Hezbollah and Hamas Have Gadhafi’s Old SAMs

Remember all those Libyan surface to air missiles that went missing during last year’s civil war in Libya? The ones that NATO was desperately trying to track down? Well, some of the shoulder-fired SA-24 Grinch SAMs have made their way into the hands of Hezbollah and they’re pointed at Israel.

The Grinch isn’t some aging Soviet system from the 1970s , nope, it’s Russia’s newest shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile and one of the most advanced MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems) out there. The pic above shows a truck mounted-dual launcher version of the system in Libya.

The missiles were apparently smuggled to Iran where they were then sent to Iran’s proxy force, Hezbollah, in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, reports Aviation Week.

Still, the missiles might prove to be more a a nuiscance than a real threat to military aircraft, notes AvWeek:

Although the weapon is one of the more advanced Manpads on the world market, Western electronic warfare experts appear to have quickly developed operational techniques to defeat it. Even without the most advanced laser-based directed infrared countermeasures systems, British WAH-64 Apache attack helicopters faced a number of SA-24 firings and defeated them.

Notice that doesn’t mention civilian airliners on take-off or landing. The heat-seeking SA-24 has a range of 11,000 feet. A lucky shot with one of them could it the right place on an airliner. No fun.

  • McPosterdoor


    “lucky shot with one of them could it the right place on an airliner. No fun.” You want to ‘hit’ the right place. Please shoot me an and I’ll edit your post before they go out. I’d like to help you!

  • USSHelm

    When and where were SA-24s shot at British choppers?

  • Blight

    The Libyans sent ATGMS through space and time to Hezbollah after Gaddafi collapsed.

  • CoCowboy692000

    I don’t think we gave a damn about these weapons cache’s. I think we went in to find, secure and recover the reported $60 – $80 BILLION in GOLD BULLION BARS that Ghadaffi had stashed which was his personal NET WORTH. THE TREASURY of Libya is STILL trying to get their nations’ money released from the world bank!!! WTF??? THAT IS THEIR MONEY, yet, it has been taken – Ok, withheld if you prefer! I have no vested interest in their nation, but even I can see the injustice here.

    Personally, I still don’t think they’ve found it, and I still think they have tunnel rats in his underground complex which is nothing short of a DUMB…. But – the fact is anyone with knowledge of his cache, is long gone and they’ve taken enough to live on. Further, they’ve permanently sealed whatever vault the Colonel had it placed in. That’s a lotta GOLD… And let’s face it, there would certainly be a temporal affect on the markets if it was found.

    • CoCowboy692000

      Ghadaffi had long ago refused to trade oil on dollars, demanding GOLD instead. That’s what the war really was about… It pissed off a LOT OF PEOPLE… obviously the WRONG people since we BACKED AND PROTECTED THE MUSLIM BRUDDA HOODS…. GEEZE – HOW FRIGG’N DESPARATE IS THAT??? That’s my perspective on it anyway…

    • passingby

      Very good.

  • Veng

    Fortunately, the national airline of Israel has equipped all its airliners with countermeasures designed to defeat this sort of threat.

    Israel, on the ball, as usual.

  • Lance

    Knew that Libya would be proxy for Al Qaeda and Hezbollah and Hamas. The rebels always supported a Islamist movement and now they are making money selling weapons to them. The Defense news cited Al Qaeda is also buying MANPADS in Libya. Whenever a SA-14 or SA-24 there a threat to everyone in the wrong hands.

  • nary

    And why again did the US not secure these weapons prior to siding with the Muslim B’hood whose grateful followers just desecrated British WWII gravestones a fortnight ago?

    • blight_

      That’s kind of silly. It’s harder to secure weapons than you think, especially when hamstrung by “let’s not send troops to Libya” movements.

      When we invaded Iraq in 2003 we had 150k troops to depose Saddam and maintain supply lines in country, not enough to hold every arms depot from being looted down to the copper wiring.

    • PMi

      Because it was Europe’s show.

      • blight_

        ’cause the US could barely agree on sending /anything/, let alone providing logistical support. It was that or hanging the rebels out to dry like we are in Syria.

  • tiger

    Back on topic… Manpads in uncontroled hands are a major threat to everybody. The world is filled with pick up trucks to shoot from.

  • CoCowboy692000

    @ Passingby – I tried to post a reply, but was unable. Trying this… I guess if I’m banned or whatever, a courtesy post or email would be nice… I don’t believe I’ve been off topic in this thread… anyway, will see if this works.

    I agree, but it’s different this time. It would be a huge mistake this time. Not the same map! We’re getting into something that isn’t in our best interests really. I know McCain and Graham are thumping their chests in Congress along with others, but this is a bad war if we do it… maybe even a black flag. 5th fleet could look like Pearl Harbor if we’re not careful…

    And let’s face it; The road to Tehran, if we don’t use retipped conventional ICBM’s, is through Damascus and it will be littered with bodies. Russia and China have VOWED to back up Syria if we go in. BAD – REAL BAD strategy… NATO is us. In other words, there’s no help coming. I don’t like this one bit, be it from Obama or a Republican POTUS. Our ICBM’s can target a quarter – send them, not our sons.

    • TMB

      Just a heads up here on defensetech lately posts have been getting eaten or taking a while to show up leading to double postings. The only posts I’ve seen banned were racist or violations of OPSEC. They also have an odd filtering system where the system admin will automatically delete your post if there’s a keyword or something. We’re all still trying to crack that nut. Copy your post before you hit submit just in case.

    • passingby

      your first responses are in the thread now, along with my reply.

      It’s not going to be ICBMs. The boys are already over there. I’d love to see how those Russian Sunburns work when the war commences. Iran reportedly has hundreds of them or their variants.

  • Kski

    Absolutly FU@KING rediculist. Gives us more reason to beat on them stupid Iranians.

  • blight_

    Same, but I’m skeptical of the whole “sent to Iran and then the Middle East” angle.

  • Jacob

    If MANPADS are such a menace to civilian airliners, shouldn’t we work out an international treaty to ban their sale and production? Proliferation of these things is just asking for trouble, and our military could most likely do without them anyway.

    • notadummycrat

      Are you REALLY so naive you think some ban or treaty would stop their proliferation??? If you do… I have some ocean front property to sell you in Montana.

    • blight_

      Like the mine treaty worked! Even Geneva Conventions forbid soldiers not wearing insignia and the like; and we’re still rooting out false-flaggers in most conflicts.

  • notadummycrat

    As usual… WE help the oppressed to be free and they repay us by arming our enemies who are trying to force world war three on us.

  • Stratege

    >Even without the most advanced laser-based directed infrared countermeasures systems, British WAH-64 Apache attack helicopters faced a number of SA-24 firings and defeated them.

    it is doubtful. Igla-S aka SA-24 could not be f//oled with simple infrared countermeasures. Igla-S using a homing head (GOS) of the two photodetectors operating in different spectral bands allowed for selection of thermal noise. It can distinguish decoys and real target.

  • So?

    Libya worked out well.

  • Tom

    Yea!!!! Isn’t this Great News!!!!

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  • SERdre

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