Pic of the Day: Thanksgiving Eve Fighter Candy

Here’s your day before Thanksgiving fighter candy. It’s two Swedish JAS-39 Gripens taking off from RAF Lakenheath in England to practice dogfighting this week against USAF F-15C Eagles and F-15E Strike Eagles that are based there.

No word yet on how well the new-ish Gripen have fared against the older F-15s.

Here’s an Air Force statement that reveals very little about the joint-training:

“I thought the training was a huge success, and to work with our sister wing from Sweden was outstanding,” said Capt. Mike Culhane, the 493rd Fighter Squadron C-flight commander. “We executed our mission along with the Swedish pilots seamlessly. We were very impressed with the Gripen; it’s a very capable aircraft.”


  • SjöRobban

    Great looking plane, Now we just want the go-ahead to start with the NG-AC…go Sweden!

  • Guest

    The Gripen is a very impressive little fighter. Props to the Swedes.

  • jamesb

    Hope they had fun….
    Good moral and training…..
    But anybody on the last ACTUAL air to air combat on the planet?

  • Sgt K

    just have some balls to stand up to the unwelcome terrorist immigrants

    sgt k

  • Lance

    The Griphen is a newer design but lighter and designed for multirole function the F-15C is more powerful and is a straight air superiority fighter. The F-15 has the edge but it all depends on the pilots of both sides of the exercise.

    The F-15C can in a dogfight out climb and dive a Griphen anytime.


    european weapons = fail

    F-15’s gonna rule the skies.

  • Clive

    Considering that this ‘Euro weapon’ in question here out performs the Eagle in A-A fights probabaly won’t please you, the fact it costs some 10 to 20 times less to operate over a year probably annoys you off even more. Your post could be summed up as blind American arrogance at its best.. Of course your F-22’s would defeat the Gripen, when they’re not grounded and when they’re not killing the pilots that is…

  • ToTheRiver

    Appreciate posting this under the title”Fighter Candy” and not “Fighter Pxxx”. Much more appropriate

  • IKnowIT

    Why the F is the USAF still in the UK? The cold war is over and the British can spend their own money to defend themselves. And to add to that, why do WE have to spend our fuel training the swedes, for Christ sake? Let the Brits do it with their Typhoons! Sounds like a great place to save some budget $$$

  • Brian Black

    Excellent aircraft. The UK should consider buying Gripen rather than tipping billions into the F35 money pit - leave the US to disappear under crushing debt on its own.

  • jhm

    hey guys. is the gripen ng a new build aircraft? or is it possible to remake a gripen c or w/e into the gripen ng?

  • Maciek

    From what I know it is a vastly modified version. Think F/A-18C turned into F/A-18E kind of deal.

  • jimmy

    Yes gripen ng i a new bulid aircraft