greedy, F&%Ks would strip the burial garments off their dead mothers, and sell them to put more dollars in their bloated corporate accounts. I’ve watched the “rape of the american taxpayer” by the so-called “military industrial complex” for decades, and they disgust me more with each new “deal”.

    We pay more now for one (1) 5th generation fighter jet (which does not function as advertised (i.e. STOVL F-35), than we did (in adjusted dollars), for all the thousands of aircraft procured during WWII.

    These corporate leeches on the Tax-dollar, better wise up, before the dollars they crave and gleen so wantonly become totally worthless! Screw the bums!

  • Joe

    “Electromagnetic Pulse”

    • blight

      Good point. Especially as we allegedly used E-bombs in the late ’90s and against Iraq. The capability is there….somewhere.

      Combining a bunker buster attack with a E-bomb attack might prove useful. Centrifuges and modern equipment are very sensitive to clean electricity and operating without vibration and shock associated with a bombing attack.

  • John K.

    You don’t have to take out the weapon bunkers under the mountains. Just the leaders with their fingers on the buttons. I would imagine we know where they live and where their bunkers are located.

  • Phil C Walton

    It might have been cheaper to build a JDAM Kit for a 7 Megaton Titan II Reentry Vehicle too bad we scrapped them. The planning rule was a 5 Megaton weapon would cut a crater 500 feet deep 3/4 of a mile wide not including the plaster zone. I you wish to double the radius of destruction you had to cube the yield which out of the question as the largest nuclear device ever built was the Russian Tzar bomb that was 57 Megatons and was so large that it would lot fit in the Bombay of a Russian Bison they had to cut the bottom out of the aircraft to make it fit under it. You just use multiple weapons consecutively to get as deep as you want to go. But you also have to remember that bed rock of a mountain transmits kinetic energy like it is going out of style and any one in the bunker is going to be killed my the kinetic energy transfer not the blast. For the same reason when you ship something in the mail you uses packing peanuts or shredded news paper to protect your item. If you want to protect a high value nuclear enrichment facility built under the biggest swamp you can find or the deepest sand pit you can find. As both absorb kinetic and don’t transmit it well.

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