Inside an Abandoned Soviet Rocket Motor Factory

Happy Friday! These pictures of a rusting Soviet rocket motor factory taken by the adventurous young lady shown above have set the Internet abuzz. The explorer, named Lana, broke into the Energomash plant oustide Moscow and broke in, traipsing all over the place. As Animal NY points out, Russian officials are not pleased. Lana’s website posted threatening letters from the government telling her “not make [her] situation worse.”

Interestingly, Energomash partnered with Pratt & Whitney in the 2000s to produce Russia’s latest rocket motor, the RD-180 that powers the U.S.’ fleet of Atlas rockets. Before that, the Russian company’s  motors powered most Soviet and Russian spacecraft from 1965 to the present.

Well done, Lana and crew. These images really do look like the setting for a sci fi horror film.

Click through the jump for more pics and a link to her site.

A a couple of shots of the plant when it was operational:

Click here for many more oustanding pics.



  • chris

    Is that a half assembled energea booster from buran shuttle?

  • Darrell

    That’s hot! Is she single?

    • crackedlenses

      How can you tell from such a small pic?….

      • Darrell

        Click the link at the bottom to be redirected to the site with all the pictures.

    • TinkersDam

      Imagine that, an attractive girl from Eastern Europe.

  • crackedlenses

    These pics should get her some teammates if she ever goes for another one…..

  • chris

    I heard Putin went on a tirade and is going to go bonkers with security after these were published so I doubt she will be doing much exploring in Russia in the future.

  • chris

    I that what it sais in russian the pictures look like Arora, B-1b, B-52, and F-15?

    • chris

      I meant what did it say sorry.

    • blight

      Those are aircraft recognition photos. I think the Aurora is supposed to be the Advanced Tactical Bomber (which eventually became the B-2). Hilariously, no F-117 or F-22.

      • blight

        Alternatively, that was the F-117 (or the conjectured F-117, since it was leaked as the F-19 early on).

  • chris

    Pictures 6,7,8,9 look like they are part of a thermal nuclear experiment that was never completed.

  • Ziv

    Now I know what Aurora looks like! LOL
    The other 3 are mostly accurate so that one must be as well, no?
    But the rest of the photos are perfect for the re-make/part II of Bladerunner.

  • q

    Dose anyone know why it so close to the big city

  • Lance

    Looks fun to play around in.

  • EJ257

    I got the old CCCP national anthem playing in my head while looking at these. LOL

  • blight…

    The link is goofballs, but the Ergonomash factory is in Khimki, Russia. Northwest of Moscow.

  • blight

    If you read her blog, it looks like she caught a fine, but is otherwise not imprisoned?

    Google chrome has an auto translate feature, which isn’t too bad but could be worse.


    what a great discovery….i love seeing old soviet abonded building and such. they sure had alot of bomb shelters…and the one where there was a bunch of abondonded APC and radar trucks…whats up with that.

  • Vstress

    Mmm… bad idea to go around there on a health point of view itself… hypergolic fuels are super toxic.

    Idiotic I think. Plus posting it on the net is signing your own torture sentence in Russia.

  • m167a1

    Silly people doing silly things for silly reasons.

    Coming soon, well deserved death by misadventure…
    Maybe Putin will giver her to the Spetsnaz as a shower attendant….

  • Stephen Russell

    Reuse site for Commercial Manned Space? TV & Movies, strorage,
    Museum, Services, Depot,
    Warehouses, Offices, Wow.
    Imagine the Reuse apps alone.

  • Matt

    Is this the same female “explorer” who went to Chernobyl to take pics?

    Also: EDIT MUCH? “The explorer, named Lana, broke into the Energomash plant oustide Moscow and broke in, traipsing all over the place.”

  • Ramsted

    The problem is, that this factory is not abandoned. Its home to probably the most important reserch facility in russian rocket engines industry.

    NPO Energomasz, owner of this complex, is developing and building engines for most of russian current and future orbital launch systems like Angara.

    Author of this pictures even posts shot of facility in operation taken from wikimapia.

  • ???

    That would make a bad A$$ paintball arena

  • George

    One look at these photos is enough to make those National Geographic winner pics look incredibly dull and corny

  • BigRick

    maybe JJ Abrams could use this place for the next Star Trek Enterprise, it’ll look a lot more authentic than the warehouse he used as a set for “engineering” spaces on his Enterprise, which I almost burst out laughing when I saw it on the big screen-it was such a joke.

  • Elijah

    In the Beginning God Created. And God Created GE 1:21:

  • Vivek Ganguly


    No wonder the Soviets are mad at her

  • mtbrider

    shot 6 is by far the coolest shot in the group, could def be a movie set

  • met

    It is not abandoned, but an operational site, last tests were in December 2011

  • ptitz

    Doesnt really look abandoned. The lights are on,eh. Deserted and badly guarded, perhaps. As a kid, growing up in Russia, me and my friends broke into a number of *abandoned* facilities only to discover that they are still guarded, causing us to run away like hell.

    • blight

      I imagine places part of the Biopreparat regime remain guarded even if abandoned. Can’t have people discovering they did more than “vaccine research” now can we?

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