Video: UFO or X-47B Riding on a Flatbed?

Happy Monday, everyone. Below you’ll find an interesting video to give you material to show your crazy uncle during the holidays.

Despite the title, this video doesn’t show a UAV going cross country on a flatbed truck. It shows what looks like one of Northrop Grumman’s X-47B drones being shipped to Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland from California, a Northrop spokesman just confirmed to DT. Remember, the two X-47Bs are being sent to Pax River where they’ll practice aircraft carrier take-offs and landings on a strip of runway painted to resemble a flight deck. After that, the drones will perform the real thing using this technology.

Yes, its shrink wrapped but you can clearly see the profile of the aircraft’s nose and air intake beneath the packaging. You can also see the plane’s landing gear, too.

Click through the jump for the video:

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  1. “Despite the title, this video doesn’t show a UAV going cross country on a flatbed truck.”

    Uh, that’s exactly what it shows. It doesn’t show a UFO going cross country on a flatbed truck.

  2. That has to be one hell of a freight bill. I know here in NC the permits required for something like that is crazy. It will probably come through here on I40. Why not fly it?

  3. Disney's had one of those on their Backlot Tour for years now.

  4. I'm not sure you could get a UAV flight path across the US. They are restricted to very specific areas where they care allowed to fly. I suppose it would have been more expensive to ship by sea. There's probably going to be a lot more towns/highways where they will have to close traffic, take up power lines, remove signs, etc. You should have seen them take the COORS beer fermenting tanks from KIng George, Virginia to the Shenandoah Valley, only $180,106 just for local cost not including the truckers fee. They looked like huge rocket ships ( 11 hours to go 95 miles

  5. Andrew Jackson | December 19, 2011 at 1:36 pm | Reply

    Mental picture of the person calling in to report "a flying saucer on the back of a 18-wheeler"…….LOL. Made my day.

  6. I am going to go with a UFO because that's just more… fun.

  7. i wonder was the shape of this too irregular to fit on a c-5 galaxy?

  8. Reminds me of the scene from the movie "Flight of the Navigator"

  9. Tribulationtime | December 19, 2011 at 2:49 pm | Reply

    By the way What can do the X-47B? Or What do they research with it?

  10. I am in love with X-47B!

  11. Would it be too much to ask for them to take a detour around Roswell N.M., just to keep the conspiracy theorists occupied for another couple of decades?

  12. Iranian export or import?

  13. What about the drone the Iranians have?….is the US just screwed about that one?…what would be the consequences of an airstrike to blow up the building its housed in, dammit, we are the US, what the hell can they do about it if the building was leveled?…..just bomb it late at night when the least amount of people would be present….someome help me out, what am I missing?…

  14. this is not an X-47B its an RQ-170 copy that i ordered on ebay from China! and it just shipped :)

  15. So is this next drone to crash in Pakistan or Iran? I am sure this one really does have secrets we don't want the Chinese to steal.

  16. Actually, why didn't they just go down to Whitehouse, OLF, down outside of Jacksonville, FL, where they already have a land-based carrier deck located? The folks at Pax River could send a detachment down there for a year or so to get the stuff done.

  17. elportonative77 | December 19, 2011 at 9:43 pm | Reply

    Hey yall it's official. Japan has officially selected the F-35 as the F-X program winner.

  18. Wait !! That is the drone we shot down over the Mojave Desert from Iran…now we are even!!

  19. just saw one of the two X47B's getting delivered to PAX Naval Air Station.. quite a sight.

  20. You can see the landing gear clearly in lower right hand of that photo…like they say on ESPN…C'mon man!.

  21. Made with Chicom parts??

  22. Geez some small town housewife reporting….".it's a flying saucer!!!" First thing anybody should have noticed was the conventional lading gear it was sitting on.

  23. I dunno, this is a tough one. I'm gonna have to go with it being a UFO.

  24. Potato or potatoe? Millions of opinions.

  25. The Military better smarten up and put a self-destruct package on these things to preserve their secrets. Who's the moron flying them without one!

  26. Back in the days of the NIKE series missiles testing at WSMR. each missile was equiped with an explosive device. If the missile veered off course, Range Safety Officer could detonate the explosive and destroy the missile. WHY WASN'T THE DRONE FITTED WITH A DEVICE SUCH AS THE MISSILES SO IT COULD HAVE BEEN DESTROYED INSTEAD OF FALLING INTO ENEMY HANDS.. ME THINKS I SMELL A RAT SOMEWHERE

  27. No wonder America is in trouble. These people vote. Morons.

  28. Are there dimwits that REALLY thought this was a spaceship??

  29. What the hell is wrong with that lady? She calls is a "funny sphere" then proclaims "That looks like a UFO!" while bobbing her head like a maniacal clown. It is not funny, nor is it a sphere. . .and more importantly it was not flying! Is it any wonder that we need vigilant people in law enforcement? Citizens such as she don't even know what the hell they're seeing, and they proudly proclaim to the world that they are so stupid that they don't know what a sphere is and that something being hauled on a truck must be flying.

  30. …They are restricted to very specific areas where they care allowed to fly…

    Wait a minute – It's a stealthy UAV, so you don't need permission…

  31. Silly Obama voters!

  32. I was a member of the Ukrainian underground movement from 1944 – 1948. I a sense
    we were primitive in communication, but from present view modern because all none wire communications could be eavesdropped. But the population sent us intelligence
    messages by hanging certain pots on the fense to be "Dried", or performing certains daily chores sound of which could be heard far away in forests, or at night pasting them
    in a certain form to stop cold air from broken window pain. It's all in my UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) memoirs,

  33. I wondered what that was when it went through my town. Thought it might have been something from the A.F. museum.

  34. It doesn’t look like the craft on the truck. Flight of the Navigator sh.t

  35. I don't think it came from CA. I think it shipped from a hanger at Wright Pat…….

  36. Yea, sure, they just want you to believe that we haven't captured the spacecraft from aliens landing on this planet who are out to take over the entire world. The gov't just wanted to carry this plane across the country because it can't fly and we don't have a place to land it when we do. The next thin you know, they will be telling us the moon landing was real and the Earth isn't flat ("it's turtles all the way down")
    Nothing to see her, move along.

  37. OOooooooooooo…………….. Lets go with the "freaky"………. It's really an alien space craft. The landing gear and intake nozzel are bogus and only there to throw you off. The unit is actually hovering above the trailer and can not escape due to the force shield eminating from the dark gray unit under the ass end of the Saucer. The Aliens that were flying the Saucer are actually disguised as humans and have taken over the 18-wheeler so they can get it to a remote and secure location to enact repairs or probably have the cosmic version of AAA come and tow it back to their service/repair center. It's all part of the Republican Coverup being conducted by the Alien Science Seminars With InvestigationsProperly Encouraged. (ASS WIPE). OOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo………….. So-o-o-o-o-o Fre-e-e-e-eakyyy

  38. The tires were a dead give-away. Why every decent respectable extra terrestrial I know don’t need tires on their vehicle; they generally glide and hover along.

  39. that plane looks badass

  40. Am I the only one wondering why they just did not fly it across country?

  41. i saw it crashing

  42. This looks like a jet with round wings.

  43. X-47B shape not match what in the 18 weeler,so the military hide something

  44. They marched it through the DC area as a prequel to actual UFO's that will be visiting Washington later this summer so that we wouldn't freak out. It's all part of the conspiracy , man! Alien invasion…here it comes!

  45. At least they did not say a big foot was flying it.. otherwise BOBO would be all over that

  46. Military clears up or covers up?

  47. this video is the one that brought me to this site lol

  48. one of the truck drivers was quoted saying "Klaatu barada nikto" over and over and looking very nervous.

    the 'landing gear' are fake, used to stabilize the craft during transport – they watched flight of the navigator and decided that they should prop it up and not cover it with a blanket to make it seem more plausible. Also, it's not the true shape of the craft, it's actually a composite shell used to disguise it.

  49. Obviously its not some flying saucer,but instead something the military has been working on,but what's killing me is,i don't see why that's just as okay with everyone. i think it is making a mockery of the american peolpe,but obviously that's what our government does best anyways… they wont disclose certain secrets and bases to the public and taxpayers that pay for them,and with all the mystery,money and secrecy that surrounds this issue,you would think the citizens of the United States would demand better transparency! But no,we're just all excited like attention starved little kids. Shame,shame.

  50. "Sumbitch just landed on my neighbors mobile home!"

  51. hard to believe it could be a UFO when no serious science has proven that aliens exist.

  52. Actually….the Govt. created the X47B just so they could ship this UFO across the country!!!!! LOL

  53. it's a digital camera with wings

  54. The truth is that the U.S Government and Military made this drone similar to UFO in order to make their way clear and easy to transport UFOs to secret military sites and to cover up UFOs secrets.They also transport it in front of the public to make them fool and to make them believe that:-

    "Next time they see real UFO,this is not UFO this is X47B UAV".

    So next time,anyone see a UFO,he or she started to believe that it is drone,not UFO.They just make this drone to spread confusion among public.

    and next time it is easy for U.S Government to transport UFOs in their inventory to any secret research site or military base.

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