Shocker: Afghan Air Force Investigated for Drug Running

As one tipster jokingly said, here’s what the Afghan air force was going to do with those Super Tucanos that the U.S. Air Force was going to give to the Afghans.

From the Wall Sreet. Journal:

KABUL—The U.S. is investigating allegations that some officials in the Afghan Air Force, which was established largely with American funds, have been using aircraft to ferry narcotics and illegal weapons around the country, American officials told The Wall Street Journal.

Two probes of the Afghan Air Force, or AAF, are under way—one led by the U.S. military coalition and another by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, officials said.

Maybe that’s why the light attack contract was cancelled. (Ok, not really.)

Is anyone really that surprised to find that the Afghan military is running drugs? Wait a second, where else have I heard of an air force smuggling drugs in cargo planes?

And yes, that’s an Afghan air force C-27A in the pic above.

  • notasblindasyou

    If they are then they got the idea from us during Vietnam…..American Gangster anyone.

  • notasblindasyou

    “money will always be able to corrupt every greedy person” Greed is a cancer to the world, not a particular place where greedy people live. If that is your rationale, what do you say about this country?

  • benny

    Afgan drug production has increased seven fold since we went in. Is the US so stupid as to not think they willl get the drugs out any way possible. And drug money will always be able to corrupt every greedy person they need to make it happen. Afganistan is a cancer to the world.

    • passingby

      Before the illegal US invasion and occupation, Afghanistan wasn’t producing as much drugs.

      The American government is a cancer to the world.

      Everywhere the US and the NATO have gone, the place and the people have become FAR worse off than before … Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya …

      • JEFF

        Yeah Germany, Japan and South Korea are just awful……

        • passingby

          I’m not talking about WWII. NATO was established AFTER WWII.

          You are welcome to do your own research and prove me wrong.

      • TGR

        Because the UN has done such an outstanding job? Just saying…

      • david

        South Korea is one of richest countries on earth. We helped them.
        We have helped many countries throughtout our nations history. You should
        take some courses on American Military History.

        • passingby

          LOL. you obviously never read any real history.

          propaganda, yes. History? not a chance. Nice try though.

          • majrod

            Yep, Zinn isn’t on my reading list.

          • Praetor

            Nato? And what about Croatia-Kosovo? Kuwait (Desert Storm)? Lybia?…. Nevermind you must be very proud bout the achievements os Varsaw Pact, like Cuba, North Korea, Afganistan and Yugoslavia on the 80’s…

      • Bill

        blah blah blah… ok, so lets pretend the US is demolished, do you realize what sort of power vacuum would be created? We would only have another country assume the reigns, and you would hate and blame all the world’s woes on them. No one wins; agree that people are cancer, and try to focus on things that make you happy.

    • KarlW

      Prohibition doesn’t work. The common sense solution would be to treat drugs the same way as tobacco and alcohol. Control it, tax it, do a hearts-and-minds campaign against it, treat is as a health and social problem, not as a crime. At a stroke, we’d get rid of a lot of crime at home and save other countries from being taken over by cartels. As it stands, prohibition is about 10 times more expensive (in terms of law enforcement, crime, health care, broken lives) than legalization would be. – Plus, as a bonus, our enemies in Afghanistan would be starved of cash. How about that! – I wonder how many politicians campaigning for prohibition are (secretly) funded by drug barons…

    • blight_

      Taliban banned drugs in the ’90s because it was un-Islamic. Once they disappeared the planting resumed. Taliban will settle scores again once the Americans are out, but need the money.

  • TLAM Strike

    The contract was not canceled because they would use the aircraft to smuggle drugs; it was canceled because they refused to cut the CIA in on the profits.

    • passingby

      It’s probably because of the amount of the cut demanded by the CIA and others in the loop.

      The CIA operates like a mafia ( this might be too much of a compliment, as mafias seem to have much higher moral standards, relatively speaking.)

      • crackedlenses

        Although sometimes the most efficient way to defend yourself is to kill everyone that might be a threat…..

        • passingby

          using your twisted logic, the Chicago mafias were entitled to kill the police as the most efficient way to defend themselves.

          but then, you are a product of the most successful brainwashing machines in the world – the US propaganda apparatus.

  • Lance

    NOT surprised. I really dislike the bums the Afghan armed forces are. They take free weapons from Uncle Sam and kill GIs with them. No surprised the Afghan Air Force is taking dope around and taking money from Taliban back drug makers. Time to leave them in there own stew.

  • Mitch S.

    Gee those C27s look like something that could be really useful for the US army.
    To bad the AF won’t let it have any.
    I suppose the Army can pay the Afghans to “smuggle” in supplies the AF is unwilling to transport.

  • Chris

    Interesting, the Main MSR(s) from Pakistan are closed. Their is a transportation/logistics problem with the USAF flying aireal resupply, and the longer overland routes into Afghanistan. So how is it, that these guys, have enough time on their hands to do this?

  • Kski

    I ain’t surprised, all were doing is training the enemy in the long run. Lets just nuke the god forsaken crap hole.

  • brady

    does America have to do everything

  • Francis Burns

    Air America with the locals doing the drug running all over again. Who couldn’t have seen this coming. Get out of there as soon as we can with the best deal we can get. Just fly drones to whack the bad guys, and leave the rest of that hell hole for them to deal with on their own. There is a reason they hate, and kill each other. Its a hell hole, like all places like that it breeds seriously POed folks looking for a reason to hurt others instead of helping their own.

    • andy

      like nyc and la lol

  • Jack Luz

    How can this be? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t drug smuggling/possesion of drugs/narcotics a direct violation to Islamic law? This is supposed to be punishable by death, according to Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

    • eirikr1

      you’re kidding, right?
      murder, kidnapping, etc are all against Islamic law. (which some translate as “submission to God.”)
      You just rationalize around it. It’s killing the enemy, not murder. It’s taking a prisoner, not kidnapping, etc….

      But yeah, drug running was an execution offense when the country was Taliban ruled, now the taliban uses it for fundraisng…

  • Rob

    I can’t wait…leave and take our toys with us.

  • WarPony – VINDICATED

    The greatest thing about a “War on Terror” is … you can ALWAYS find new terrorists if you look hard enough. S’pose that’s what DHS is hoping for? Coming to a town near you soon.

    • WarPony VINDICATED

      re: defensetech(dot)org/2012/03/09/shocker-afghan-air-force-investigated-for-drug-running/?comp=1198882887570&rank=3

    • passingby

      No need to look for terrorists. Just create them out of thin air by propaganda and false flag operations. Once your soldiers are on foreign soil as invaders, the local people will defend themselves. Now you can label them all as “terrorists”. It’s just that simple – it’s the strategy used by the U.S., the UK, France and Israel.

  • RCDC

    The Afghan presidency could be involve.

  • itfunk

    The funniest thing is that 30% of Taliban funding comes directly from the US. The brutes take our money laugh at us and then beat us .

  • Tom

    I want MY Plane back. I’m sick and tired of seeing MY Money going to these animals

    • passingby

      by “animals” you mean the criminals running the CIA (and the US govt) and the thugs working for the CIA???

      if so, then not only are you NOT getting your money back, you will be sending them more money (both with and without yourself knowledge) in the years to come.

      • passingby

        (what’s wrong with my fingers!!) meant to say ” … both with and without your consent or knowledge) in the years to come. ”

    • blight_

      Pick up a old copy of Fletcher Prouty’s Secret Team. Go see where your money was going back then, and draw your conclusions about where it would go now.

  • John Knox

    After Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan went under the New World Order umbrella, there were less than a half-dozen Nation States without a central bank controlled by the Zionist cartel. And, it won’t be long before it’s just Cuba and Panama are left to find their seat under the umbrella, unless of course, they are already so corrupted as to be insignificant in the banksters scheme of things. Darn shame the US pays about 3/4 of the costs in blood and treasure for this UN/NATO ponzi rip.
    Forgot to mention that Syria and Iran are not Nations with central banks under Zionist control. Therein lies the rub.
    It’s not the Citizens of the US that want this march to hegemony – we really have no choice in being the beat cop for the World Order. Hey, they got a monopoly on our money Mar. 9, 1932 – it was only a matter of time before the tyrants had the absolute monopoly.
    Talk radicals, talk banksters, talk world hegemony, but isn’t there a pipeline waiting to go through to the med (for Israel/Zion)- maybe a narcotic pipeline as well as Afghan’n is the world’s largest producer of opium and hash?

    • passingby

      Well said. I hope that Russia, India and China would supply weapons and troops to Iran and make it Vietnam 2.0 or 3.0 if the countries is attacked / invaded.

  • Mastro

    Things that Third World Nations use US supplied transport planes for:

    —flying refugees to safety
    —flying relief supplies to flood victims
    —flying crack troops to battle terrorists


    —-Flying heroin runs to benefit the ruling family
    —-Flying Russian hookers to “party” with elderly generals
    —-Flying Rolls Royces from the UK to the government palace

    Vote how you like

  • Patricio

    this is gona create some competition… i think now the zetas and the mexican cartels are gona start some shit with these guys

    • blight_

      Afghans do heroin. Mexico is on the cocaine/marijuana circuit.

  • popsiq

    There was an effective Afghan air force well before the greatest force for god on earth showed up. Mind you they didn’t know how to fly ‘American-style’. That training only took a decade.

    How long will it last after the masters of space and time go home? About as long as it takes to get Russian equipment, but no longer than the South Vietnamese outfit.