Roc Nation Leaves Iraq

Your pic of the day is this official Air Force photo of an airman aboard the last U.S. military plane to leave Iraq on Dec. 18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like he’s flashing Jay Z’s Roc sign in celebration as his C-17 prepares to leave Ali Air Base in Iraq.  I love it.

Congratulations on their safe return in time for the holidays. Please remember everyone still fighting in Afghanistan.

11 Comments on "Roc Nation Leaves Iraq"

  1. Yeah were leaving Iraq…and adding a sh!t ton of contractors.

  2. At least the AF will save some money on reflective belts

  3. A fair number of these troops may find themselves rotating into Afghanistan: we do have that ticking deadline for the end of the surge though. However, with troops back home, it gives us the manpower for a /civilized/ rotation strategy that won't strain the army rotation system to its breaking point like it's 2006.

  4. Forget that guy look at the guy with the red collar on the right,looks like Darth Vaders son.

  5. Only the Air Force would force their Airman to wear reflective belts in a war zone.

  6. Iraq is no longer a threat to the USA or to their neighbors.

    The rest is up to them.

  7. Iraq: its got 99 problems but an occupation isn’t one

  8. that’s the free mason illuminati sign, not roc nation which is more diamond shaped.

  9. Why are they sitting with their helmets on inside the plane?

  10. This individual is not an Airman (a term used for people in the Air Force), he is a soldier (a term used for people in the Army).

  11. Kilroy was here.

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