Video: China’s Stealth Fighter Back in the Air

Speaking of Asia’s new crop of stealth fighters, here’s the latest video of China’s J-20. The film apparently shows the jet making test flights on Nov. 12 after a month long break from flying.

Click through the jump for the video.


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  1. I’d just like to note that the video of this was made from inside the airbase.

    It’s pretty obvious now, if it wasn’t already, that the J20 images are being deliberately leaked for foreign consumption.

  2. Sure that ain't a F-22?

  3. No Its not no matter how much information they get about the F-22 the j-20's not even a fighter.

  4. Yep, a convoluted-articulated, well hinged copy of an F-22…

  5. Not foreign consumption, but domestic. Did you hear the child's voice in the background?

  6. It's looks that the prototype have short take-off capability… with its Chinese made engine. Impressive.
    The canopy of J-20 looks like almost exactly copy of F-22's canopy (at least from distance). Espionage or blind copying of foreign technology?
    Ugly bird anyway. Aesthetics is not good.

    I think that the PAK-FA/T-50 should win beauty contest among the stealth aircraft:

  7. The Chinese are making sure this plane gets ALL the attention. I would say they have something deep inside the country they'd rather not have anyone picture or see. Possible a long range stealth bomber?

  8. If this is what they want us to see, they probably have something else behind closed doors; that is what we should be worried about, if you insist on wasting the time….

  9. That is a huge airplane….

  10. Looks like a copy of the older YF-23 with a canards replacing the tail. Over all the Chinese are 5 years behind the Russians and 10+ years behind the USAF. They are way ahead of Japan that what counts to them.

  11. Please,China is our friend. We NEED each other. They send us money,they send us checks. Where would Walmart be without toxic products from China to poison us to death. We need their faulty tires to explode on the roads & cause yet another traffic death. Look how much our defense needs their counterfeit circuits & chips. Where would we be without their toxic poisonous toothpaste,pet food,lead painted toys to kill our children & pets. This is just some silly attempt to start another cold war & have us buy more weapons from the dreaded “Military-industrial Complex.” C’mon man,can’t we all just all get along,sing kumbaya,& proclaim peace & safety on earth? We luv China.
    And don’t get me started on how far superior our weapons are over their’s………….

  12. I like it. The J20 references some of the early classics of the stealth genre but adds a few new twists of its own. Keep up the good work guys!

  13. Stephen Russell | November 30, 2011 at 8:20 pm | Reply

    House these jets in same Bunker complex??
    & some subs??

  14. this thing is a piece of shit. you dont go out and build a 72 foot long fighter and think it is maneuverable. also USA's f-35 and f-22's have WAY WAY better radar and avionics and missiles.

  15. It's huge, how does it compare in size to the F-35?

  16. Its the size of an F-111. Not a dogfighter for sure. Long range anti-ship platform? Thats a big aircraft.

  17. That plane is for shooting down US stealth bombers, and yes… they do want to show it off, and it probably has acoustic guided missiles that are fire and forget, and will home in on the sound of the B-2 engines in all ranges and weather… they just need a platform to get it up into the ceiling range of the B-2, that's why it's so big. It's not a fighter, that would be like calling the F-11 a fighter, when it's a small bomber as well. LOL

  18. You don't need stealth to down a B-2, so that is a waste if it was intended solely to down B-2s. I agree that is is more likely a strike plane, for use against Taiwan or carriers. Also, the stealth will help against non-stealthy fighters. Not likely a good dofgifht plane though. If the enemy's missile warning recievers are working, this plane will will not have as much an advantage as you may think. Probably would be picked up by IRST fairly quickly, if not hiding in the clouds. Also, noticed it went into full reheat to take off, which means it probably won't do much supercuising.

  19. Wouldn't the parachute deployment on landing indicate the runway is too short for a convential takeoff? I suggest either the runway is very short, or they did that with the engines deliberatly to demonstrate a carrier capability.

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