Are Western Special Operators Already Inside Syria?

Well then. Western special operators may well be on the ground in Syria covertly conducting reconnaissance missions and training rebels fighting the regime of Bashar al Assad, much like Western SOF troops did in Libya last year, according to the STRATFOR documents that were recently published by Wikileaks.

Apparently, a STRATFOR analyst sat down with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s Strategic Studies Group — a team of four Air Force lieutenant colonels along with one French and one British officer — at the Pentagon and then wrote up a quick report claiming the SSG boys implied that Western operators are on the ground in Syria.

After a couple hours of talking, they said without saying that SOF teams (presumably from US, UK, France, Jordan, Turkey) are already on the ground focused on recce missions and training opposition forces… They have been told to prepare contingencies and be ready to act within 2-3 months, but they still stress that this is all being done as contingency planning, not as a move toward escalation.”

This sounds an awful lot like the earliest reports we had of Western troops secretly operating inside Libya before NATO air forces began pummeling Gadhafi’s Army one year ago this month. We already know that the U.S. is moving to get the Syrian rebels humanitarian aid and possibly comms gear now that the U.S. is “aligned with enabling the opposition to overthrow the Assad regime.” These western troops on the ground could also open a door for arms shipments to the rebels, if things come to that.

The report goes on to say that any air campaign against the Syrian government would likely use the Brits’ bases on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus as one of its launching pads.

From Business Insider:

They then discuss the option of an air campaign in Syria and what its objectives would be, saying the situation makes “Libya look like a piece of cake” because of the geography and Syria’s robust air defenses.

“The main base they would use is Cyprus, hands down. Brits and French wouldfly out of there. They kept stressing how much is stored at Cyprus and howmuch recce comes out of there… There still seems to be a lot of confusion over what a military intervention involving an air campaign would be designed to achieve.”

Let’s hope the UK has enough smart bombs stored on Cyprus that it won’t run out of precision weapons if it attacks Syria, you know, the way some NATO members did during the air war against Gadhafi. That was embarrassing.

  • Tim

    They will never know… Muah.. huah… huah…

  • guess

    I feel like politically its to late.
    Al Qaeda is supporting the rebellion. To what capacity is yet to be seen. But with the way things stand I can’t picture any politician over looking that fact.

  • dddd

    Sounds plausible. I do feel like not many operators, despite their ridiculous amounts of heroism and courage, would frown upon training rebels deep inside Syria. I think it is more likely they would at least be confined to the northern regions, or maybe southern Turkey?

  • Ross

    the chance to swing the local political landscape is on a plate with the syrian crisis right now. I’d take it no matter how difficult it is via the international system (russia and china) is to achieve it.

  • Tom

    Isn’t this just Grand News? We all saw how well things went in Libya.
    Let these animals kill each other, it will be less for us to fight later

  • Lance

    Once again President is helping the enemy the Islamic Brotherhood as taken over the movement and want to make a Islamist state out of Syria. In NO way we should even say support to these creeps who killed our men in Iraq years ago.

    Let Assad wipe the Islamist out.

    • blight_

      Chances are Assad was funneling weapons from Iran to lebanon to strike Israel. Or that he turned a blind eye to Al Qaeda using his country as a staging ground to attack American forces.

    • TMB

      It’s the Assad family playbook to wipe out entire villages to get one or two terrorists. And I’m pretty sure most of these rebels are not members of Al Qaeda.

    • Jay

      Well Lance, I agree to a point…
      When Assad does fall he will probably be replaced by a Muslim Brotherhood led government, see eg Egypt.

      However, In Iraq the surge eventually won the Sunnis over to our cause and got them involved in the government. The major problems we had then was with the Shiites, supported by Iran. Assad is also supported by Iran.

      So perhaps we should help the sunnis to fight the shiite backed Syrian forces. There are more sunnis than shiites after all.

  • Morty

    just take out there leader and let their people figure out what they want to do on there own

  • KarlW

    Guys! Leave the strategy to those who know something about it! Like, I don’t know, have been at a war college?
    (And please, learn how to spell!)

  • KarlW

    BTW: you do realize that calling the British “Brits” is the same as calling Americans “Yanks”? Just asking.

  • jason

    yes! they are there. Stupid question…

  • tiger

    Wikileaks is a damn menace. This info is putting operators at risk.

  • raid

    What about the French SF that were apparently captured last week

  • brok3n

    It bothers me how OPSEC is always stressed among mil members, but is thrown out the door once in the hands of some other ‘gov’ official or ‘anonymously’ given to the media to sell to some news outlet for a headline at the risk of its sources lives. Where is the accountability??

  • Jeff M

    I know stratfor sounds official, but I’ve read a book by Friedman (founder/leader of stratfor) and he’s full of wild speculation. The think tank is just speculating, wildly, kindof like a blog comment board does. He sells books, and appears on TV and stuff like that, not an official branch of government not by a long shot, he doesn’t speak for anyone but himself.

  • Sarek

    And agains western empires crush another country sovereign.

  • LMo

    Guys honestly,specops tend to work on Thing at least 6-8 Prior to any conflict that comes to the Public eye. Rest assured,they already there….probably longer then we think…

  • Antonius Bauwens

    Yes we are..

  • Dennis

    I hope they are on the ground and that they smokecheck any AQ infulenced groups after Assads guys fall…they are probably full intending on using this rebellion to get in w/ those groups and learn who the AQ leadership elements are that are supporting the rebels, then BAM!!
    We got em…I mean, why not? Its a good method.
    But back to OPSEC, its ridiculous. personally i think US SOF should go to Wikileaks HQ and just grab them by the throats