Drone Eye Candy: The RQ-170 at Kandahar

Given all the attention that the RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone has been receiving lately, we thought it would be cool to published these rare-ish photos of the bird taxiing around Kandahar airport in Afghanistan. The pictures were published on the secret projects web forum a while ago but you could only view them if you were a member; they’ve since emerged on the open web at the militaryphotos.net forum.

Notice how you can clearly make out the terminal buildings of Kandahar airport — built in the 1950s by USAID — along with a C-17 and what looks like a STOL turboprop airlifter in the background.


  • matt

    They stole a C-5 too????

  • matt

    C-17 sorry. ahhhhhhh!

  • DougieR

    Ironic isn’t it. We paid for the Kandahar airport infrastructure through USAID and now we’re the principal user. I’m not sure how to regard that…a big failure…or a big success?

  • romney

    the c17 is multinational , u can hav one for ~$200m. A qatari prince bought one for his horses…

  • Musson1

    So long to the Beast of Kandahar.

  • A. Nonymous

    The STOL airliner looks like an Antonov An-32.


    The Beast Died as it lived. A “hero”.

  • dddd

    I hereby declare this thread to be about one thing…somebody please tell me what is in this shoulder housings. Is it really just antennae (?)?

  • Patriot78

    Nice little toy just should have never “loan” it to the Agency. They seem to always break DOD toys.

  • Brian

    Seen these lil babies take off a few times. Thought they were the Navy’s new toys here for ‘test runs’. Oh well, they still look awesome on takeoff.

  • tribulationtime

    Can be this drone “a enemy radar probe” to test as air defenses perform against B2 bomber?.

    • tiger


  • jamesb

    I wonder when the Iraianian’s are gonna have the fire sale between the Russians and Chinese for the RQ-170?

    • tiger

      I would bet techs from Mig & Sukhoi are in country now………………………………………..

  • dan

    Well, there’s currently a really neat video of what purports to be the RQ-170 on Fars News

    • unknown

      i dunno, something looks fishy about the drone in the background of the articles image, looks like it was carved from foam using a reference image

      • Mastro

        It does look a bit plasticy- but maybe its carbon fibre?

  • afret91

    I really hoped that we had enough smart savvy computer geniuses in our nation that we could protect our vital resources from a freakin moslem puter hacker in Iran. WTF, over.

    • tiger

      Dude, one pissed off Army private caused the whole Wikkileaks scandal.

  • Amicus Curiae

    Am I mistaken or do I see A-10s behind the walls? The Warthogs of Kandahar are inhabited by pilots who need clear canopies to use their primary sensor, the Mk I Mod 0 eyball.

  • Mad Max2

    Fake or not, thankfully there is no bloody, abused pilot to display on propaganda TV. Thank-you and Merry Christmas to all those involved in producing and operating this system.