Monday Morning Video: Tanks on a Train

Happy Monday, everyone. To kick things off I wanted to share this cool video of tons of what appear to be M2 Bradley fighting vehicles (without their Bushmaster chain guns installed, and yes, I know that M2’s aren’t really tanks) being shipped by train in California recently.

The video posted after the jump is one of several posted in the last few days showing this train making its way north accross the Golden State. Keep in mind that trainloads of military armor moving around the country are fairly routine, what’s unique about this one is that so many people seem to have caught the same train on video. The southernmost video I found was filmed in coastal Santa Barbara a hour or two north of LA and the northernmost one shows the train stopped more than 300 miles north of there in Hayward which sits just south of Oakland in the Bay Area.

My guess is that the Bradleys, and a few fuel trucks, were being shipped to or from Fort Irwin, (or maybe the Port of Los Angeles) to the Port of Oakland where they could be loaded aboard ships or they were going to points much further north, possibly the Yakima Training Center. But really, who knows where the armored vehicles are going. The rail network splits off just north of Oakland near Sacramento in a way that would allow the vehicles to be shipped north or east.

Anyway, it’s a cool video. Enjoy!


  • Kristie

    Why do u think this is significant? I have my own thoughts, but I’m interested in yours;) 

  • Wild Bill

    I travel a lot on I-40 between Little Rock and Nashville. Every time I see the M-2 on the back of flat beds on their way (to Texas I think) for re-fit. The amazing thing is on a typical trip I see 5 to 10 of these and I have been seeing these for the past several years.

  • LanceKant

    The YouTube comments on these videos make my brain hurt.

    Apparently everyone’s either convinced we’re going to war (“ww3”, “get ready america”), or that the government’s going to crack down on us (“have fun with obamas regime”, “look at fema preparing”). Also, don’t forget the die-hard Ron Paul supporters (“RP2012”) who believe he’s the only chance of preventing the previous two scenarios. Ironically, he supports domestic military buildup, and a routine redeployment like this is something he’d prefer than an overseas airlift. Not that I’m advocating him (his fans turn me off).

  • Matt Holzmann

    full brigade deployments to Ft. Irwin are common and one can often see not one but several trains loaded with everything from Hummers to even M1A1’s on occasion.

  • j_dale

    Interesting that they are all in green-scheme camo and nothing in a desert-scheme painting.

    If they were coming back from ME would they have been repainted prior to re-fit work?

  • Black Owl

    This was my thought process:

    1. That’s a lot of Bradleys.

    2. That’s a lot of trucks.

    3. That’s a lot more Bradleys.

  • John Deere

    Military cuts are looming (thanks to Republican intransigence in Congress), these vehicles are for the chopping block.

    • dinkidau

      The Republicans are the ones that want a strong Military …. not like some that want to slash the Military and isolate the United States, as a second rate power that won’t be able to fight their way out of an ambush of 20 Girl Scouts. Obama wants nothing more than to gut the military and is trying real ahrd to do so.

  • SJE

    Invasion of Canada

    • crackedlenses

      We could never forgive them for that Justin Bieber debacle……

    • Prodozul

      Blame Canada!
      Blame Canada!

      They’re not even a real country anyway…

  • BobSacamano

    Anticipating social unrest, these Bradley’s are going to be shipped west, then used to mount an offensive east, to rout-out the Occubaggers across the nation — just a meandering thought…

    • m167a1

      Neither funny nor appropriate.

      Besides, we will reactivate some vulcans to deal with the Occupy crowd. :P

  • Lance

    The M2 is NOT a Tank its a Infantry Fighting Vehicle or IFV which is the same as a APC. Both are NOT tanks. They might be being sent to the Port as they might are being sold to a foreign country as a US arms package to a nation like South Korea or the Philippines.

    • Jacob

      Tank is a lot easier to say than infantry fighting vehicle.

    • jhm

      south korea? dafug? they made their own: k21

    • blight

      Neither of those nations wants the M2. South Korea has their own indigenous AFV industry (and has their own IFV as someone pointed out). As far as I can tell, the Saudis are the biggest other client for the Bradley, meaning there are more Abrams client-states out there than Bradley client-states; presumably because other nations are making do with ex-Soviet hardware or the old trusty M113 and younger cousins.

    • Nick T.

      Your in the wrong place to be lecturing about that.

  • Zephyr

    Occupiers BE WARNED.

    Anyways that’s a lot of metal. The most I’ve seen is the same as Wild Bill, 5-10 at time.

  • Kristian

    There is no conspiracy. Military vehicles move by rail all the time all around the country. It’s completely routine, people just noticed this time. Just a few years ago I saw a comparably sized load of M1s stopped in downtown LA. Coming or going from Port of LA or headed to or from Ft Irwin, who knows?

  • paperpushermj

    Bet they are all going into storage.

  • Riles

    So, for some reason I decided to count. I hit 96 when the video ended, but there were more M2s towards the end of the train, probably 100~

    Why I was possessed to sit there for 2:43 min I’ll never know

  • Dinkidau

    There is a military fighting vehicle refurbishment plant down around Texarkana on the Arkansas and Texas boarder. Been there for4 years and the people that work there are truly a great bunch. hard workers .. dedicated to their jobs and do amazing things getting war torn vehicles back in first class shape and returning these vehicles back to the military. Your conspiracy story is way off base on this.

  • Nadnerbus

    You guys all missed the obvious setup the author gave us with the headline.

    “I’m tired of these mother f*cking tanks on this mother f*cking train!”

  • William C.

    Were the 600+ infantrymen and 300 crewmen inside too?

    • m163A2

      Those are in the freezer cars on the next train.

  • Allen

    They originated in Korea, offloaded in Oxnard, CA and are enroute to Sierra Army Depot, CA.

    No mystery here…..

  • TLAM Strike

    Surprised no one beat me to it:

    The NWO is making its move

    LOL… I couldn’t even write that with a straight face…

  • mike

    The train was headed SOUTH -probably to the large MOUT training exercise in downtown Los Angeles scheduled for Thursday, 1/26

  • BookEmDanno

    These M-2s were shipped into Port Hueneme in late 2011 and put on trains and transported out in early 2012.

  • Panzer

    Snakes on a Plane? Nah. Tanks on a Train. (Or IFV’s for those picky nitwits out there)

  • Railfan

    When you know something serious is going to happen is when you see armor moving with orange “Explosives” placards taped on the sides, and guard railcars with armed troops spaced out through the train.

    That was the sight during the buildup to the first Iraq war when armor was moving by rail from Fort Benning to Savannah Georgia for sealift to Iraq.

    The author of the YouTube vid would have wet himself at that sight.

  • Des Sievers

    Summer of 2013. Black M2 Bradleys mostly unmarked except for small UN are heading east from Vancouver , trains. Nobody admits to it. Black unmarked helicopters are flying in the treetops heading east also. Ther have also been black UN trucks 5ton and smaller. I have asked media and elected reps with NO RESPONSE. Last week a 2 trains went by in the dark of night with NO LIGHTS. Wonder why they are sneaking now ?