Who Wants to be an Astronaut?

Yup, NASA’s hiring astronauts. Just make sure you’ve got 1,000 hours in jet aircraft and can fit inside a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Check out this hilarious and cool job posting a friend just sent me.

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  1. Do you think 50,000 frequent flyer miles would count?

  2. Have to speak Russian now to go? LOL!

  3. Link is the broke

  4. do flight simulators count? and by flight simulator i mean Tom Clancy's HAWX.

  5. I've flown to the Moon in Orbiter and seen every episode of Star Trek would I me qualify?

  6. @4FingrsOfBurbon | December 22, 2011 at 8:22 am | Reply


  7. $64,724 to start-off is not a lot of money to take a risk on Russian space equipment, or any space equipment for that matter.

  8. I'll pass. The Days of the "Right Stuff" are but a faded memory. No more free steaks, driving Corvettes, or nailing Florida women because you have a NASA jacket on. Nobody even knows there names any more. I'll fly Virgin Galactic instead.

  9. I will go for for food and insurance. Where do I apply?

  10. interesting how everyone is concentrating on the 1000 flight hours….. You could simply have academic qualifications, such as science and engineering. You know, the ones you have to use your brains for and study hard.

  11. perhaps it should be the handicapped where such things are not a pediment ? think of the wheel chair bound individual in free space? were looking at the wrong ones for space was made for many of them put Hawkishness in the command seat imagine poor Steve Reeves his last day able to float in space we might be surprised by one of our own "Mules" some day

  12. Me. me. me. I do, I do. Best to ask who is qualified for such a great responsibility and who is able to withstand the mental and physical punishment of the job. I don't think I would survive a jet ride.

  13. i want to be 2

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