Another Creepy Cool Video: Tiny UAVs Play James Bond Theme

Remember those crazy micro-UAVs we showed you flying in formation? You know, the  quad-copters developed by the University of Pennsylvania’s General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) lab  that are at once cool to watch and terrifying since they’ll one day be able to spy on anyone and even kamikaze into targets!

Well, here are those same little drones showing us just how creepy-cool they can be. The video below shows them playing the James Bond theme song. Seriously.

  • Rohan

    Please contact me if you can help me in telling me the things and requirements to make this tiny UAV’s –

    • Phillip

      … Why the hell do you think you can afford an incomplete army research project and their high grade drones, especially considering the fact that this will not be for consumer sale for decades

      • george

        Because my friend, they are basically remote control helicopters made with circuitry you can make at school. Whats more, you can buy them in some shops

      • Jaded

        All it is is a gussied up quadcopter. I have one I got for $120 that will carry a camera, fly around stable in brisk winds due to internal gyros, and do acrobatics that would make an airforce pilot jealous. The guys request was worded silly, but these are hardly army research.

    • bob

      DIYdrones has info and links to making micro quads.

  • Rohan

    This is just awesome,………. will be the best for the defence !!!

    • Enik

      Black Ops 2 baby

  • A. Nonymous

    No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to fly!

    • Tim

      LOL… That was great!

  • Morty

    Whats cool is the makers of James Bond thought of this in the 60’s

  • Lance

    Too bad there kind of cute little robots.

  • Prodozul

    Skynet is pleased

    • joe

      SKynet has good musical taste, then.

  • George

    That was the single stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet

    • SSG Joseph G VanDyck

      If you think this was stupid, then you need to go see the US Army’s Ballistic underwear interview…the reporter/interviewer is thee single most ignorant SSG I have ever seen…EVER!!!

    • Tycholarfero

      Boy, you haven’t been on the internet long enough, then.

  • GC

    Funny , incredible, superb . Very good idea for perform a video . The person that made this mini machines is a master and the productor of this video too.

  • tiger

    Talk about Senior design projects. There are going to be some serious recruiters knocking on the Lab doors. These guys are certainly not the typical Uof P. frat types. Just the programing to get these things to work together makes my head spin. In my lifetime we have gone from “Pong” to this in 40 years. Damn….

  • anthony

    I find it good and well ,but I hope they never interfere close to airports or so causing dangeruis accidents,BTW. I like the grasshoper that I also seen on origanile scale!!

  • Pete

    Freaking awesome! No need to destroy anything yet.