Pic of the Day: Snow Hawk

The great photo showing a UH-60 Black Hawk of Task Force Poseidon flying over the snow covered mountains just south of Bagram airfield in Afghanistan was just sent to us by the task force’s PAOs. TF Poseidon includes choppers of the Army’s 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade deployed to Regional Command East (RC East) in Afghanistan.

  • travis

    Just signed in to second Matts comments. Heli skiing in Afghanistan anyone?

  • Rohan

    Just love this ones :)

  • Mark Rukovishnikoff

    any sled-necks out there??

  • Lance

    Pretty pic!!!!

  • Jazz ism

    Such a beautiful country and it’s so messed up. Makes me sad but hopeful we can help get it right some day.

  • Morty

    soldiers with sleds. Alright!!!

  • stephen russell

    Rename TF:
    Davy Crockett
    Zulu Alpha
    Daniel Boone
    vs Posideon which is nautical, naval term/